Title: 3 Cortes

Also known as:
3 Cuts
3 Sections
Brazilian...3 Extremes (bootleg title)

Year: 2006

Genre: Short / Horror / Gore

Language: Portuguese

Runtime: 54 min

Director: André ZP, Fernando Rick, Kapel Furman André

Writer: N/A


"3 Cortes" is a collection of three gore-filled shocking short films from three Brazilian filmmakers. The first story, "Sozinho", is about a man meeting up with a young woman he met earlier in the day. When he gets to her place, she has a special surprise in store for him. "Coleção de Humanos Mortos" is the second story, and in it a young man is plagued by his inner demons, pushing him to satisfy his desire to inflict pain on others. Finally, in "06 Tiros, 60ml" a man wakes up to find himself trapped inside a hospital with blood-soaked faceless monsters and must do what he can to escape, even if that means killing every monster or person he comes across.

Our thoughts:
It's always refreshing to see movies coming out of countries that aren't really well known for producing horror movies, so I was quite happy to come across the movie "3 Cortes". It's a small compilation containing three gore/splatter movies from different directors and different production companies from South America. I was especially happy to find this compilation because one of the short films was made by the company Black Vomit Films, which has caught the attention of the underground community, but alas their movies aren't that easy to obtain.

Since this is a compilation of short films and not an anthology, I was going to give each movie it's own separate review. Though when looking at each movie separately and breaking them down, I realized there wasn't enough there to justify giving each film its own seperate review. Instead I decided to break the review down into sections for each one.

The set starts off with the movie "Sozinho" (a.k.a. "Alone"), which is about a man who decides to ring up a young girl he met at a record shop to see if they want to get together, she agrees so he heads on over to her place. Though it seems that this meeting is more of a booty-call as she takes the man straight to the bedroom, and puts on a show for him. Things take a turn though, while he lies on the bed and she stands above him, the young woman proceeds to stomp the man relentlessly. After he vomits all over the room and the woman, he blacks out. But the fun has only begun as the woman brings out a machete and starts hacking and chopping away at the man. The movie comes to a close with the man in pieces, and the room is doused in blood and body parts.

First off, the reason I didn't identify either character by a name is because in "Sozinho", there is no spoken dialogue. Which is fine, since there isn't much of a story, plus this is all about the end sequence of a woman going nuts with a machete, which is done well enough. There are moments where you can tell they are using the old trick of the actor lying beneath the bed, and the prop body on the actual bed itself. Then there are other times you can tell the prop body is laying on a board rather than a bed, to help give the prop some support while it's being hacked up. Other than that though, it is a very well done sequence with plenty of blood and gore that'll satisfy fans of films like "Tumbling Doll of Flesh" or "Flowers of Flesh and Blood". The fake body itself is well made and features a nice amount of detail to help sell it as being believable, as well as the actress portraying the crazy young girl.

The next film is "Coleção de Humanos Mortos" (a.k.a. "Dead Human Collection"), which is the segment produced by Black Vomit Films. Another story that is pretty straight forward; a man named Alexander, who enjoys both inflicting and receiving pain, collects victims to torture. If anybody has seen the fantastic New Zealand movie "The Ugly", will be all too familiar with this one. As his inner demons take a physical manifestation (not sure if they are past victims or not since it's never explained) and antagonize, and basically push him to torture other people. Since it is a short we only see three victims, a woman in the beginning that he scalps, and a young couple where he kills the boyfriend, rapes the girlfriend then takes her back to his place to torture further. Once back at his house of horrors, it becomes pretty standard fare of physical and psychological torture that we are all too familiar with. Once again though, this isn't about the story or originality, this is all about the gore. While a bit cheesier compared to "Sozinho", it is still good, and very entertaining. Not much in the way of severed body parts or anything too extreme, but it has a good amount of blood from stabbings, slices, cuts, nails through the hands/feet, finger nails being ripped off; all the fun stuff.

The only complaint I have against this segment would be Alexander's demons, or more specifically the one in the straight jacket. He's constant laughing and over-the-top performance of a "crazy-man" becomes quite annoying after awhile. As his character is always present and is always laughing, and it gets to the point of being too much.

Last but certainly not least, is the drug-fueled "06 Tiros, 60ml" (a.k.a. "06 Bullets, 60ml") which is the wildest segment of the three. After a drug deal goes bad, a man with a bullet in his head wakes up in a hospital. Though it appears he awoke to a nightmare as the hospital is populated with these bloody-faceless creatures. What do you do when your faced with horrible monsters and you don't know where you are? Go on a killing spree of course. The rest of the movie is played out in one long gory over-the-top montage, as it just goes from scene to scene of him killing the monsters in various ways. Including smashing one with a stool, setting fire to another and then chopping it's flaming head off. A little twist is thrown in at the end as it seems that the man didn't wake up in a hospital, he woke up in the morgue and the illegal drugs that he took during the bust may have something to do with him returning from the grave. Or did it? Did anything we watched really happen? Who's to say; and I honestly don't care that much. As the twist really only served to try to give the movie a purpose and a reason, instead of letting it be an over-the-top, gory cheese-fest. Which in the end, really isn't necessary. It didn't give the movie any more validity, if anything it just made the story that much more silly.

So, overall what is there to be said about "3 Cortes"? Not much really. Like I mentioned earlier, it was fun watching some gore-films from a country that doesn't usually make them. In the end though, they were not the most well produced movies and don't really have much going on for them. Each segment has their moments, but after it was all over, they were all pretty much forgettable. Nothing really stuck with even or me had me wanting to give it another go. While the gore was fun, it too wasn't anything spectacular or would make me tell gore-hounds they should seek this movie out immediately. Though I would say it is worth checking out because of the gore that is in it helps make it mildly entertaining, plus you'll get a chance to see what some relatively unknown underground filmmakers are producing. Just don't put it up high on your priority list.

Positive things:
- While all three movies weren't the most original, they were still fun and entertaining for what they were.
- Decent enough gore.
- The rape sequence in "Coleção de Humanos Mortos" was done well. Harsh and realistic.
- Makes me want to see what these three production companies can do with their own feature length projects.
Negative things:
- Didn't need the whole foot fetish aspect in "Sozinho".
- Plenty of blood but could have used some more guts and severed body parts.
- Just a bit too cheesy.

Gore: 3.5/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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