A Quickie With Rayen Belchere - September 2008
Interview by: Ronny

Rayen Belchere is a vocalist / guitarist, and..well, now a filmmaker, to name a few things. Alot of people know him as "Kid Kid" in the band Wednesday 13, but he has also been in Silly Scream, Lunatic Candy Kreep, Bourbon Crow, etc. and now his own solo-project, obviously called "Rayen Belchere". Rayen might not be a name in the horror business other than being in the horror themed band Wednesday 13, but the man is a fan of horror so of course we thought interviewing him would be a fun thing to do for those few (but dedicated) fans that might stumble upon this site!

To start at the beginning - Your first band was called "Malfricka" (even though Silly Scream sometimes is considered your first "real" band). What music did Malfricka play?
Actually Malfricka was my first real band. We would later become Lunatic Candy Kreep but when we were in high school we put together Malfricka and played lots of cover songs, mostly Motley Crue and Metallica stuff. We were 15 and were learning how to be a band. We recorded some original stuff that never really came out. I quit Malfricka and wrote the Silly Scream cd when I was 17.

I own the Silly Scream album "Miles of Smiles", and it's really weird when a booklet contains pictures of the band in make-up, alot of different colors and stupid clothes, but the music is very normal rock. Why the dressing up?
Silly Scream was a product of me listening to the Zeros and Trash Brats. I wrote the cd recorded it and slapped a band together and we played 1 show. Silly Scream wasn't really a band. It was just an experiment. The pictures in the cd were again a reflection of my obsession with underground glam stuff. One of the guys in that photo wasn't even in the band. He was my cousin. I just slapped him in the outfit cause I didn't have a drummer.

Wednesday 13 was at one point a member of Silly Scream. How did you meet him and how long have you known eachother?
Wednesday and I met during that time because we were the only guys doing glam stuff in our area. We became fast friends and he joined the band for a few weeks and played the one show with us. He then started the Drag Queens and I started Lunatic Candy Kreep. I've known 13 since i was 17.

What can you say about Ultracyde and Platinum? Two bands of yours that I've never heard of before.
Ultracyde was a Rock band I sang for that at one point had a deal going on with Sony. We moved to Los Angeles and recorded a cd that never came out. We got shelved by the label and broke up. Platinum was a project I worked for after LCK broke up. I played acoustic guitar for them and wrote some of their songs.

In 2004 you joined Wednesday 13, and stayed for 2 years. Would you ever consider going back for a tour if he was in need of help?
Sure. I had some great times playing with 13 and the door was never closed to me playing with him again. I'm sure it will happen someday. I Ieft the band to do my own music. There was never any bad blood over me leaving.

What's your personal favorite of all the songs Wednesday 13 has done over the years? All bands included.
Bad Things. I thought that song should have been huge! I still watch that video we made and get goosebumps. Such a great song!! Who hasn't felt that way about someone before?

You and Wednesday 13 are still together in the outlaw country band Bourbon Crow, and there is talks of another CD coming. Do you have any songs written for it, and will they be as alcohol-focused?
There are a few songs written and there has been talk of recording again. I'm not sure what direction the cd will take but I promise if we do another cd you won't be disappointed!

Will there be any "duet" songs on the album? Or atleast any songs written by the both of you?
We co-wrote some stuff on the 1st cd. The next one will have a couple too I'm sure. We work well together. I think that 1st BC cd is amazing. It's one of the few things I've done that I listen to as a fan.

Bourbon Crow toured in Texas and places like that. Will you ever bring the band to Europe or any other place in the world?
We didn't actually do that Texas tour. We only played one show and that was in South Carolina last year. If we do another cd I think we plan on making the time to tour behind it. I'm not sure where though.

Now to something I am ashamed to say I don't know that much about - your solo-project. When I first found it I was surprised that you, the tall monster in Wednesday 13, played this kind of music, but then I just saw it's what you're suppose to do. Did you ever notice any weird reactions from W13-fans?
Not really. I think most fans knew that I did acoustic stuff so it wasn't a shock. I never tried to hide it. My first acoustic cd was out before I joined 13. Fans would buy it and bring it to shows for me to sign so it was common knowledge among the fans. I'm sure a few fans were thrown off but it is what it is.

Your first solo-album was released 2004, and now you already have a forth coming. What can you tell us about that?
Just a new cd that I hope to be out around Jan 09. Same style. I think it'll mix the vibe of my first 2 cds. Some of my best songs will be on there. I'm excited to get it out.

Alright, since this is a movie website, I think the readers are waiting for us to get there. You actually have your own movie coming, called "Neato Mosquito", but this isn't a horror film. Can you give us an idea of what it is?
It's a quirky comedy I wrote and directed and "Hellcat Films" produced. We just finished filming. It was a 2 week shoot. We hope it will be out by next summer.
Do you think the film will meet your vision?
I know we captured on film what I wanted but I just hope that we don't lose anything in the edit.

What has been the hardest part of production?
The human element. We had over 100 people working on the film at different times and we shot at over a dozen locations. Keeping that many people and locations together is crazy. We actually had to replace 2 of the actors last minute. Stuff like that was a pain. Other than that it went fairly smooth. The cast and crew were great!

And now to the quick questions: What movie started your interest in horror?

Your personal favorite horror film/s?
Original Halloween series. All the slasher films of the 80's really.

Name one director you would kill if killing was legal.
Michael Bay for not using Robert Englund in the new Elm Street movie he's making.

Is there a movie everyone seems to love but you hate?

Are you a fan of any "sick" underground films, like Nekromantik, Cannibal Holocaust, August Underground, Violent Shit, etc?
Yeah I dig that stuff. When I was a kid growing up watching horror films I used to rent those movies all the time!

Do you have a favorite underground film?
I like the Troma stuff best. Toxic Avenger is probably my favorite.

Which one is best in Romero's Dead-trilogy? For me it's Night of the Living Dead.
Night of the Living Dead for me too.

Are you a fan of the current remake-craze?
Some of it's cool. Some of it is terrible.

Alright, last question. Will you ever write a horror movie?
I already am. With someone you guys all know!

Thanks for answering our questions.

For more info on Rayen Belchere, click here. For more info on Neato Mosquito, click here.


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