(Posted: 14 March 2011)

Hey! Ronny here. I think it's time for us to say sorry about the very, very delayed contest prizes. On our 2 year anniversary, you could win amazing signed prizes, and we are still trying to get all of these out. I think we have about 5 more to send out. We take full responsibility for the delay, we were too excited to get all of these prizes to give you guys and the undying support from filmmakers everywhere, that we forgot how much it would cost us to send them out. When I say "us", I mean Preston. Since he's the American, it was easier for him to receive all the prizes with most of them being from the US. Now, it became quite a heavy blow for him to send all of these out alone, and he wants to take full responsibility for this but I am part of it as well for giving him all the burden. I hope everyone who has received their prize are happy, and that the rest of you will get yours soon!

Now to the second contest tragedy - the Brainjacked contest. This contest never ended, but no one is to blame. No one or all of us and then some. We originally picked a winner in Florida and the people behind Brainjacked were gonna deliver the prize in person to the winner. Yes, we know, this is a brilliant idea. But for some reason time went by and it just didn't... happen. And to be clear, it was at no fault of Andrew Allan, Andy Lalino, or Film Ranch in general. The ball was simply dropped and because of this, I am now officially declaring the contest CANCELLED. If we bring it up again or not, we don't know.

I hope people will still support us and our future contests. We try to get the best shit out to you people and we are literally just two guys in two different countries, trying to spread the best to you all from our own empty pockets. We might screw up, we might delay things, but we'll continue to do our best! So please, sign up for our future contests as well, because at least it's free and with the exception of "Brainjacked", you'll get the goods eventually! The 3 year anniversary won't be as big, to be on the safe side ;)

Take care and hope you enjoy our reviews still!


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