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Year: 1998

Genre: Extreme / Horror / Independent

Language: English

Runtime: 71 min

Director: Gerard Porter

Writer: Gerard Porter & Cynthia Arbee


A man is spending his days working at an ordinary office, but as night comes he tracks down female he considers "scum". He kidnaps them and brings them back to his plays where he abuses them and puts them through different bizarre games until finally finishing them off.

Our thoughts:
When I found this little obscure film I really had no idea what it was gonna be. I sent a mail to Gerard Porter (the director) and asked if he happened to have a copy of it, but it took another month or so before I even got a response. There isn't a lot of information online for films like this one and none of my friends had any idea what this film was, other than having briefly seen the name (which is a damn generic name so it might not even be the same movie). I put it on and I must say at first I considered turning it off, the acting just seemed too awful. But that was until I realized it was just an act that the character in the movie put on at work, for whatever reason. So I figured I'd hold out for the following 60 minutes as well so at least I could review it. Turns out I could've missed a very, very sick gem!

It's not really impressive as far as the plot goes. It's about Philippe, a middle-aged man who is working an office job during the days. The office is filled with the typical boring ladies without a spark of life left. But at night he goes out to town and stalks hookers and general female party-goers he thinks look a bit too slutty, and kidnaps them. At home he makes them go through different scenarios, like making them act like they are his daughter, or wife, or whatever. But sometimes he also just plays a game with them. The story starts getting interesting after he has killed them off, however. He has hallucinations of every woman he kills, and they just become more and more rotten the longer it has been since he killed them off. They start to show up at work and eventually do him more harm than he did them (well, not really, but the finale isn't too far from it).

As you can imagine, the scenarios where they act as his daughter or wife are not scenarios where they let him help them with homework or cook for him. No, he has violent sex with the "daughter" and the wife he puts in a sort of torture device because in this scenario she has been cheating on him. And these scenes are actually pretty fucking disturbing considering how gruesome they get. The effects are a bit choppy but still they managed to surprise me. The daughter scene is by far the sickest one, where he ends up cutting her head off and cums into her open, bleeding neck. The entire film made me think of "Nekro", except with a story. Not the greatest of stories, sure, but it was good enough to disgust me at times, much thanks to the graphic nature of the thing.

Effectwise it's not bad, I think. Some scenes are hard to make out because it's not exactly HD quality, but the scenes where you can see the gore are very good. Maybe a bit over-the-top on the blood at times. The best effect in the movie was probably when he cuts a woman from, well.. front to back, let's leave it at that. It wasn't too graphic of an effect, but it was well edited and between seeing the knife going into her crotch and the arm movement, we kinda figured the rest out for ourselves before the blood starts pouring out.

It's not that graphic in the nudity department, even though we see some occasional female lower-parts and his penis (pretty sure some of these scenes had a fake cock), and plenty of boobs. It's nothing we haven't seen before, but they are still part of what makes this film such a sleazy extreme film. The hardcore fans won't be shocked by it, but I think they'll get a kick out of some scenes. Regular movie-goers however.. stay away.

"Shovel" is one hell of an interesting low-budget movie. After "Nekro" I kinda thought I had found all the overly extreme obscurities, but gives me hope for finding new ones in the future as well. I admit I was disgusted by some scene because they were downright gross, but also because of the lead character. He was insanely creepy and twisted, even if the acting wasn't always the best. I hope Gerard Porter hasn't given up on his "career" because he definitely shows how to make an extreme movie. Pretty sure if he had tried harder getting this one out it would've been talked about as well. I recommend this film to the fans of sicker films, "Nekro" (yet again) comes to mind, as well as maybe "Murder-Set-Pieces" and well... other extreme films really.

Positive things:
- Most effects look good!
- Fairly disturbing.
- Creepy lead character!
- I thought the story was interesting.
- Has some rather graphic scenes.
Negative things:
- Not always great acting.
- Some scenes were pretty hard to make out for some reason.
- Gerard Porter isn't really making films anymore it seems.
- It's a surprise coming from me, but would've preferred it in color.

Gore: 3.5/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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