(Posted: 17 April 2012)

The pre-reviews are trimmed down a lot compared to our regular reviews, and are written to make you aware of a film that isn't yet available to the public. For our second pre-review we had the pleasure to check out Benjamin Wilkins' "Pretty Dead", a movie currently doing the festival circuit.


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The zombie genre has been twisted in a lot of ways, and one of my favorite directions have been the down-scaled, personal films. Those that never really reach the hordes of zombies in abandoned streets, but focus on one person falling victim to the "sickness". In "Pretty Dead" we have a young woman that after a night of partying gets infected by something that is slowly rotting her body and wakes a hunger for flesh. Eventually her urges can't be fought any longer, but at the same time she's still human enough to think and react to her own actions. The story is told through the mockumentary approach with handheld cameras, surveillance cameras, and similar techniques. However this is just one of many ways the story could've been told, and is just merely the way they decided to go rather than making it a niche to draw a crowd. "Pretty Dead" is a bleak horror-drama, and one of a few zombie films that decided to go a more realistic way focusing on a single person. A very effective approach and a solid independent effort overall where they make everything work to get you attached to the characters and believe the infection could be out there, somewhere.

You can find more info on the movie over at IMDb.com and PrettyDead.com.
Also check out the home of Dangerously Low Productions at DangerouslyLow.com


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