(Posted: 25 July 2009)

In almost any movie discussion that is between people who likes cult classics or real horror movies (not stuff like "Hostel"), you're very likely to hear atleast a dozen comments about how bad movies are now. Yes, movies were brilliant "back in the day". Two examples are the 70's and the 80's. They were amazing decades. The 70's gave us so many wonderful exploitation films, but still alot of movies that to this day are ruling the mainstream horror world (films like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Halloween", "Dawn of the Dead" and "The Exorcist"). After that decade, we got the 80's. This decade was just as good as the previous ones, and something that it's especially remembered for is the fact that FUN horror movies were made. They got more self-aware and it also dared to expand on the use of effects and gore. Movies like "Re-Animator", "Return of the Living Dead", "Day of the Dead", "The Thing". Of course people are gonna complain about our current state of PG-13 ratings, terrible money-grabbing sequels and totally mindless remakes. They are bad, they really are. They are the swine flu of movies; new but not something we want. However, one thing that many people seem to miss completely is that we probably have a more solid underground scene now than we've had since ATLEAST the 80's, and that's not too shabby considering that 1990 was almost 20 years ago. This article, if you can call it that, is made to show you that there are still fantastic movies being made, you just need to know when and where. Below is a list of movies that we at Film Bizarro are personally looking forward to while most people are talking about the coming (most-likely-to-be) shitfests like "Halloween 2", "Saw VI" and "Wrong Turn 3". There are alot of titles mentioned, but to make it easier for you we've tried to limit ourselves with the amount of description.

Some of the films might already be out doing festivals, and some of them we've already seen for reviewing, but as far as we know none of these are released. We are not a News site so we are not entirely up to date with all the films, but I think you'll forgive us.


An upcoming film by Maggot Films. This is a film that we're trying to promote the hell out of, along with their other titles. The film is set in the 70's and the movie has the look of a 70's VHS tape too. There isn't too much to say about this film except that it's almost done shooting and is hopefully ready in a not too distant future.

"Although a bit ambiguous to outside viewers, the relationship between Mr. Ben and Sydney is quite healthy. They lead separate lives away from each other, able to devote personal time to their hobbies. Mr. Ben buries himself in his studies while Sydney goes out and parties, super-70s style. No worries, they always begin their day with a meal and end it with a prayer."
- MaggotFilms.com



Yet another film by Maggot Films. This was originally set to be a part of the upcoming double feature film "Double Dose of Terror". This film is actually about making the movie "...And Then I Helped", except that it mixes it's reality with fiction to make it a film.

"A group of film makers struggle to see their vision realized through celluloid. They soon delve into the grizzly fate, buried within the reality of making a true HORROR film."
- MaggotFilms.com





Alright, final Maggot Films movie on this list. This is actually a collaboration between Maggot Films and Tyler Tharpe, where they both make a story each á la "Grindhouse" (except that I expect it not to suck). Maggot Films contribution is called "Our Devil's Night" and Tyler Tharpe's is called "Bowling Night". The film will also have an opening short.

OUR DEVIL'S NIGHT - "A pair of cousins along with their ‘Gram Paps’ go out for some tricks or treats on Devil’s Night. How far they take their hijinx is left to be known, but the future of those who are crossed doesn’t look pretty." - MaggotFilms.com
Said to have a pretty gruesome finale.

BOWLING NIGHT - "Two guys with dark secrets together, on their way to their weekly bowling exploits. A silence breaks the rather normal routine, something horrible is definately going to happen."

HOME CAPTIVE - "An underground slave service has all you could want, any fetish can be fullfilled at the right cost".

"Home Captive" is the opening short of "Double Dose of Terror" and will also be available eventually fully uncut (it has been shortened down for the double feature film). This is the directional debut of Max Almeida, co-writer of "...And Then I Helped"




Ron "The Gateway Meat" DeCaro's upcoming movie about your typical yard sale,.. except that it's not typical at all, of course. The film is based on a short story by David L Tamarin. Not much is known about this film, but I remember hearing that it will be about an old couple having a yard sale and kidnapping a girl, or a man, or a person.. or several people. Either way, it looks like it will be insane from all the teaser videos, and Ron himself says that this will make "The Gateway Meat" look like a children's film. Yummy!





More Ron DeCaro for us all! This is a short film that is being made for the upcoming "Brightside Trilogy" DVD. Ron describes the plot in the Film Bizarro forums:

"Zac is teaching his younger sister a life lesson. A harsh one. When Bobby, his mother's boyfriend, disapproves."

Sounds like quite the family drama! Ron DeCaro has proven himself worthy of as an underground director several times before, so I think we can count on him yet again.




Ah yes.. "Blood Pigs". The new film from the splatter genius Brian Paulin and Morbid Vision Films who gave us the over-the-top blood shower that was "Bone Sickness", as well as the extreme mindfuck "Fetus". Brian has said that he hates making movies that sticks to one genre, and while "Blood Pigs" might look like a zombie movie from a distance, it's going to be ALOT more. Brian is a sick fuck and there is no doubt that there will be some insane things going on that has never ever been remotely close to be seen in a zombie flick before. Oh and he has supposedly tried to make a scene that will feature more blood than the lawnmower scene in "Braindead". I wouldn't be surprised if he succeeds. They hope to have the film out in October.




With Fred Vogel & Toetag Pictures as producers and Scott Swan, co-writer of John Carpenter's "Cigarette Burns" episode in the famous "Masters of Horror" series, it's safe to say that something big is going on. Like with "Murder Collection Vol. 1", the recent film by Toetag Pictures, not much information is out.

"'Mask-Head' focuses on a group of underground filmmakers who cross a number of gruesome lines in pursuit of making their video masterpieces," Swan said in a recent interview at ThinkMcflyThink.Squarespace.com, "It really is a bit of underground shock nastiness".

Enough to keep me interested. They are trying for a 2009 release.




Fuck yeah, this is exactly what we need. While I wouldn't say "Tetsuo II: Body Hammer" was amazing, there is no doubt that the first film was. This started out as "Bullet Man", or so people were lead to believe. Apparently it was all a shadow project to punch us with a surprise when "Tetsuo III: The Tetsuo Project" would be announced. This also marks the twentieth anniversery of the first film, so looking busy with an unrelated film would definitely make us all surprised and more happy than ever. The film will be in english.





Next film on the list is one of Ryan Nicholson's coming films. "Gutterballs" was a great and gory film so we're very open for another film from the man. Abortion by hanger? Yes please.

"HANGER is a horrifying tale of revenge that begins with a back-alley abortion, and ends with a bloodbath so vicious that it brings a new meaning to 'an eye for eye.' From pimps to dealers and hookers to junkies, HANGER dives headfirst into the depths of human depravity." says Ryan Nicholson on the IMDb page for the film.

Available for illegal download in a, what I've heard from the director and others, extremely worthless cut. What I'm saying is that there is NO reason for anyone to download this film since it's as cut as it is. Apparently has no gore.

Coming very very soon.




This is the second coming film from Ryan Nicholson and Plotdigger Films, and this one is brand new in production.

"The film industry is full of bizarre characters, perhaps none as strange as Don Cardini, driver, horror movie buff and all-round bitter guy. But when he gets a job working on a low budget horror film with his favorite scream queen, Riversa Red, he finds a cause and passion to crusade for- but will he take it too far?" - The "Star Vehicle" group on Facebook.com



"Philosophy Of A Knife" was a masterpiece, some of you might not agree but screw you, 'cause it was. With a small budget, the film succeeded in doing things that not even Hollywood could pull off. Andrey Iskanov is a talent, he has proven it with all his films, so another film by him is exactly what this world needs. The question is, are we really ready? Of course we are! Duuh! But things aren't looking to bright for Andrey right now with his recent heart attack and the lack of money, the production is going slower than ever. I pray to God every night that Andrey will be able to make this film the way it should be, and that it won't take too long. Plenty of scenes has been seen online as well as pictures, but I don't think anything can prepare us for what this is gonna be when it's all done.

"After his wife Lucy walks out on him, Alexander tries to seek solace in alcohol and drugs, but the pain just won’t go away. He is given the address of a mysterious man who claims to have the answer; a strange, powerful narcotic that will take away his anguish. Alexander can't take any more so he visits the dealer and is given the drug. For a while he feels fine, life is good again, until he realises that shadowy figures are pursuing him. He tries to escape but there is no hiding from the Tourist." - "The Tourist" Myspace



The promotion posters/covers all look amazing, the teaser trailer looks totally sick, and the description that can be found is simply put all I need to be interested; "A Gore Bondage Film". This is one of the films on the list that I'm personally most stoked for. I believe they've just recently started filming.





We reviewed this film here, so my opinion on the film can be found a bit more detailed there. This is a pretty strange collection of short films by Patricio Valladares that is nicely tied together by a story about a cowboy. I hope to see a DVD release of this soon. There might be one out in their home country, but not here. Keep an eye open for this one!




Another film by Patricio Valladares. This one looks even more sick than "Dirty Love", and this was actually the first film I heard of by him. Not quite sure what to say about this one except that it's released on DVD in Chile or Spain.

Trailer - IMDb




Hah, god bless the title. Film Bizarro actually sponsored this film with some money (not alot), and will hopefully be thanked in the end credits. The people behind this film had to get people to sponsor to help them start with the whole thing, but they guaranteed us that it will have non-stop nudity, non-stop gore and will be a sleazier version of films like "Friday The 13th", "Stripped To Kill" and "Halloween". I believe the term "borderline horror porn" came up even. So yes, this will be interesting. Even if it sucks, we're happy to know we helped an independent film come to life. Elske McCain from the coming "Jessicka Rabid" has a role. Woo!

Currently in pre-production but shooting starts soon.




This soon-to-be-released movie is about a dysfunctional family who after plenty of incest and rape, get a child named Jessicka (played by Elske McCain). "There's something wrong with Jessicka..." says the tagline. Better be as good as Elske's looks!

Go to their website and pre-order the film! Out 1 September 2009.


Trailer - IMDb




"Srpski Film" or "A Serbian Film" shows alot of promise in the trailer I've seen. It looks more like a drama than a horror film, yet darker than most horror. Alot of erotic and erotic scenes will be included.

"The plot revolves around a Serbian guy in "transitional" economic period, where he has to take any kind of work to survive. Directed by Srdjan Spasojevic, screenplay by enfant terrible of the Serbian cinema, Aleksandar Radivojevic." - Belgraded.com

Sadly not alot of info out there.




For those of you who aren't too interested in the upcoming remake of "Wolf Man" (even though I'll personally see it), here is a film that will please ALL fans of the original films. The film looks exactly like if it was made in the 40's, and will be a horror movie for the entire family as there is no gore or nudity. Just the way it should be.. I mean, in a 40's film. If this isn't making a horror fan excited then I don't know what will. Did I mention that Lon Chaney Jr's grandson Ron Chaney is in the film?

"Dr. Bela Reinhardt (Chaney) has invited five people to his castle to see which of them will inherit his estate. He has arranged for a competition of sorts, the victor shall be determined through process of... elimination." - Eben Mcgarr, director.




I haven't heard anything about this film a while, but I still hope it will be made. The film will be about a TV show where the losers.. well, you guessed it! Drop dead! Directed by the master of gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, this will be one hell of a film if it ever makes it out alive itself. It was supposedly in production in March.




"A man and a young woman have a chance encounter at a laundry mat which leads to a story about a birthday party where everyone has been killed by a madman in a white jumpsuit." - IMDb.com

This film is currently rocking the festivals as far as I know. It has gotten plenty of good reviews, and the trailer looks good. Said to be a very stylish sexy horror movie that will remind us of the films from such filmmakers as Dario Argento. They had me at "sexy horror".

Trailer - IMDb




Director and friend Pericles Lewnes has been spreading the word on this film like crazy so I thought I had to check what all the fuzz was about, and from what I've seen, this will be amazing. Pericles Lewnes said this is the best independent film he has ever seen. And no, even though I've mentioned him twice in this text already, he did not make the film. You need to watch the trailers for this film to understand how stunning this film looks.

Currently doing festivals, and is looking at a November release.




Stuart "The Demons Among Us" Simpson is a great Austrain director who really puts his best into his films. I fell in love with "The Demons Among Us", and "The Dark Psychosis" shows equally much potential. It will be a series of short films, one of them, "Sickie", can be found on the "The Demons Among Us" DVD released by Troma. It's a great weird short, but from what it seems, all the other short films will kick it's butt. An all female lead cast. Isn't that brilliant?

"Enter THE DARK PSYCHOSIS, a portal to a strange and bizarre world of the darkest imagining. But beware! Once inside you may never return. This sort of stuff can destroy your mind. But we know you wont be able to stay away..." - "The Dark Psychosis" Myspace




Another film by Stuart Simpson. This was suppose to be a short film for "The Dark Psychosis" but it came to life and became it's own feature film. I'm more excited about this than "The Dark Psychosis" as this will be a sea monster film, and really, we NEED more monster flicks.

Currently in editing with 72 minutes edited so far,.. or atleast 10 July.




A film by Andreas "Violent Shit" Schnaas that actually has been out for quite a while, except on a German DVD where the film is not has violence cut out, but it's also dubbed! Screw this shit! But I have heard that this film might be released real soon. I don't know for certain though, so I can't tell you who will release it if so. What can we expect? It's Schnaas, so gore, gore, gore and some gore, of course!

"A group of women, hired to assist with an impromptu concert, spend the evening at an ancient German castle. Unbeknownst to them, they've chosen the worst night on Earth to visit, as every sixty-six years, the long-dead bodies of Templar Knights buried there have the chance to wake and feast upon the living..." - IMDb.com





Two of the leading gore directors, Andreas Schnaas and Timo Rose, join forces to make a gore film of epic proportions. The trailer needs to be seen for you to understand how cool this movie will be. Imagine the cenobites, but in a German splatter. Yeah, that's how cool it looks.

"The film centers upon a B-movie director (played by Rose) who accidentally frees all manner of demons and creatures while filming his latest film at an abandoned cabin somewhere in the woods."
- DreadCentral.com




One of my personal favorite independent films. I got this from the film's director Pericles Lewnes for reviewing, and right now I'm eagerly waiting for a release of some kind. Pericles has said that the release will be something special, but I have no idea what exactly will be special about it. Only time will tell I guess.

Check my review for a good description as I can't explain what an important film this actually is with only few words.





Originally called "Insain". I suppose they were bad spellers, as they are from Sweden. This is a movie from the gang behind the fun "Evil Ed". Just like with "Evil Ed", they're doing it in english, which I appreciate since Swedish sounds silly. This won't be a splatter and Evil Dead homage, but rather a homage to slasher movies. There is a trailer on their website. I can't give you any more info right now.




A werewolf movie that was originally called "Devoured" before the producers started asking around what people want in a werewolf movie, and then it became a different film all together. Trying to make the film exactly how a werewolf movie should be, going by what people have told them, the movie's title got changed to "Freeborn". I don't care whatever the name is, as long as it turns out as awesome as it should. After doing the right thing and ask people what they really want, the film ended up getting a bigger budget than both "Dog Soldiers" and "Ginger Snaps". With this money they can make something amazing. However, from a trailer I've seen, this will be totally crap. Why is it on this list? I guess I want it so badly to be good that I'm still gonna give it a shot.





Are you one of the people who almost cried when you heard that the film "Worst Case Scenario" isn't getting made? I was. The teaser trailers for that film looked like nothing I had ever seen. For some strange reason that no one can explain, this film never got the budget and help it needed to get made, so it couldn't get made. But don't be afraid, "Army of Frankenstein" is built around the same concept, by the same director. This has to be as amazing or I'll bite someones balls off.




The always brilliant David Hess plays in this film along with porn star Sasha Grey. "Smash Cut" will be about David Hess, a filmmaker who no one takes serious. When his latest film is a total flop, he goes to a strip joint where he meets a stripper. He now thinks he has found the actress for his next film, an actress who he accidently kills when driving drunk. What's he gonna do now? Oh, spread it around a film set, of course! People like the film, and now he needs more body parts. Is it just me or is the plot fantastic?

Currently set for a late August release.


Trailer - IMDb



That ends this close to neverending list of films to look out for. Sure there might not be hundreds of underground / independent / unknown films coming that shows promise, but this list should be enough proof that the future will bring alot of good shit, so people really need to stop living in the past just because many of the best films were made 30+ years ago. Skip the shitty films that the mainstream is spitting out and dig a hole until you reach the level where Film Bizarro currently sits alone at night, waiting for all these amazing films that can only be found.. you guessed it.. underground.

P.S. I know not all of these films are THAT underground, but compared to most films that are getting mentions everywhere, these are so far underground that they are literally licking the inner core of the Earth.



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