(Posted: 10 April 2011)

"The Night of the Chupacabras" is the new film from Fábulas Negras Artistic Productions. The new production from director Rodrigo Aragão, is the second in its fantastic trilogy.


After the success of "Mud Zombies", that visited the exuberant nature of the mangroves from Espirito Santo, "The Night of the Chupacabras" takes us to the rain forests, with its rivers, falls and an extraordinary ecosystem, in the
mythic place called Perocão, where Aragão develops his stories.

Besides some faces of his previous film, "Mud Zombies", the production has the presence of two directors from “Brazilian Border cinema”. Joel Caetano (Recurso Zero Produções), who plays Douglas Silva, the hero, and Petter Baiestorf (Canibal Filmes), who gives life to Ivan Carvalho, a violent and unscrupulous villain.

"In The Night of the Chupacabras, we meet a couple that comes back to its homeland, in the countryside of Brazil. They face a journey in the woods and mountains, surrounded by mystery, legends and natural beauties. Douglas encounters his family concerned with the mysterious deaths of the farm animals, as well as with the old conflicts that for long have been tormenting them and a rival family. The Silva brothers are certain of the revenge planned by the Carvalho, however, the father knows that something creepier is hidden in the woods. The families at war will have to face an evil worst than their imagination. Among fights, chases, hunting’s and a lot of shooting, the mythical figure of the Chupacabras presents itself.

The old quarrel between the families is the scenery, where a monstrous creature appears to suck the blood of the ones in his way. The Chupacabras is born as a curse, as a result of the destructive energies of both families. One night is all he needs to decimate the farms, regardless of whom victims are."

Set in a Western and epic atmosphere, The Night of the Chupacabras brings us beautiful blood baths, gun shoots, and a monster predestined to become an icon among Latin-American monsters.

A Noite do Chupacabras Trailer Oficial HD from Rodrigo Aragão on Vimeo.

Screenwriter and Director: Rodrigo Aragão

Executive Producer: Hermann Pidner

Producers: Kika Oliveira, Ana Carolina Braga and Mayra Alarcón
Stills: Secundo Rezende
Images: Secundo Rezende and Daniara Marchesi
Special effects and Visual Effects: Rodrigo Aragão and Murillo Ribeiro

Equipe de Arte: Douglas Belasco, Reginaldo Dalmaschio, Alexandre, Giovanni Coio, Ulisses Debian and Walderrama dos Santos

Costume design: Mayra Alarcón

Soundtrack: “Pé do Lixo” and “Vida Seca”
Sound editing, Foley and mix: Hermano Pidner
Pirotecnics and eletronics: Alzir Vaillant, Jorgemar de Oliveira and Rodrigo Aragão

Walderrama dos Santos
Kika: Kika Oliveira
Maria Alicia: Mayra Alarcón
Seu Pedro: Markus Konká
Dona Clara: Margó Benatti
Alzir: Alzir Vaillant
Douglas: Joel Caetano
Ricardo: Ricardo Araújo
Jorge: Jorgemar de Oliveira
Antônio: Fonzo Squizzo
Ivan: Petter Baiestorf
Agnaldo: Foca Magalhães
Raul: Raul Lorza
Raul (kid): Hector
Old Chico: Cristian Verardi
Ms. Itália: Margareth Galvão
Matilde: Milena Zacché
Tadeu: Secundo Rezende
Mr. Otto: Afonso Abreu
Álvaro: Eduardo Moraes
Drunk Man: Hermann Pidner
Extras: Giovanni Coio, Ulisses Debian and Caroliny Aragão


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