Uploaded: 7 July 2018   


The end of Film Bizarro is near.

Yes, it's true, we are closing down FilmBizarro.com in the near future. We mentioned it on April Fools on Facebook, because it's just funnier that way. We were completely serious!

Please read more about this here.

Note: New reviews will be uploaded BELOW this post.

Uploaded: 6 October 2019   


Wrasslin' with Rayen Belchere

We are back, finally, closing in on the actual end of Film Bizarro, with the first person we ever interviewed. Sure, we interviewed Rayen Belchere yet again just a few years back, in one of our more recent interviews (interviews is something we didn't do much towards the end). Well here we are again, saying thank you to one of the friendliest people we've been in contact with, and one that supported us from the start. We have to check in one last time on none other than Rayen Belchere!

Uploaded: 15 August 2018   


Tempus Tormentum

A nameless drifter passes through town and stops for the night in an attempt to get some rest. The moment he shuts his eyes he is sent on a hellish journey as three masked psychopaths brake into his hotel room, sending the drifter fleeing. He will not find sanctuary as the masked men chase him through the town. With no one willing to help, the man finds himself running for his life down a path that continues to grow darker and darker.

Uploaded: 14 August 2018   



An ex-soldier on the run finds solace in the woods. With plans to end it all, he is intrigued by a woman he finds in the ruins of an abandoned building. His pursuit of the woman lands him in the hands of a demonic hooded figure who’s collecting the seeds of killers to feed to its mandrake garden.

Uploaded: 1 August 2018   


Black Wake
Sci-fi / Horror

Specialists are investigating bodies found by the Atlantic Ocean. Something is turning people into zombies, and it seems connected with a mystery from a long time ago...

Uploaded: 27 April 2018   


Horror / Drama / Fantasy

Elton has nightmarish visions of his sister that passed away when she was just 4 years old. By following his visions he finds a way to bring her back to life. His mother, brother and girlfriend all think he is insane when he claims this 30-something year old woman is his dead sister.

Uploaded: 11 April 2018   


Visions of Suffering: Final Director's Cut
Horror / Experimental

Sasha, overcome with feelings of despair, hides out in his apartment. Allowing himself to be consumed with an obsession for the macabre. While locked away, Sasha begins to hear things — voices within his walls and his telephone. Soon he starts to see people hiding in the rain, and the shadows in his home begin to move with malicious intent. Soon Sasha can no longer tell if he's experiencing a nightmare or if the monsters he is seeing are real and waiting for the moment they'll drag him into a hellish void of torment and suffering.

Uploaded: 10 March 2018   


Thriller / Drama / Action

Towards the end of the War of 1812, surviving members of a Mohawk tribe is forced to take part of a war that they had no intention to be part of. Two Mohawks and a British man, involved in an intimate relationship, step up to fight the attacking American soldiers that are invading their territory.

Uploaded: 21 January 2018    



If you thought we were late LAST YEAR, we're almost in 2019 before this list came online! What a year it has been... I mean, Trump, right? Hollywoodian perverts, eh? Worst of all, we didn't review much at all in 2017! That said, we've still managed to put together a pretty solid list of 30 titles, as is our tradition. I don't feel like typing more, so hurry up and check it out!



Uploaded: 30 December 2017   


Cold Ground
Horror / Mystery / Mockumentary

Cattle has been mysteriously mutilated up in the mountains by the French-Swiss border. Two journalists decide to investigate the case with the help of experts. Once they arrive at the scientist camp they're met with the sight of the camp being destroyed. There is something alive up there in the mountains and it's out to get them.

Uploaded: 25 December 2017   


Christmas Eve
Horror / Slasher

Atsuko, her boyfriend, Kyoji, and their friends, plan on celebrating Christmas Eve up at a cabin in the snowy mountains. Their party is crashed by an unknown individual who has an obsession with Atsuko but there seems to be a game the mysterious man is playing. With each friend who is picked off, and each attempt to escape thwarted, Atsuko is forced to look inside herself for the answer she needs in order to survive.

Uploaded: 21 December 2017   


A Thought of Ecstasy
Adult / Romance / Mystery

In 2019, a man goes to America to find his lost love. In the midst of the heatwave, he follows every step of a book to find her, but instead he finds himself in a destructive world of paranoia and lust.

Uploaded: 11 December 2017   


Poor Agnes
Crime / Thriller / Horror

Agnes is a serial killer and in an attempt to solve a man's disappearance, a private detective comes to visit her. The two of them hit it off and end up having sex in the kitchen. Afterwards, Agnes pulls out her shotgun and takes him hostage...

Uploaded: 6 December 2017   


Good Manners
Drama / Fantasy / Horror

When Clara is looking for a job as a nanny and ends up working for the wealthy Ana, her life changes drastically. In Ana she finds a friend and partner, but something is wrong with Ana every month when the moon is full. Is it simply the struggles of pregnancy, or is she cursed?

Uploaded: 3 December 2017   


Lost Gully Road
Thriller / Horror

Lucy needs to get away from a dangerous person in her life, so she and her sister rent a cabin. Lucy just needs to wait a few days there on her own before he sister can get everything ready at home, for them to execute their plan. But something in the house has a plan of its own, and it's coming after Lucy.

Uploaded: 30 November 2017   


The New Radical

We live in a world where one simple idea can break the entire system as we know it. This documentary takes a look at Cody Wilson and his idea of 3D-printing guns, Amir Taaki and the bitcoin, and their many battles against the government.

Uploaded: 6 November 2017   


Most Beautiful Island (Fantasia 2017 review)
Drama / Thriller

As the undocumented immigrant Luciana is trying to survive in New York by taking random jobs, she gets an invitation to a party that is said to pay very well. She's given a locked handbag, a time and location, and all she has to do is show up and take part.

Uploaded: 23 October 2017   


The Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose
Comedy / Science Fiction / Musical

Life sucks for Ron; his wife just left him, he gave his only role of name-brand toilet paper to a bum, and his mother who’s been locked away in a looney bin has gone into a coma. However, a spiritual journey through the woods has revealed that life has a plan for Ron: he has to save the universe. He must stop the nefarious Dr. Nerjoose — Dr. Beau Nerjoose — from uniting The Great Dildo with The Great Fleshlight for his evil plans.

Uploaded: 1 October 2017   


The Nobodies
Mockumentary / Drama / Horror / Exploitation

In 1993, Warren Werner set out to make his first feature film: “Pumpkin”. When he premiered the completed film to his town in Alabama, he was met with backlash. Not long after, Warren and his girlfriend, Samantha Dixon, committed suicide. “Pumpkin” disappeared from existence while rumors escalated about Warren and Samantha. The following year, a group of filmmakers decided to make a documentary about the film and its creators.

Uploaded: 6 August 2017   


Town in a Lake (Fantasia 2017 review)

Matangtubig is a small and quiet fishing town but its usual tranquil nature is shattered when the townsfolk discover the body of a local young woman and realize another is missing. The town demands justice while the girls’ families try to cope with these shocking murders. As the press turns their attention to Matangtubig, the town’s secrets begin to seep to the surface. Now, the only witness to the crime has to decide what he must do, even if coming forward could mean the destruction of the town.

Uploaded: 6 August 2017   


Junk Head (Fantasia 2017 review)
Science Fiction / Horror / Adventure / Comedy

With what remains of mankind on the brink of destruction due to inability to reproduce, human volunteers are sent deep into a subterranean world that’s inhabited by rejected clones. There, humans believe the secret to their survival lies within the humanoids and the monsters that now exist, carrying traces of those original clones.

Uploaded: 5 August 2017   


Almost Coming, Almost Dying (Fantasia 2017 review)
Drama / Comedy

Manabu Nakagawa is 29-years old and still living with his parents due to his complete lack of direction and interest in anything. Eventually his father helps find him a job in the education field, and to Nakagawa’s surprise, not only is he good at it, but he enjoys it. After receiving his first paycheck and having a small layover in Sapporo, he decides to visit a brothel as a reward for himself. While being orally pleasured by a prostitute, he suffers a brain hemorrhage. He’s rushed to the hospital and informed he’s not out of the woods yet — he’s still at risk of the blood clot being fatal. Nakagawa now has to spend the next few weeks recovering in the hospital all the while trying to hide his secret of being at a brothel when the incident occurred.

Uploaded: 4 August 2017   


The Laplace's Demon (Fantasia 2017 review)
Mystery / Suspense

A research team studying the idea that there is code behind probability — that a person could use a formula to predict behavior and to challenge the very idea of destiny. This research catches the attention of a professor who invites the team out to his secluded mansion to discuss their work. However, when they arrive, they soon find out that they are in fact the professor’s test subjects as he declares that he has already discovered the formula. Now he wants to test it out by challenging his guinea pigs to survive the night in his home with an unknown monster hiding in the shadows. A monster that will pick off each member based on the predictable choices that they make.

Uploaded: 4 August 2017   


The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue (Fantasia 2017 review)

With an ever growing population, it’s becoming harder and harder to find connections in the city of Tokyo. It’s even harder to find love. Mika, a young woman working two jobs to make ends meet, feels that love is meaningless for someone like her. Shinji is a half-blind construction worker who’s barely getting by but thinks love is something that’s out of reach for someone like him. When Mika and Shinji cross paths, will it be possible for the two of them to find love together?

Uploaded: 4 August 2017   


Replace (Fantasia 2017 review)
Horror / Drama / Thriller / Science-Fiction

Kira wakes up one morning and her life isn’t what it seems. Everything feels completely foreign to her as her memory isn't lining up with her reality. She also's horrified to discover that the skin around her hand is beginning to peel and flake away — and worse, the infection appears to be growing. When she receives a call from a doctor’s office, she goes to her scheduled appointment in hopes of finding answers to her problems. Instead she discovers that her flesh is slowly rotting away.

Uploaded: 2 August 2017   


Assholes (Fantasia 2017 review)
Comedy / Romance / Drama

Aaron gets herpes from using his friend Adam's bong. One day the now-sober Adah, Adam's sister, starts making out with Aaron. From that moment on, Adah and Aaron's affair grows into a relationship built on herpes-heavy sex, getting stoned, rectums and hating the mundane lives other people live.

Uploaded: 1 August 2017   


Pork Pie (Fantasia 2017 review)
Comedy / Crime / Romance

Jon, an aimless novelist, decides he needs to speak with his ex-fiancée at their mutual friend’s wedding. Along the way, Jon crosses path with Luke — a young man on the run after stealing a Mini Cooper. Jon inadvertently ends up joining Luke on his getaway after a small run-in with the police. Now the two are traveling across New Zealand and are shortly joined up with Kiera, an animal activist. Together, the three of them become folk-heroes of sorts as they evade the law to try and get Jon back together with his ex.

Uploaded: 1 August 2017   


68 Kill (Fantasia 2017 review)
Crime / Comedy / Thriller / Romance

Life is not great for Chip and Liza, so Liza finds a way for them to score $68,000 it does not take a lot of effort to get Chip to join her. All it takes is breaking into a house and grab the money from a vault, and then they can start a new life together! Of course, everything imaginable goes wrong and Chip's life will never be the same again.

Uploaded: 1 August 2017   


Fashionista (Fantasia 2017 review)
Thriller / Mystery / Drama

The couple April and Eric are running a Bohemian fashion clothing store, and their entire apartment is filled with clothing laying around everywhere. The clothes have become an important part of their lives, and they are April's way of expressing herself. When she discovers that Eric is cheating on her, she gets rid of all the clothes in a fit of rage, and begins to date a mysterious rich man who forces her to change her fashion style completely. As she gets to know him more, she also finds out about his depraved games...

Uploaded: 30 July 2017   


Expo 67: Mission Impossible (Fantasia 2017 review)

After the Soviet Union drops out of hosting the World’s Fair in 1967, Canada is elected as the new host country. While Canada as whole is excited by the news there is a problem: they have only 4 years to build new islands on a river that the exposition is going to take place on. And this is only the start of the issues they face.

Uploaded: 30 July 2017   


Cocolors (Fantasia 2017 review)
Animation / Short / Sci-fi / Drama

A long time after a horrific eruption of Mt. Fuji, the world is no longer the same. Deep in the underground, a society of survivors live in a town welded together with scrap metal pieces, concrete and the will to stay alive. This story follows the boys Aki and Fuyu. Fuyu is a creative soul who will never get a chance to see the outside world, and Aki makes it his mission to bring the outside world to him.

Uploaded: 29 July 2017   


Sequence Break (Fantasia 2017 review)
Science-Fiction / Horror / Romance

Oz is a reclusive young man who hides away in a world of pixels but one of his few safe havens — his job of repairing old arcade machines — is being taken away as his boss is closing down the business. It is at that time that a weird arcade game arrives in their shop. Oz tests it out like any other game and isn’t before long that the door to another dimension is opened. Now Oz’s only hope of escaping the clutches of the mysterious and nightmarish void is lies with a young woman named Tess.

Uploaded: 28 July 2017   


Tokyo Idols (Fantasia 2017 review)

This documentary takes a look into the cultural phenomenon that is girl idols and their obsessive adult male fans. We follow the 19 year old Rio as she aims for the top, as well as a few other girl idols and fans that live and breathe this J-pop world.

Uploaded: 28 July 2017   


Love and Other Cults (Fantasia 2017 review)
Drama / Comedy

When Ai and Ryoto's paths cross, it is only the beginning of a long struggle in the urban world. Though their lives are not always spent with each other, there doesn't seem to be anyone else who understands their struggles than the two of them.

Uploaded: 27 July 2017   


November (Fantasia 2017 review)
Arthouse / Fantasy / Drama / Romance

In a pagan village in Estonia, nothing is too weird. It's a world of ghosts, weird metal creatures, werewolves and plagues, but none of these things are as big of a problem as the coldness of the winter and the fellow humans. In the midst of all the stealing and darkness, a love drama unfolds.

Uploaded: 25 July 2017   


Killing Ground (Fantasia 2017 review)
Horror / Thriller

When a couple goes camping only to notice that the campers next to them never return they start to worry. The couple soon find out that the campers are dead, and they are next.

Uploaded: 24 July 2017   


Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman (Fantasia 2017 review)

Always drunk and always injured, Ron Goossens is an alcoholic stuntman who has to find a way to sleep with the most successful actress in the Netherlands to save his own marriage. He gets a job as a low-budget stuntman on big motion pictures, but can Ron Goossens' situation even be saved?



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