Title: Affair

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Horror

Language: Indonesian

Runtime: 76 min

Director: Nayato Fio Nuala

Writer: Viva Westi

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1620421/

A girl wakes up in her bed and is attacked by strange hallucinations. As she goes through her day, some memories become clear, and the hallucinations start to make sense. They all tie together when we notice that two other people share these hallucinations. Finally we fid out that it's all about what has happened to these three people, based on a triangle drama between them.

Our thoughts:
I'm not sure what it was that drove me to pick this film to review when I was exchanging e-mails with the distributor, but I suppose I wanted to find an obscure but good Asian horror flick. It interested me to watch an Indonesian horror movie because there aren't too many of them, and by the look of the cover it looked like it could be good. Asian horror might not always be my cup of tea, but they are usually pretty good or at least worth checking out (you never know when you might miss out on something great!). There isn't a lot of info about this movie where I looked, so I only had what info the distro had on their site to go on, and I should know better than to do that.

From the first minute, and up until the 20 minute mark, we just see hallucination upon hallucination. Constantly. It's not subtle, it's really in-your-face and each time they seemingly hope for a jump scare. Seriously, even the first try failed - what do you think will happen if you keep on going for 20 minutes? Chopped off hand, faces, etc. Eventually we find out that it was tied to a triangle drama between a girl, her best friend and the person they both want. Finding that out should resolve some of the questions, but no. It's handled so poorly that I was just angry at the entire movie by the time they tried to make sense of it. It just twists things for the purpose of confusing you, and the few times pieces manage to click together, you just wanna punch the TV because it's all so stupid. There's not an ounce of good writing in this piece of crap film. It's almost as if they came up with the story while filming it. I'm sure that if you have the energy to really focus you might find something in the story worth holding on to, but I wouldn't know since the first third was enough to take me down. The rest of the movie I was cussing to myself.

The movie is seemingly well made outside of the story, writing and all other things that make a movie good. I think the actors were good. It's not their fault that they had to say and do some ridiculously unbelievable things. Same goes for the effects - not bad at all, just used on a movie that doesn't deserve it. There's plenty of blood to go around, but some advertising make the film seem like a gorefest and that's not the case at all. But yeah, some nice moments. Had the movie been poorly made I wouldn't have lasted long at all.

"Affair" can't be recommended to anyone. Not even the strongest bits are worth watching in this piece of shit. It's unrealistic in the most realistic scenes (like talking), the scare scenes are so forced and so many in a row that none of them work, and by the time you reach the climax that has most of the effects you just don't give an ol' fuck anymore. I'm a bit harsh on the movie, it's not the worst film out there. Not even the worst I've seen all year. But I was so disappointed with this movie that it blew my mind. I don't understand how it managed to be such a failure when all I wanted was an alright standard horror movie.

Positive things:
- Acting and effects aren't terrible.
Negative things:
- The first 20 minutes are constant attempts at jump scares, but none of them work.
- Confusing, even after you think you understand.
- Few movies make me wanna blame the writing, but how could I not?

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 0/5

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