(Posted: 22 March 2012)

Oh, you thought we were done promoting Patrick Rea after just one feature ("Nailbiter") review and 6 short film reviews? Don't be naive! Here we have 5 more short films, 4 of which you can watch online. These are actually up there with the greatness of the other films too, but these are older (except for one) and some aren't even horror related. As I said in the other article/review collection, I think Patrick Rea might be one of the most solid short film directors out there and these shorts are just underlining the facts, because he can truly deal with any sort of genre as well (even though every film features something odd or mysterious). Let's bring on the fun!

Directed by Patrick Rea & Kendal Sinn
Written by Patrick Rea

Watch it now:

Someone is marching back and forth outside of a shed. Inside of the shed is out main man, tied down by ropes. Finally someone seems to be giving a helping hand - or rather food and a cell phone. But whatever it was giving it to him, it wasn't human. But the food he was given is exactly that - human. The idea for this is pretty solid and could be expanded upon a lot I think. It gets pretty crazy once we realize what's outside, yet the film continues to focus on the main man's struggle to survive. I think that keeps it more serious, but maybe less entertaining. Patrick Rea's films often include a twist of sorts and this one probably has one of his wildest to date. "Shed Out of Luck" is a bizarre horror comedy that just proves that anything is possible if you know how to pull it off.
Directed by Patrick Rea
Written by Patrick Rea

Watch it now:

"Torture Porn" is an absurd spoof of films like "Saw" and "Hostel", but without actually being just another boring parody. This one is about a man who has paid to torture someone, but is shocked to find out that the person he is torturing might not be human, because his body parts grow back out after he has chopped them off! His table to tools is filled with devices from sledgehammers, to chainsaws, to a Barry Manilow vinyl, but nothing can kill him! It's a comedy but even though I didn't really laugh, I think it's successful in how odd it is, making it funny in its own way. If it was made with the intention of mocking the "genre" that those films are included in, then it might not be a success, but I think it's a great little short either way. Well worth 10 minutes of anyone's time!
Directed by Patrick Rea
Written by Jon Niccum & Jai Nitz

Watch it now:

Is "Paint Shaker" more than the best use of the Wilhelm scream ever? Of course it is, this is a Patrick Rea production! This is a pitch-black thriller comedy about a guy who returns to his old job after having been fired - with a shotgun. The thing that makes this film great is the uneven use of comedy. I say uneven because it feels so out of place at times that it's impossible not to find it awesome. But the movie is very tragic and never becomes just a comedy with violence in it. This fits the runtime perfectly and I don't think there's anything in it that I would change.
Directed by Patrick Rea
Written by Patrick Rea

Watch it now:

I think a quick rundown of the story is all that is needed: an old man is worried about his wife who has spent most of her recent time talking to "fairies" out in the garden, and he has decided to put her in a home. This is basically a really, really sweet and nice fantasy story, that does have some unfortunate events (especially since I didn't feel it was needed) but overall is a really solid attempt at a genre I don't dabble too much into. It's one of those films you just can't dislike because it hits right home - as long as you have a heart, that is. Don't even get me started on how good it looks - it's Patrick Rea! I think even the most hardcore horror fans should give it a go, you won't die from doing it!
Directed by Michelle Davidson
Written by
Michelle Davidson

Before you read any further, I'll say that Patrick Rea is the executive producer and editor of this short film (it goes under the helm of SenoReality Pictures). And I must say it was exciting to see someone else in charge for a bit, as I already knew it would be at least "good" with Patrick Rea involved. This is the shortest of the films and is really just a nice comedy. A gruesome, violent and repulsive black comedy? Not at all! This is a comedy about a couple of old ladies at a retirement home, and the best way to describe it is really the words used by Patrick Rea when he sent it to me: a cute comedy. Think about this simple scenario: old people at a retirement home are trying to keep up with technology by flirting through texting. And yeah, it is actually pretty damn funny because Michelle Davidson knows very well what works in the world of old people and technology and what doesn't!

Check out the following websites if you want to know more about Patrick Rea and SenoReality:
Patrick Rea's IMDb


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