Uploaded: 18 April 2014    


Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer
Independent / Comedy / Horror

It seemed like Atom was destined to follow in his Grandfather's footsteps by taking his bowling team, The Amazing Zombie Killers, to the top of a local bowling tournament and where they would then compete in Hawaii. That was until Dario and his team, The Slashers, showed up and stole the spot from Atom's team by cheating. Between that and his girlfriend leaving him, things seem to be about as bad as they can get for Atom. That is until he finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Uploaded: 16 April 2014    


Scars of Youth
Independent / Experimental / Sci-Fi

200 years into the future, society has fractioned off into tiny groups with a mysterious wall appearing out of nowhere segregating the population even further from their own world. Paul is a man living within these walls that appear to be closing in around him. However, Paul's focus isn't on the collapsing society but his own personal world as he looks to the past to help solve his present problems with his mother, Helen. A beautiful woman who is drinking an unknown black liquid that's keeping her youthful but is also causing her mind to slip and scars to form all over her body.

Uploaded: 14 April 2014    


Independent / Mystery / Thriller / Noir / Horror

A group of people awaken inside a home with no memory of who they are or how they got there and worse, there seems to be a supernatural force preventing them from leaving. Attempting to find answers to who they are and why they're in the home, these strangers begin to wander down the haunted halls of the home.

Uploaded: 13 April 2014    


Big Bad Wolves
Thriller / Crime / Comedy

Young girls are found raped, murdered and decapitated, and a teacher is the main suspect. When a cop and the father of one of the victims are both hunting him down, he's soon tied and tortured in a basement until he reveals the truth. It quickly turns into a triangle drama when the father is uncertain whether he can trust the cop or not.

Uploaded: 13 April 2014    


The Beauty Strip
Independent / Documentary / Erotic / Experimental

Accompanied with music we're taken into the lives of several women's erotic lifestyles as they are free reveal themselves however they feel secure to.

Uploaded: 11 April 2014    


A Public Ransom
Independent / Thriller / Mystery / Noir / Comedy

When a selfish author, Steven, finds a missing person flyer with a crayon drawing on it, he calls the number on the flyer. Upon meeting the man who made the flyer, he refuses to believe that he actually has a child kidnapped, but is inspired by the whole thing and wants to write a book based on it. The man ends up becoming a larger part of his life than he ever wanted him to.

Uploaded: 9 April 2014    


Forever Evil

There's a massacre in a cabin and only one man survives the horrible ghoul that attacked them. After his recovery a woman contacts him because she has also witnessed the evil that killed his friends. Together they start investigating the situation and find out they have to fight an ancient evil that has came to earth.

Uploaded: 6 April 2014    


Drama / Horror

Paul Grot is a quiet, unassuming man. He can come off as a bit creepy at times but for the most part he is nothing more than shy and, unfortunately, devoid of social interaction. However, he keeps a dark secret in his home: the dead body of a young woman. While Paul may not have a relationship with any living person, he's developed a strong bond with the lifeless body of this woman and begins to fill a void in his life. That is until Paul begins to realize what he's done.

Uploaded: 4 April 2014    


Discovering the Talent of Emma Eliza Regan
Interview by: Ronny

Along with a new wave of Irish independent film a new talent started to bloom. Emma Eliza Regan has been part of a number of our recent favorite independent films from Ireland, including "Tin Can Man" which made our top #2 back in 2012. Acting might not have been the goal growing up and discovered in late teens, but she shows as much passion and maturity as someone who has been in the field for decades. It's with pleasure we finally publish this interview with her.

Uploaded: 2 April 2014    


Love Eternal
Drama / Thriller / Mystery

At the age of 6, Ian loses his father. Even though he continues life living with his mother, he becomes a quiet, secluded young man who spends most of his time in his room. As a young man he also loses his mother, and is left to himself. He decides to finally do what he has planned for a long time - to end his life. But his fascination of death keeps him alive for a while longer.

Uploaded: 1 April 2014    


Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical
Independent / Thriller / Musical

A gunshot to the head might kill most people, but not tough guy Eugene Hicks. He wakes up angry and set out for revenge on the person who shot him - a cop. He's also out to find the love of his life, a woman he attacked and raped, but who grew fond of him as well.

Uploaded: 30 March 2014    


Comedy / Crime / Adventure / Thriller

Chris and Tina, a new loving couple, go on a road trip vacation together with a caravan. He wants to show her everything that is to offer out there, but eventually his big secret is revealed as well: he's a murderer. If people annoy him, they're about to die. Tina's love can't be broken by something tiny as that, and so their relationship grows stronger - albeit more complicated.

Uploaded: 30 March 2014    


Self Storage

Jake's a security guard at a large storage facility. Inside of the facility, his colleagues are running are stearing up an human organ trafficking deal behind his back. When Jake let's his friends party over at his work place, the colleagues know where to look for organs for their latest big deal.

Uploaded: 29 March 2014    


Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas
Independent / Horror / Comedy

A failed attempt at having a Thanksgiving party at their crappy apartment is the least of their worries as both Caesar and Otto find themselves in another terrifying pickle from the fast approaching holidays. A maniacal Santa Claus is going around and hacking up all the people Caesar and Otto know. And if that wasn't bad enough, Otto finds himself in a mid-life crisis over a missed chance at love while Caesar has to deal with his own personal fears when he's booked to play as Santa at malls.

Uploaded: 28 March 2014    


Having Fun Up There
Independent / Drama / Comedy

Playing music hasn't paid off for 37 year old Mark, but he has came to terms with it. If you're passionate about your art, you don't have to be successful at it. But still there is something that is gnawing at him. Everyone else seems to be finding their happiness, but why can't he?

Uploaded: 28 March 2014    


The Last Horror Film
Horror / Sleaze / Comedy

A cab driver takes his obsession with a famous horror actress too far when he decides to go to the Cannes Film Festival to make a movie with her in the leading role. But he's not there for a meeting, just to make his dream come true. People are killed off while he starts shooting his movie guerillea style with her unsuspectingly in the leading role. Just like he always hoped for.

Uploaded: 28 March 2014    


Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
Comedy / Splatter / Horror / Musical

The American Chicken Bunker, a fried-chicken chain, builds a restaurant in Tromaville right on top of an ancient Indian burial ground. Arbie starts working there as a protest against his vegetarian now-lesbian ex-girlfriend who is protesting outside, but will soon regret his decision. The dead will rise in this restaurant. Not the bodies buried below, but the chicken in the restaurant. And it will spread to anyone who eats there.

Uploaded: 27 March 2014    


Dead Kids
Horror / Sci-fi / Slasher

After a test, Pete Brady's closest friend, a typical D student, manages to get an A after a few meetings with a female scientist. Pete's invited over to one of her classes and afterwards she wants him to visit her clinic so she can perform the same experiment on him as on his friend, to make him better in school. But this experiment isn't just making you better in school, it also forces you to kill. Students are killed off in the most bizarre ways, seemingly by different people, and Pete is soon in the middle of it all.

Uploaded: 27 March 2014    


Independent / Drama / Romance / Comedy

The luck of an animator is running out when a studio shows no interest to his latest pitch. However, his luck seems to be turning around when he meets a young, free-spirited woman at an art exhibit who knows a guy at Pixar who she can help him get a pitch with. Love blooms between the two as they go on a roadtrip to San Francisco to meet the guy. But will love last once secrets are revealed?

Uploaded: 26 March 2014    


Ghosts of Empire Prairie
Independent / Drama / Crime

Lonnie returns home to Empire Prairie, the desolate little town where he once grew up. Where his drunk father and younger brother still live. But when Lonnie returns home there's no family reunion, there's only trouble brewing.

Uploaded: 24 March 2014    


Dangerous Obsession
Thriller / Crime / Mystery

When a televangelist is murdered, a detective is hired by the Church to protect it and the owner's daughter - a woman he's instantly attracted to. Being hired means more than just another job, he's now entering a world of crime, deceit and sin. While at home, he's having personal problems with the relationship with his wife.

Uploaded: 24 March 2014    


Ilsa, the Wicked Warden
Sexploitation / Women In Prison

A woman goes undercover as a mental patient at an institution run by a sadistic warden to try and find out what happened to her sister. She quickly comes to realize that there is something awful going on in the institution. Something which they are making money off of. The patients are used in abusive pornographic films.

Uploaded: 23 March 2014    


VigasioSexploitation Volume 2
Independent / Experimental / Science Fiction / Action / Comedy

Space researcher Dr. Moreau has his dreams come true when an alien from another dimension visits him. Not only because it proves his theories of aliens and alternate realities, but because the alien informs Dr. Moreau that he has been chosen to aide in the salvation of both the human race and the aliens. All that is needed is a woman who can breed with this alien in order to give birth to a new species that will save both worlds. Unfortunately for Dr. Moreau, the aliens are actually planning an invasion that will all start with this insemination. Those plans go up in smoke though as Dr. Moreau's assistant eventually goes insane from the alien semen and proceeds to go on a rampage.

Uploaded: 21 March 2014    


Comedy / Horror

A clown's job consists of entertaining kids. How hard can it be? Stitches isn't your typical clown, or maybe he is. He drinks and fucks whenever he gets the chance, and does the occasional job when he has to. He goes to perform for a rich birthday boy, but the kids are not happy. One of the kids pranks Stitches by tying his shoelaces together, but this innocent joke will be the death of Stitches. Many years later he returns for his revenge.

Uploaded: 21 March 2014    


The Pyramid
Independent / Anthology / Horror

An object - a small pyramid configuration - unleashes an evil over whoever puts their hands on it. The evil of the pyramid spreads through four different people's lives, destroying their lives in morbid, violent ways.

Uploaded: 19 March 2014    


North Circular Road
Independent / Drama / Mystery

Janice and Matthew Cadogan are moving into a lovely new house. A place of to fulfill their every dream. But things aren't starting out as planned after Janice cheats on Matthew. Not to mention, soon after moving in, Janice begins to see ghosts - a couple - walking their halls. They're not vicious ghosts, but rather they seem to be minding their own business. But Janice is disturbed once a story of domestic abuse seems to unfold in front of her eyes, in her own house, while taking control of her personal life.

Uploaded: 19 March 2014    


Horror / Thriller / Sci-fi

People are being killed and drained from their blood by a mysterious organization known as "The Brotherhood". The blood is being used to produce a new milk product to give people blood-thirst, to turn everyone into vampires. "The Brotherhood" discovers a distant relative to the infamous Countess Erzsébet Báthory and abducts her to have her join the organization. But she's not willing to give herself over, and escapes. Now she's on the run with "The Brotherhood" quickly following.

Uploaded: 19 March 2014    


Sex Hunter: 1980
Sexploitation / Drama / Thriller

After performing a show, a ballet dancer meets a mysterious woman who invites her to join her prestigious balley academy. She gleefully accepts, but as night closes in at the academy, she realizes that it's not the place she expected it to be. She discovers an academy filled with perverts, sadistic sexual acts and rape. She, a virgin, is dragged into this madness, and feels oddly at home.

Uploaded: 17 March 2014    


Savage Vengeance
Horror / Rape-Revenge

It's been years since Jennifer was attacked in the woods by a group of men and even though she got her bloody revenge and was never charged with any crimes, life has never been the same. After another frustrating semester at college, Jennifer decides she needs to take a break and go camping out in the woods and takes a friend with her on this adventure. As luck would have it, two murderous rednecks take an interest in Jennifer and her friend.

Uploaded: 17 March 2014    


El Retorno del los Templarios
Independent / Horror

It's 1310 and a group of Templar knights are killed after the villagers they were terrorizing rise up and revolt. Jump to 1976; a young woman, Miranda, is living in the small town that exists where the village did and she eerily looks like the young woman the Templars accused of witchcraft and brutally murdered. It looks like history is about to repeat itself as those same knights have risen from the grave and are looking for a sacrifice.

Uploaded: 15 March 2014    


Independent / Horror / Dark-Comedy

In an abandoned warehouse a half-naked woman is tied to a chair and unbeknownst to her, things are about to get a lot worse. Notorious killers L'Italiano and Pato Lliro have both been hired by the same person to kill this nameless young woman. Neither man likes each other and both disagree about how each other kills their victims and now they must fight it out to see who gets to take the life of the woman.

Uploaded: 14 March 2014    


Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp
Independent / Action / Comedy / Horror / Short

In the post-apocalypse, different groups of survivors have to do what they can do survive. Drifterboy is a drifter who joins forces with Boss-Action. Together they try to find civilization, but end up meeting Hell-Gun and her evil army. Can the two of them defeat an entire army to restore the safety of the wastelands?

Uploaded: 14 March 2014    


Legend of Hell
Action / Horror / Gore

Selma is an archaeologist who discovers two unbelievable finds - one is an ancient scroll, the other a portal. She's contacted by an art dealer who is deeply interested in the scroll, but after she refuses to hand it over she's the target of his armed men, and dies. Selma is soon part of the astral world, where hellish creatures reign, and Selma and a few selected have to close the gates of hell.

Uploaded: 10 March 2014    


VigasioSexploitation Volume 1
Independent / Experimental / Science Fiction / Noir / Comedy

An egg from outer space arrives in the village of Vigasio and quickly starts spreading a virus amongst the people. To investigate and hopefully resolve this problem, Agent Danger is sent in and he too becomes infected by the virus. Even though Dr. Munoz offers ersatz to Danger to help with his fight, it becomes apparent that help is needed in the form of Danger's ex-partner, Eva. Although Eva herself going to need a little help to fight off this evil and save Danger from the Soft Machine.

Uploaded: 9 March 2014    


Horror / Splatter

Nina's problems at home become too much for her so she takes a trip to Germany in an attempt to relax with her long time friends Michael and David. It seems like a good plan and things appear to be going well but things take a turn when the three friends take a camping trip to a secluded lake. There a family of disfigured rednecks enjoy abducting anyone foolish enough to walk into their woods.

Uploaded: 8 March 2014    


Bad Chicken
Independent / Comedy

Charlie Chicken is a chicken who runs a scheme pretending to be a television producer in order to take advantage of naive young women. Norah is the latest woman to fall for Charlie's ruse but things become complicated when Charlie starts to become obsessed with Norah. What started out as a simple plan to lure a woman into bed and to take her money spirals out of control and will eventually lead to someone, or some chicken, ending up dead in the desert.

Uploaded: 6 March 2014    


Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers
Sexploitation / Comedy

Sexually charged nurses have to keep their desires at bay as they're not allowed to go over to their boyfriends. One young nurse, Yuki, manages to find a way to help the girls sneak over to fulfill their needs. Yuki is soon part of her own drama when her ex-husband arrives at the hospital looking to get back together with her, something Yuki is not interested in.

Uploaded: 6 March 2014    


Sawney: Flesh of Man

An inbred family of cannibals are kidnapping, murdering, torturing and raping people in a Scottish town. A cop is ready to give his all to find the responsible behind these horrible crimes, but it's all made harder when a journalist is curious about the case as well. Will he find the bastard family and what will happen when he does?

Uploaded: 5 March 2014    


Stress Position
Independent / Psychological / Thriller / Drama

Two friends decide to put each other in a chamber for psychological experimentation controlled by the other, in a bet that if they can't take it anymore before a week has passed they will give away the code to an account with $10,000. It starts out as fun, but will they discover things within each other and themselves that they had hoped they could hide?

Uploaded: 5 March 2014    


Short / Experimental / Sci-fi / Cyberpunk

Wireboy is a voyeurer in a nightmare landscape ruled by sexualization of technology. Wireboy is surrounded by a number of cyberpunk creatures and creations, all of them their own representations of the future.

Uploaded: 5 March 2014    


A Weekend (A Very Good Movie)
Independent / Short / Comedy

There's trouble brewing in a peaceful household when Karen, the 14 year old daughter, starts dating a 21 year old. Her alcoholic single mother is against this idea and wants her to realize that he is wrong for her. Meanwhile her 22 year old brother is the smartest person they know.

Uploaded: 3 March 2014    


Head Shop Men
Webseries / Comedy / Crime / Independent

When Dono's U2 tribute band - U3 - is going nowhere after the tragic death of their drummer, Dono and his friend Cormac start working in a head shop. Getting used to being around drugs and not use them is just one of many problems the two stumble upon, as their daily routine consists of bizarre occurances and meeting shady people in their shop.

Uploaded: 27 February 2014    


Reel Zombies
Independent / Comedy / Zombies / Mockumentary

During a zombie apocalypse, a couple of filmmakers decide to make a zombie movie to follow up their "Zombie Night" movies - except this time, they're using real zombies. With an excited cast and crew on board, shooting begins and the idea of the perfect zombie movie is slowly rotting away along with the number of issues they encounter on the way.

Uploaded: 24 February 2014    


Crime / Thriller / Exploitation / Drama

Rich gang members rape women while they force their husbands to watch. One cop takes it upon himself to find a stop to their disturbing shenanigans, but ends up digging deeper and realizing that this is more than a few bastards having fun - it goes further than that, and is linked to some powerful people.

Uploaded: 22 February 2014    


Here, Then

Social outcasts trying to find their place in life happen to meet each other. At times by pure coincidences, sometimes connecting over sexuality or over a lost item.

Uploaded: 14 February 2014    


Black Scorpion
Action / Comedy

Darcy Walker grew up always believing in justice and the law that is until her father was gunned down at a bar. Seeing the streets getting worse ever day and bureaucrats making it harder and harder for cops to do their job, Darcy decides to become a masked vigilante known as Black Scorpion. She'll stop at nothing to dish out justice to scum but she maybe in over her head when a super-villain known as Breathtaker threats to poison the entire city with gas.

Uploaded: 12 February 2014    


Horror / Arthouse / Experimental

A milk-like substance known as Esmakra is slowly seeping its way through the city and into the bodies of the people. This unknown drug was created by the vampires to allow them to control not only the bodies of their victims, but their minds as well.

Uploaded: 9 February 2014    


The Telephone Book
Sexploitation / Arthouse / Comedy / Documentary

Wandering aimlessly around her apartment in what seems like another unsatisfying day, Alice receives the world's most obscene phone call. Instead of being frightened or offended, the tantalizing words of this mysterious caller turns Alice on like never before. So much so that she has to find this person, who only identified himself as Mr. Smith. Alice believes Mr. Smith is the key to finding the satisfaction that she has been missing and in her attempt to find him, she will explore the seedy and sexy underbelly of the city.

Uploaded: 9 February 2014    


The Earl Sessions
Independent / Drama / Horror / Experimental / Documentary

This is the story of Earl, a man with many problems and an alternate personality as Batman. Through sections of his wild life and imagination we get closer to the man and what makes him tick.

Uploaded: 9 February 2014    


The Lost Realities of Hog Caller
Comedy / Experimental / Mockumentary

When members of the band Hog Caller, Vomitrocious and The Dirtfamer, go missing in their hometown of Middletown, Pennsylvania the rumors start spreading like wildfire about what happened to them. That's when reporter Skip Jenkins shows up - a man determined to find out the truth! Even though he doesn't really care. His investigation takes him on a mind bending journey of drugs, Hog Princesses, gore, rituals and...Elvis Presley?

Uploaded: 9 February 2014    


Modus Anomali
Horror / Thriller

A father wakes up in the middle of the woods in a hole in the ground, covered in dirt. His last memory is of a vacation with his family. As he start recollecting his memories and finding his way back, he realizes that his family was attacked by a maniac, and now his two children are gone.

Uploaded: 2 February 2014    


Pornophilosophy with Carlos Atanes
Interview by: Ronny

Carlos Atanes has been popping up on our site a number of times since the discovery of his short film collection "Codex Atanicus" much due to his strange style of filmmaking. We've gone through much of his work in reviews, praised them in Best of-lists, but this is the first time we're interviewing the man. Where do you even start with a guy like this? It's hard to know where he gets his influences from, what makes him tick, and so forth, so we've tried to pick his brain a little bit in this following interview!

Uploaded: 1 February 2014    


Drama / Arthouse

One night a man finds a wounded woman in the alleys near his house. He offers her help, but all she wants is a cup of tea. When he brings her home she begins to tell him the extraordinary story of her life as a nymphomaniac.

Uploaded: 31 January 2014    


Acting Funny with Dan Palmer
Interview by: Ronny

We did an interview with the director of "Stalled" (Christian James), so why not do one with the incredibly funny screenwriter and actor, Dan Palmer!? We're big fans of this guy ever since "Freak Out", and even enjoyed him in the oddest-of-the-odd web series "MugBop". Even in his broadest hours he's a genuinely funny guy and with the zombie movie "Stalled" he's certainly gonna be noticed by masses! Or hopefully, at least.

Uploaded: 30 January 2014    


Tomorrow Night
Independent / Comedy

The owner of a small photo-shop is bothered by people that never come to pick up their photos. He's a lonely, grumpy man but eventually he has to contact people to make space for new orders. This changes his life.

Uploaded: 28 January 2014    


Independent / Thriller / Crime / Drama

A homeless man saves a teenager from a bully and ends up becoming friends with him. He realizes that this kid is being used and abused by a drug dealer, his own mother and everyone around him, and tries to show him he's not worthless. But the homeless man is very unstable and has his own issues on his shoulders, which will end up hurting someone.

Uploaded: 27 January 2014    


One. Two. One
Drama / Arthouse

We follow Ava and the people around her after she's been injured and horribly scarred. It becomes clear that being scarred and deemed ugly in a country where beauty is the main focus in a woman is not that easy, but Ava tries to adapt and get back on her feet.

Uploaded: 24 January 2014    


Here Comes the Devil
Horror / Thriller / Supernatural

A family trip goes dark when the son and daughter disappear in the hills in Tijuana. After intense searching they finally come back, but they're not quite as they used to be. The parents start looking into what could have happened, and they fear the worst. The mother investigates further and is scared of what she discovers.

Uploaded: 23 January 2014    


OK, Good

An actor struggles through auditions, workshops and living the typical life of someone who is dying to make it onto the screen. He pushes himself to the limit, and when things are starting to go wrong for him he can't take it on the chin anymore.

Uploaded: 23 January 2014    


Erotic Blackmail
Erotica / Drama

Hugo and Valerie invites another couple out to the country, but what they don't know is that the vacation will end up in sex and swinging. When a local mechanic and his friend realize that they might have a chance to get groovy with the women, they're not gonna take no for an answer. A night of innocent flirting ends in crime and blackmail.

Uploaded: 22 January 2014    


Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1
Comedy / Horror / Sci-fi

It's been many years since the Tromaville High School exploded in a radioactive mess. Tromaville High School has now been rebuilt, but unfortunately it's not free from trouble since the company that provides the school with food, Tromorganic Foodstuffs Inc. is built on the land of an old nuclear power plant and see no problem in using the leftovers in the food they make. Soon the school has a new group of Cretins. Two girls who come out of the closet together have to stand up and fight.

Uploaded: 22 January 2014    


Class of Nuke 'Em High
Comedy / Horror / Sci-fi

Tromaville High School's lovely school enviroment descends to hell after the school junkies start getting their weed from the nuclear power plant behind the school and pass it around. Warren and Chrissy, a young couple, end up personally affected by this drug, and the punk gang known as the Cretins drag them further into the madness. Meanwhile something is mutating in the basement of the school...

Uploaded: 22 January 2014    


Ghost Bridge
Independent / Supernatural / Drama / Experimental

An artist travels across New England on his chopper to look at different bridges. When he meets a mysterious woman she quickly becomes his main interest, only to discover a dark past from the crusades that he has to experience to free himself and his woman.

Uploaded: 14 January 2014    


The Lighthouse
Drama / Arthouse

Lena returns to her home town in Armenia during war times in hopes that she can bring her grandparents with her back to Russia. Upon her return she quickly comes back into the life in the small village, witnessing how the villagers keep going strong no matter what, albeir scared of what's to come.

Uploaded: 14 January 2014    


Faces of Death
Shockumentary / Documentary

The notorious shockumentary consisting of stock footage, reenactments and pure fictional footage of death around the world. An eye-opener to some, just shock value to others, it shows us death unlike anything else at the time.

Uploaded: 13 January 2014    


Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack!
Animation / Horror / Action

Kaori was planning on enjoying a beach side vacation with two of her friends when they found themselves trapped in the middle of an invasion of ocean creatures with mechanical legs. As they soon discover, all of Japan is being invaded by these bizarre beings. In an attempt to get back to her fiancé, Kaori unwittingly finds herself trapped in the middle of uncovering the truth behind these monsters and the horrible stench that is permeating the air.

Uploaded: 13 January 2014    


Sector 7
Horror / Sci-fi / Action

26 years after a horrible incident at the bottom of the sea by an oil rig, a new team is sent to get oil. After countless of attempts and drillings, they're still empty handed. They're ready to head back home when a man who once worked there returns, confident that there is oil there. But the thing that happened 26 years ago makes itself known when something giant and hungry reveals itself on the oil rig.

Uploaded: 13 January 2014    


Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear
Anthology / Horror

Five short films with the theme of the five senses. Exploring the horrors of blindness, seeing horrific visions, music that kills you, a poisonous perfume and more.

Uploaded: 13 January 2014    


Jack Brown Genius
Comedy / Sci-fi / Fantasy

Thousand years after a monk fails his attempt at flying, his spirit returns to hassle Jack Brown, an inventor, into building the machine. If he doesn't succeed within a few days, the monk's spirit might be doomed to hell for all eternity, as his death would be seen as a suicide. With the voice constantly in his head, inventing becomes a struggle and he's soon thought of as a crazy man.

Uploaded: 12 January 2014    


Independent / Comedy / Horror

Waking up from another drug fueled bender, Danny comes to the decision he cannot live the life style he is living anymore and wants to try and get clean. This news comes as a devastating blow to his brother, Nicky, who is quite happy with their decadent life style but he makes a deal with Danny: if Danny helps get Nicky a fix that morning, then he will help Danny get sober. It's this deal that makes things go from bad to worse for Danny soon as things start spiraling out of control with ill-timed visits from his ex-girlfriend, whom Danny desperately wants to win back, to dead bodies and nightmarish hallucinations.

Uploaded: 12 January 2014    


Fresh Meat
Comedy / Horror / Crime

Criminals being pursuited by the cops crash into a family's garage. The family, the Crane's, have some dark secrets that were just revealed to their daughter as she came home from school. She just found out that her parents are cannibals - and they're now taken hostage by criminals.

Uploaded: 7 January 2014    


Horror / Fantasy / Mystery

In an attempt to get a great scoop, a young female journalist finds herself in the middle of a vampire society. While her boyfriend waits outside, she has to try to get out alive.

Uploaded: 3 January 2014    


Jack and Ralph: Plan a Murder
Independent / Comedy / Crime

At work Jack is a bullied loser and at home he's a loner. Except for his imaginary friend, Ralph. Ralph manages to push Jack into planning the murder of his bully, but things are bound to go wrong.

Uploaded: 28 December 2013    


Another year in the shitter. We're about the same people we were a year ago, but certain movies have came into our lives since. We're not talking about another "Hobbit" or those Wall Street people, but stuff that actually matters to us. This year we've yet again changed some awards - we realized we only want awards that will be possible to fill every year. Unfortunately "Mindfuck of the Year", "Sleaze of the Year" and "Most Visually Interesting" are three that we've struggled with previously, so we decided they shouldn't be on here. They're too specific, so away they went! Another one we got rid of was "Biggest Disappointments" - it's just too negative for a Best of-list, especially since we usually make a Worst list (this year we did it on Facebook and Twitter). We did, however, add one Worst award, and that is for posters. Why? Because ugly posters can be extremely amusing and fascinating.


Uploaded: 22 December 2013    


She Wolf
Thriller / Exploitation / Horror / Drama

Lusting men in a subway in Buenos Aires meet a sexy woman who is more than open for a wild night. They bring her home and the night gets hotter by the minute, until it reaches its bloody, violent climax. It's the next night, and another man is about to get lucky. But the woman on the prowl is not always in control of herself...

Uploaded: 16 December 2013    


John Dies at the End
Sci-fi / Comedy / Horror / Fantasy

Dave discovers the new street drug Soy Sauce - but does it give you more than just a trip? Dave and his friend John are now in the middle of an interdimensional war fighting for the human race. And anything can happen.

Uploaded: 9 December 2013    


Drama / Horror

On a trip to Romania with his girlfriend Livia, Alex is in a car accident and is rushed to the hospital. They cut the vacation short and return home to where he has to worry about his upcoming photography exhibit while recovering. A news paper from Romania talks of contaminated blood but they don't think any more about it - until Alex starts acting strange.

Uploaded: 7 December 2013    


The Truck
Independent / Thriller / Action

Roger and Alice head to a camp that Roger has inherited. Their nice trip together escalades to a nightmare on the road after Roger accidently hits a truck with a bottle. They manage to get away for the time being, but in the morning after the truck has been waiting for them and is ready for its revenge.

Uploaded: 6 December 2013    


Frankie in Blunderland
Independent / Comedy / Fantasy / Surreal

Frank lives with his dreadful wife and his even worse roommate who invited himself in. His roommate decides to kidnap the wife, and even though Frank's life is obviously better without the two of them, he knows that this is something he has to see through till the end. He sets out to find his wife, but the path to victory is long and includes meetings with the strangest things imaginable.

Uploaded: 2 December 2013    


Local Legends
Independent / Comedy / Autobiography

Matt Farley is an artist from Manchester who loves making his quirky music, movies and stand-up shows, and would rather do what he enjoys than change just because people don't get it. He has a big comedy show planned and we get to experience his days and thoughts up until the big day.

Uploaded: 1 December 2013    


Horror / Crime / Slasher / Comedy

It's the '70s and the disco scene is in full bloom. A young, quiet man who works at a diner in New York City is one day invited to a night out to a disco with a nice girl, but the music triggers a violent behavior in him due to a horrible memory involving music and his father. He ends the night with a murder on his conscience, and he takes the first plane in the morning from NYC heading to Montréal to start a new life. In 1980 he still hasn't been caught, and is working as a janitor at a Catholic school for girls and staying away from all sorts of music. But what happens when disco enters his ears again?

Uploaded: 1 December 2013    


Horror / Drama / Thriller

Samantha's a lesbian woman currently in a rocky relationship, and after being sweet talked and drugged one night ends up sleeping with a man at a party. When she wakes up and has to come to terms with not only having slept with a man, but that she contracted something from him. In the upcoming days she becomes weaker and slowly starts to decay.

Uploaded: 30 November 2013    


Mother Nature
Independent / Suspense / Thriller / Drama

Some unfortunate marital problems force a father to take an impromptu camping trip with his son. Hoping to escape his problems just for a little while he and his son enjoy serenity of nature, things actually become worse for the man. At the camp site, he continuously has bizarre encounters with the other campers but the confrontations he has with a man named Carl quickly go from bizarre to dark and eventually violent. A quiet camping trip becomes a fight for survival as the father has to forgo his usual passive nature in order to defend himself and his son from the psychotic Carl.

Uploaded: 30 November 2013    


Independent / Horror

When his father passed away, Jacob became obsessed with all things macabre but his obsession is putting a strain on his friendship with Gary. But Gary has a plan to set Jacob straight and it involves the hidden-camera prank show Scary Antics. The plan is to take Jacob to the now abandoned chemical warehouse -- the same one where his father died -- where Scary Antics has setup their slasher movie scenario in hopes of scaring Jacob straight. However, the long standing rumors of strange paranormal occurs are proven true which changes things and soon everyone becomes trapped in the warehouse with a real ax-wielding maniac.

Uploaded: 29 November 2013    


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Newlyweds are buying a house away from the city for a good place to start a life together. It doesn't take long before they get acquainted with the neighbors, one which the wife finds shooting his shotgun on their yard. More bizarre things start happening and soon they're involved in something out of this world which puts them in a position where nothing is as it seems.

Uploaded: 28 November 2013    


Hunger Unholy
Independent / Horror

Gabe and his friends go up north after the funeral of his parents. They need to clear the parents' cabin before it can be sold, but going on a trip when mourning is never easy. When they reach the cabin, they notice something strange going on nearby. Something is in the woods, and it wants to kill them.

Uploaded: 28 November 2013    


Super Task Force One
Independent / Action / Adventure / Sci-fi / Comedy

Many years after the fall of the Super Task Force Six caused by the evil Emperor Zagel, one man is given the chance to strike back. Emperor Zagel has now created a super weapon which uses the powers from the armors of the Super Task Force Six, minus the green armor which was stolen. When the green armor is handed over by the previous Green Enforcer to Jason, Jason takes charge and prepares for the battle of his life.

Uploaded: 25 November 2013    


Independent / Thriller / Drama / Psychological

John Hatchett, a psychiatrist, has been kidnapped and tied to a chair by an old patient he once sent to a mental institution. The patient is trying to get answers from John by keeping him for days and putting him through torture and starvation, in hopes that he will come to his senses and tell him what he wants to hear.

Uploaded: 23 November 2013    


Berberian Sound Studio
Thriller / Drama / Psychological / Horror

Sound is being created and dubbed for a new Italian horror movie, and the British sound engineer Gilderoy was requested for the project. Not used to the genre of film, it's hard for him to get started. The bizarre scenes he has to create sound for, together with the hostile work environment around the studio, are two factors that puts his otherwise calm mind in the midst of chaos, and he's afraid that he might be losing it.

Uploaded: 22 November 2013    


How to Seduce a Virgin
Sexploitation / Drama / Thriller

Martine returns from an insane asylum where she spent time for castrating a man. Her returns quickly proves that she's no less crazy, and her violent and sexual behaviors continue. Her husband is feeding on her wealth and doesn't want to lose his luxurious life by having her go nuts again. So he introduces Martine to the young, sexy virgin daughter of a rich couple living next door, and suggests they play naughty with her. But the virgin isn't quite as innocent, as is quickly joining their sexual games.

Uploaded: 21 November 2013    


Independent / Short / Drama / Horror

Some people are tired of what life has to offer, but they need help with the final push. In comes a woman who volunteers to help people in ways of their choosing - no matter how twisted, depressing or violent. One day she gets hired by someone she has a personal relationship to...

Uploaded: 21 November 2013    


See You Next Tuesday
Drama / Comedy

Mona is an odd person who often keeps to herself, but when she's about to breakdown several months into her pregnancy she goes to her alcoholic mother and lesbian sister. They are both in the middle of their own seperate problems, and can't take care of a wreck like Mona.

Uploaded: 15 November 2013    



In the German Alps, a group of scientists are researching the melting glaciers. One day they discover something strange with a glacier. It's red and it seems to be made out of something organic. Their discovery doesn't end there. The glacier is affecting the animals around, mutating them into hungry beasts.

Uploaded: 15 November 2013    


Pictures of Superheroes
Independent / Comedy

The day is looking bleak for Marie, a maid, when she's fired and dumped on the same day. But somehow she manages to get hired by a business owner who just can't seem to keep his place clean. Little does he know that it's a roommate he doesn't know about who is making a mess, and Marie is getting caught between this bizarre life of Eric and his secret roommate Joe.

Uploaded: 15 November 2013    


Thriller / Horror

A fight erupts at a photographer's party and Dr. John Rowan's fiancé ends up in a horrible accident leaving her face burned and scarred. To try and help his wife, John comes up with a way to surgically fix her scars with tissue from a dead person. When they realize it works, but that it won't last due to the tissue being dead, his fiancé begins to push him to get fresher tissue. And there is only one way...

Uploaded: 11 November 2013    


Cryptic Plasm
Independent / Horror / Gore

After some fantastic footage of what is believed to be sasquatch, a producer put his trust in David to develop a TV series investigating the supernatural and cryptozoic near New Jersey. With his camera man Brian he manages to unveil some spectacular things proving the existence, but whatever they found is now after them.

Uploaded: 9 November 2013    


Impulsive Filmmaking with Shinya Tsukamoto
Interview by: Ronny

We finally got the chance to interview my own personal hero, the unstoppable Shinya Tsukamoto. It couldn't have been done without the fantastic help and support by UK distributor Third Window Films (ThirdWindowFilms.com). They helped us get this interview. With their releases of the two first "Tetsuo" films, and the upcoming releases of "Tokyo Fist" (Nov 25th) and "Bullet Ballet" (Dec 30th), they're helping Tsukamoto's classics get a great touch-up both for DVD and blu-ray. There would have been hundreds of questions if I could have kept going, but I respect the man too much to steal that much of his time. Hope you enjoy this interview, and keep in mind that there are bound to be a few mistakes in translation as it was done by Shinya Tsukamoto in Japanese, but I'd say this is a pretty good interview still!

Uploaded: 7 November 2013    


A Field in England
Drama / War / Comedy / Arthouse

A scattered gang of knuckleheads flee their Civil War duties and band together on a journey of their own through the opening fields of England. The three of them run into O'Neil, an armed and dangerous alchemist - a person one of them was already looking for. Their journey over the fields is soon overtaken by a descent into madness and hallucinations.

Uploaded: 6 November 2013    


Independent / Horror

After having sex with a corpse, Sarah inadvertently finds herself infected with a new disease that she spreads to her boyfriend that causes the two punks to begin rotting from the inside out. Not knowing what to do and assuming their fates are sealed, the two continue on with their carefree and reckless life style while they're slowly dying. Unbeknownst to them, they are actually the guinea pigs for Dr. Robert Olsen -- the man responsible for creating this horrible disease.

Uploaded: 4 November 2013    



The Housecore Horror Film Festival had a special preview screening of the highly anticipated "The Profane Exhibit" and Film Bizarro was on hand for the event. Only 5 segments from the film were screened and we share our thoughts on what was shown in one easy to digest article.


Uploaded: 4 November 2013    


Shorts / Independent / Exploitation / Thriller

Lisa's way of relieving herself from a long, stressful day at work is to visit the secret sex club Tulpa. In Tulpa she can have passionate, mysterious sex with strangers and walk away without a connection to ruin her everyday life. That's until the people she has been enjoying herself with end up being murdered by a crazy serial killer.

Uploaded: 1 November 2013    


Horror / Supernatural / Giallo

Lisa's way of relieving herself from a long, stressful day at work is to visit the secret sex club Tulpa. In Tulpa she can have passionate, mysterious sex with strangers and walk away without a connection to ruin her everyday life. That's until the people she has been enjoying herself with end up being murdered by a crazy serial killer.

Uploaded: 31 October 2013    



Have you been spending too much time on your costume, but not enough time picking movies for this glorious night? Don't worry, we have helped you along the way - by making a list of 20 fantastic choices all available on Netflix (US). So put the finishing touches on your mask, head out for a few hours of trick or treating, and come back with a nice bowl of candy and log on to your Netflix account and scroll through our list of the year, featuring everything from the traditional to the underrated!


Uploaded: 30 October 2013    


Short / Drama / Horror

Amelia is a poor and desperate self-employed house cleaner. It's all she can do, but when a pain is making itself reminded she can barely do that anymore either.

Uploaded: 28 October 2013    


Ikarie XB-1
Sci-fi / Drama

In the year 2163, the spaceship Ikarie XB-1 is heading through space to seek life in the Alpha Centauri system. People onboard are getting through their day while they get closer to their destination. As they board what seems like an alien spaceship, the crew finds themselves in the midst of dangerous radiation. Back on the Ikarie XB-1 they will soon lose their health - and their sanity.

Uploaded: 25 October 2013    


In Hell
Exploitation / Drama / Thriller

Hamdias is a producer who is yearning to break the boundaries of what is acceptable in film. He's making a film about torture, and wants his star, Galai, to prepare for her role as a tortured woman. Galai does this by giving herself electric shocks and listening to the recorded cries of tortured men, women and children. The production stops when Hamdias dies, but Galai is now too deep to go back, and decides to finish the project no matter what.

Uploaded: 22 October 2013    


Gallino, the Chicken System
Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Comedy / Experimental / Surrealism

A man is hoping to meet the woman from his dreams as he wanders around the stormy Antarctica, when all of the sudden he stumbles into a Chicken store. He enters in hope of getting a nice roasted chicken, but ends up having the most important meeting of his life when he meets the store owner. This is just the beginning of a discussion leading into a multi dimensional exploration of chicken, sex and philosophy.

Uploaded: 22 October 2013    


Toad Road
Thriller / Arthouse / Horror

Partying and doing drugs is how a group of friends choose to spend their time. Having heard about the legend of Toad Road, Sara becomes curious to check out the place that is known to cause people to disappear. When Sara and James finally check it out, the legends turn out to be true.

Uploaded: 21 October 2013    


The Extraordinary Tale of the Times Table
Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

In an unknown year, in an unknown city, a love blooms between two pen pals. She is a lonely woman suffering from OCD who hasn't been outside for years, and her free time is spent writing letters and sending out to random people in attempt to get contact. He is in a similar situation and is the only person who responds to her mails. One day they decide to meet up in her apartment, and once the shyness settles they realize they are perfect for each other. The two oddballs start a life together.

Uploaded: 21 October 2013    


The Cabining
Independent / Comedy / Horror / Slasher

When you realize that the script you are writing is shit, what do you do? You do what Todd and Bruce do! Go to an artist's retreat to refuel, get inspiration and be free from the worries of your otherwise non-existing economy. Meeting other artists of varied sorts doesn't help them much, but they do enjoy themselves with the ladies. It's not until people are being killed off one by one that they start to find inspiration for their horror script.

Uploaded: 20 October 2013    


Lord of Tears
Horror / Thriller / Psychological

James Findlay is suffering from horrible visions of a strange figure - visions that began at a young age. After the death of his mother, his visions come back at full force. To finally deal with the visions he decides to travel back to his childhood home and look into his past and how it might connect to the things he sees.

Uploaded: 19 October 2013    


Hidden in the Woods
Horror / Exploition

Ana and Anny are two young girls who are forced to live in a remote cabin out in the woods, along with their brother who was born out of incest. The trio are trapped in a living hell as their father spends his days physically, emotionally and sexually abusing them when he isn't taking care of the drug operations for Uncle Costello. However, their father is eventually arrested and while life still isn't easy for Ana, Anny and their brother, things do seem better at the very least. That is until Uncle Costello comes looking for his drugs.

Uploaded: 17 October 2013    


Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven
Independent / Comedy

Tired of only being viewed as a stripper, Penny has her dreams set on making it as a performer on a popular dance show. It will be a showcase that will allow her to finally become the dancing star she views herself as and to also prove to everyone that they were wrong about her. Unfortunately for Penny, the path to fame and fortune is a dangerous one where it will take more than determination to succeed.

Uploaded: 15 October 2013    


Marty's House
Independent / Documentary / Experimental

A filmmaker is invited to Marty's house, a collector, and something is a bit off. Marty has a house filled with collectible items - things of all sorts. Old, weird, rare, useless things, you name it. He loves his belongings, but he might have to consider getting rid of them.

Uploaded: 15 October 2013    


Horror / Thriller / Remake

Frank works with restoring old mannequins, but they are also part of his sick obsession of scalping women and putting it on the mannequins. One day he sees a woman photographing his mannequins from outside of his store and he goes out to talk to her. A friendship is blooming as he helps her with her art exhibit, but Frank's twisted mind is just waiting to come out again.

Uploaded: 12 October 2013    


Crystal Lake Memories

Based on the book with the same name, this massive documentary goes through all the stages of production on each "Friday the 13th" movie. From the 1980 classic up to the 2009 remake, it leaves most stones turned.

Uploaded: 11 October 2013    


Sinister Visions
Independent / Horror / Anthology

Five sinister stories, ranging from the macabre and comedic romance in "My Undead Girlfriend" to the gruesome life of a serial killer in "Genital Genocide".

Uploaded: 10 October 2013    



In just a few hours you can help sponsor the already notorious anthology "German Angst".

GERMAN ANGST is an extreme-horror collaboration between JÖRG BUTTGEREIT (Nekromantik, Der Todesking), ANDREAS MARSCHALL (Tears of Kali, Masks) and MICHAL KOSAKOWSKI (Zero Killed) that leads you into the dark alleyways of contemporary Berlin in stories of love, sex and death.



Uploaded: 9 October 2013    


4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker
Independent / Horror

Four college girls decide to move out of the dorms and into a rental home off campus. The house is perfect and they all seem happy with it but of course nothing is ever perfect. Soon their ideal home becomes their prison as they become trapped in the house after their landlord reveals himself to be a demon who wants to feast on their souls.

Uploaded: 7 October 2013    


Within the Darkness
Supernatural / Horror / Comedy

If you want to get famous, you better be ready to fake it. This is Austin's plan when he is putting together a paranormal investigator pilot with him in the center. To make things as authentic as possible, they find a place with a dark history. But this large old house has a history that may end up biting them in the ass.

Uploaded: 6 October 2013    


Hands of the Ripper
Horror / Thriller / Supernatural

As a young girl, Anna is a witness as Jack the Ripper kills her mother - and Jack happens to be her mother. Now, many years later, Anna finds herself under the care of a fake psychic who not only uses her to trick her customers, but Anna is also used for prostitution. Dr. Pritchard doesn't fall for the psychics tricks, and he also sees that what Anna is put through is not right. One night he storms into the house and finds Anna a witness of another murder and decides to help her.

Uploaded: 5 October 2013    


Reel-Illusionary Zone
Independent / Experimental / Comedy / Horror

A toy maker in Toyland has to go to the real world and bring back the toys that escaped from him. To get to the real world, they first have to get through the horrific reel-illusionary zone!

Uploaded: 5 October 2013    


Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger
Adult / Comedy / Drama

It's time for nurse Ryoko to move out from her dorm so that she can keep her relationship with a well-respected, married doctor a secret. His wife is the daughter of the owner of the hospital, so secrecy is important. When Ryoko moves out several relationships begin to fall apart, and it will affect her relationship with the doctor.

Uploaded: 4 October 2013    


Mar Negro
Horror / Zombie / Splatter

When something strange is going on in a sea, a couple of fishermen accidently bring back infected fish to their small community. The fish infects people and turns them into a fleah-eating ghouls - and a local brothel just got a large batch of the fish for their perverted customers and workers to eat.

Uploaded: 3 October 2013    


The Rope Maiden
Short / Comedy / Extreme

A man is making snuff/tutorial videos in his basement, and in this episode he's showing the audience everything they need to know before making masterpieces out of their victims using rope.

Uploaded: 1 October 2013    


Drama / Horror

Struggling with a physical disease, Alberto is forced to quit his job as a night guard. His boss, Luly, wants to take him out for his last day, and it turns into a date. But the disease is too far gone, and Alberto's body can no longer take it.

Uploaded: 30 September 2013    


Exterminator City
Independent / Horror / Sci-Fi

It's 2027 and Atro City is just like any other city where robots live side by side with humans and everything seems perfectly fine. That is until a certain pest-control robot has a short circuit and decides to start butchering up all the naked and half-naked women of the city. Now it's up to a certain robotic detective to solve the mystery of these ritualistic killings and stop the deranged robot before he kills all the women in Atro City.

Uploaded: 26 September 2013    


At All Cost
Independent / Mockumentary / Thriller

The death of young Jessica Price remains unsolved when the cops close the case. Her friends decide to look further into it and create a documentary around it.

Uploaded: 25 September 2013    


As Night Falls
Independent / Horror / Comedy

On a desolate farm, 10 year old Amelia is killed by her crazy parents. 50 years later, a new family has moved onto the property and sisters Holly and Elizabeth often find themselves alone in the creepy home. To make things worse, Elizabeth's friends decide to invite themselves over for an impromptu party. Something that might not be so bad if it weren't for the fact that the psychotic family from 50 years ago have come back from the dead as blood thirsty ghouls and start picking the guests off one by one.



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