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Joining forces, production companies Scream Kings (Frat House Massacre, Sculpture) and Untold Horror (The Green Monster) have come together for the anthology movie ROAD HELL. Here's the press release with the dirty detail and the date for the movie's world premiere:

Life's a journey,…Hell's a destination.

A trilogy of stories, each of which emerges from the rooms of a decrepit motel run by the lecherous, Dickey Sussex (John Link). A loving couple (James Hazelton and Jaclyn Marfuggi) are deeply, madly, passionately in hate. Upon stopping at the roadside inn, the bizarre desk clerk hands them three keys. The first one leads them through a lustful tale of blood and vampires. The second key opens up a door to curious children facing a deadly beast beneath the earth. The final key takes them to a world of the undead and how to survive them. The “Happy Couple” quickly realizes that the road to hell is paved in blood.

In the very near future, in a town not unlike your very own, the living dead are crawling from their graves, they’re crawling from the morgue, they’re crawling … from the holes in your walls? Who you gonna call? How about Dan “The Man” Spencer, self proclaimed Zombie Exterminator and jack of all trades. But tonight, Dan is in over his head and out of his mind, taking you on a guided tour battling the forces of evil with a squeamish student director by his side and an arsenal of homemade weapons rearing to go! Tonight, the Exterminator is in, but it’s the zombies who may be punching his ticket out!
"Are you ready to have your eyeballs fucked out of your skull?"
- Featuring Edward X. Young (Sea of Dust) and Andrew Fitch. Directed by Pete Jacelone from a screenplay by Trevor Wright. Special Make-up and Effects by David S. Szehi Lensed in Super 8mm and 1080p HD.
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The One tells the story of Callie, a self styled cult leader and beautiful vampire seductress, being pursued by a vampire hunter Derek who seeks revenge for his lost brother. Only ONE of them can possess the true power that comes with the control of a human’s life. Much blood will spill as these two lovers and sworn enemies fight for final control.
- Featuring Niki Rubin (Frat House Massacre) and Austin Dossey (Sculpture) Directed by Alex Pucci from a screenplay by Trevor Wright. Special Make-up and Effects by David S. Szehi Lensed in 1080p HD.
Images: Still 1 - Still 2 - Still 3 - Still 4 (NSFW) - Still 5

When 13 year old Billy Hannon's dog is brutally mutilated by "something" in the woods, he decides to find out what it is and kill it before it strikes again.Soon, Billy along with his best friends, Roberta and Tommy, embark on an adventure they will never forget. Along the way, they meet up with some older bullies, who complicate matters at first, but end up joining the younger teens on their quest. Soon they find a mysterious hole in the ground, deep in the woods, where they believe "the beast" lives. A few of the teens enter the hole and are eaten alive by whatever lives there.Before the day ends, lives will be lost, friendships will be tested, and Billy will be given his chance for revenge (but at what cost?) as he embarks...DEEP INTO THE RABBIT HOLE.
- Featuring Dylan Cleary, Gianna Hodes, Joseph LeViness, Sal DiLorenzo, Joe Krieg, David Teitel, Brendan Solovey. Directed by Pete Jacelolne from a screenplay by Trevor Wright, based on a story by BJ Azaezuwa Special Make-up and Effects by Stephen R. Hicks. Lensed in 1080p HD.
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Separate Trailers:
The One
The One (Teaser)
Deep Into The Rabbit Hole

Additional Media:
Road Hell: A Sneak Peek

Road Hell will also be having it's World Premiere very soon at the Anthology Film Archives in New York:
We are very excited to announce the Road Hell horror anthology including the short films The Happy Couple, The One, Deep Into The Rabbit Hole and Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere! will have it's world premiere at the Anthology Film Archives, in New York, NY on Wednesday July 6th. Doors open at 7PM. Admission is $6.00. We would like to thank all of you for your hard work and/or support in Road Hell. Hope to see you all there!

The Road Hell Production Team

Wednesday, July 6th 2011
Doors Open At 7PM

Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue (at 2nd St)
New York, NY 1003

For the most up to date information. Visit the official Facebook page for Road Hell and the Premiere Event page as well:

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