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It's hard to imagine, but at one point erotica wasn't so readily available. You couldn't just sit down in front of your TV, computer screen or even go to places like to get a peek. Instead, you had to go to your nearest grindhouse or adult movie theater, where the seating was typically gross, the patrons were mysterious and someone, if not several people, may whip something out... I'm sure you can figure out where that's going. It was always an adventure, I'm sure. So as a nod to all the brave souls of the past who had to watch their erotica in public, we've compiled a list of 10 of our favorite sexploitation/erotica classics. Mind you, we're keeping this lighthearted fun for the most part - no twisted rape flicks, exploitation or even nunsploitation, just naughty, sexy and entertaining smut.

Sit back, enjoy and just imagine what it would be like with some creepy guy breathing heavily next to you. Or don't...

In no particular order:



Director: Jan Halldoff

Christina Lindberg's debut film is an absurd comedy/drama that might not be as erotically loaded as the rest of the list, but Lindberg does indeed walk naked, or with a certain lack of clothing, through the entire film. She plays the daughter of a man whose wife has died. Or so he thought... One day she returns out of nowhere, and she begins planning to start up a brothel - with Lindberg as the main girl. It's a real Swedish classic that we just hope will see the light of day on DVD one day. The ending is just screwed up and had me rolling, but... we all came for that amazing body - Christina Lindberg.



Director: Bethel Buckalew

Ah, the ol' farmer's daughter fantasy. Who hasn't had one of those? For some reason, most early American sexploitation movies featured the most awkward sex scenes possible. Never coming off as erotic but more as a...question of why. Surprisingly, "The Pigkeeper's Daughter" actually maintains a decent level of eroticism even when characters are literally having a roll in the hay. The story is actually amusing as well, especially when the door-to-door salesman shows up. Oh, and wait until you see the bit where man is left to walk home, naked, while his wrists are tied to his ankles. It's a moment you soon won't forget.



1975 - ????
Director: N/A

This pick represents all the Emanuelle's with Laura Gemser in the lead, because she's simply sexy as hell, the films are of fun variety and no doubt their main focus is to titillate. Some of them get pretty dark for erotica, so perhaps they stand out from the list, but in total they are all worth a watch for the lovely Laura Gemser and will give you enough pleasure to go around. If you want it more rought then maybe watch one where she happens to run into cannibals, if not then there are easier flicks to check out too! It's just hard to pick one and run with it, so we'll highly recommend the bunch! The question marks in the year slot are there because it's hard to say when the movies actually stopped being produced. There are "official" and "unofficial" Emanuelle's all over the place, with several different directors attached to them! A selected few are "Black Emanuelle", "Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals", "Sister Emanuelle" and "Emanuelle in Bangkok".



Director: Eric von Letch

Anyone familiar with the Tijuana bibles may have a greater appreciation for "Sex In the Comics" than anyone else as the movie brings the pages of the filthy comic to life. Is it sexy to watch men who are made up to look like comic book characters have sex with women in variety of scenarios? I don't know but what I do know is that you've never seen sex quite like this and because the whole thing is so absurd and ridiculous, it makes the whole perverted runtime seem worth it.



Director: Mac Ahlberg

Mac Ahlberg's sequel to "Fanny Hill" is about as fun as erotica can get, but it was hard to decide between this and the first film. I think this is one that people should know about, whether it's for the entertainment value that I can guarantee it offers, or the stunning Shirley Corrigan in the lead as Fanny Hill, or even Christina Lindberg and Marie Ekorre in cameos. Can you ask more for 70's smut than fun and damn fine women? Then it also offers a plot based what most people dream about daily - traveling the world, and getting famous.



Director: Erwin C. Dietrich

A follow up to "Six Swedes On a Campus" in which neither movie has anything to actually do with Sweden, but that's not important. What is important is that once again Brigitte Lahaie is on display along with a number of other incredibly sexy European women. The movie features the girls running a gas station that also serves as a B&B type of establishment where the customers get to enjoy the pleasure of the women's company. The movie can quite often be very silly (the bit with the TV especially) but it is always sexy, and being that it is a European movie, you know it goes further than most other sexploitation movies.



Director: Nick Millard

Though very much a more psychological film than many of the titles here, "Roxanna" is a very pure and sensual erotic film besides that. It's far from a plotdriven film, but it's an interesting twist on the nymphomanic erotica you thought you've seen enough of. It's highly recommended because it actually stimulates the mind as well (briefly.. a little bit...), even if we obviously aren't here for that. A short treat that co-stars Uschi Digard.




Director: William Rotsler

This is a movie that knew exactly what people wanted out of these movies and delivers just that. The story is fairly daft and it knows it, so what does it do? It films the majority of the movie from the point-of-view of a man walking through the streets, somewhere in the Middle East, and you the viewer are treated to one naked woman after another. In large quantities. It can get ridiculous at times when the camera is pressed completely up against a woman's breast while kissing sounds and random mumbling is dubbed over the scenes. None the less, the movie provides a large variety of women (including Uschi Digard as a slave girl) without all the nonsense of story and characters to get in the way.



Director: Harry Hurwitz

In terms of sexy musicals, this one was a tough call. Do I go with the funny "The First Nudie Musical" that ribs the movie business? Or how about "The Gas Pump Girls" that occasionally throws in a musical number amongst the raunchy teen-sex comedy? "Fairy Tales" won out in the end though because it managed to pervert the classic fairy tales in the sexiest of ways and also because you get to hear Snow White singing a song about being gang banged by dwarves. An entertaining movie on a number of levels and one that will never allow you to look at the classic children stories the same way again.



Director: Russ Meyer

Russ Meyer is undoubtedly the king of "large breasted lady features" (that's a genre of its own, right there!) and one of his masterpieces has to be "Vixen!". A movie solely based on the shenanigans of a very sexual young lady up in the mountains. The movie is a ton of fun, Vixen is one hot woman, the location is just a joy, it's hilariously screwed up and even manages to bring up racial issues. It's an excellent little flick of pleasure.







Director: Anna Biller

Anna Biller's amazingly retro erotic musical is packed with all the cheeky humor, hot natural women and colorful sets that you'd want. We couldn't mention it in the actual list because it's from 2007, but it fits all of the criteria to fit otherwise. It's just a great watch for anyone who reads this list, so here you go. Check it out, it's a classic "woman goes on a personal erotic adventure" flick, and you'll be shocked it's not from the late 60's/early 70's.


We know what you'll be doing tonight...




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