(Posted: 10 April 2011)

"Abhorrence" is an upcoming film written by Rudy Gold and Co-written by Cristian Guzman. They are currently looking for funds and are filming it in 3 months.


"A group of young determined filmmakers, willing to go too far to get the best reactions from their actors, venture down a self-realized path to greatness. As they get to their final shoot location, the cast and crew become terrified, the two filmmakers realize something has gone horribly wrong and they've lost control of their own set... or have they?"

"Abhorrence" is a vintage campy horror film, which takes place on Halloween in the 80's. The story is based around 3 characters, Megan, Chris, and Kyle. The film starts off as a beautifully vintage piece horror film that is extremely suspenseful, it will leave you holding on to the person next to you but in the second act of the film, hell arises after the characters play with a Ouija board. Nothing was supposed to happen. Everything from here takes a turn for a conclusion filled with suspense.

The film then turns into what is supposed to be “real life events.” The director and cinematographer are then revealed including the set. From there the cinematographer is running around the cabin looking for the crew, but finds nothing but dead bodies and a presence of a demonic spirit. He panics and ends up lost in the woods. What will happen to the director of photography? What will happen to the production?

If you want to help fund this film, go to:

Concept trailer:


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