(Posted: 2 April 2012)

I (Ronny) was treated to an early cut of Michael Todd Schneider's "Let's Make A... Horror Movie" and figured that because it's so early in the game, I can't really give it a real review. I can however give it our first ever pre-review!


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"Let's Make A... Horror Movie" is Michael Todd Schneider's way of bringing us inside of his own mind for a while, which is a scary thought to be honest. "Let's Make A... Horror Movie" is essentially a horror movie re-telling of the real making of Schneider's "...And Then I Helped". If that sentence confused you then you shouldn't watch either "Horror Movie" or "Helped", that much I can guarantee. I was allowed to watch a very early cut of "Let's Make A... Horror Movie" with some footage missing still and I didn't think I'd say this, but it's way more crazy than "...And Then I Helped" was. It's too simple to just say this is about the making of a film, this is about so much more but wrapped nicely into the world of filmmaking. This packs everything you've seen from Michael Todd Schneider in his 13 years of filmmaking, but with a new breed of emotion and intensity. The reason for all of this is most likely the fact that this has been boiling in the bottom of his mind while trying to complete four other feature films at the same time - yes, that means he has five feature films to be completed with this one! What it boils down to is this: If you can relate to this movie then you're either insane or a filmmaker.

Selected current projects of Michael Todd Schneider:
Let's Make A... Horror Movie
...And Then I Helped
Opening The Mind
Our Devil's Night
Revenge Is Her Middle Name
The Profane Exhibit

If you want more information about Michael Todd Schneider and some of his many projects, please go to magGotFilms.com or check out his (far-from-updated) IMDb.

2009 promotional short:


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