Title: Amityville 3-D

Also known as:
The Amityville Horror 3 (Alternative title)
Huset som gud glömde 3D (Swedish title)

Year: 1983

Genre: Horror / Supernatural

Language: English

Runtime: 105 min / 93 min (UK)

Director: Richard Fleischer

Writer: William Wales

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085159/

Years after the horrible events that took place in the Amityville house, a pair of frauds are using the house to trick people by pretending to be psychics. A reporter sets out to reveal their nonsense in the media, and quickly does so. Once the frauds are out of the house he realizes that he's in need of a house just like this and decides to move in. At first he ignores the activity he notices in the house, but when it starts to affect his daughter and ex-wife he understands that something is going on.

Our thoughts:
To prepare for this review me and my girlfriend went back to the first and second "The Amityville Horror" films - the first one I saw growing up and the second I hadn't seen at all. The first one is obviously a great supernatural movie, and even better than I thought when I was a kid (to be fair, I only remembered the bleeding walls and the setup with the axe). The second one was boiling my head in stupidity, from going over-the-top with the activity in the house (things moving around), to the incestous scenes, and ultimately the demon. It's pretty much just "The Exorcist" and "Evil Dead 2" in the Amityville house. And it's fucking stupid. I mean, it works if you ignore everything that sucks about it - there's entertainment in there - but it IS bad. So onto the third film...

Since the Njutafilms release came with two versions (regular and 3D), and a pair of glasses, we wanted to check it out in 3D first. Even if just for a bit. We quickly turned that off and went into the regular version since the 3D stuff barely worked. I can't remember the last time the old school 3D glasses worked for me, yet they worked wonders when I was a kid. Any explanations for that? Let's get to the movie:

The third film is slightly more detached from the first two, which I think is a good thing. Here it starts off with a reporter revealing that two psychics that were based in the Amityville house are indeed frauds. After his successful "mission", he decides to move into the house since he needs some space after the recent divorce. Strange things start happening, but he doesn't really notice it. It's not until his daughter drowns in the lake, and his ex-wife claims she still sees her walk around, that he begins to understand that something might be a bit off.

One of the major problems with the second film was the acting, and that the characters weren't likable in the least. In "Amityville 3-D" we're not treated with top notch actors either, but there's nothing particular that will bug you about them. And most importantly, the characters are likable. Although Meg Ryan was a little annoying now and then, but when isn't she?

Let the atmosphere lead you through this film rather than the FX, since they tend to get cheesy whenever they are made especially for the 3D. But the effects of the demon and the little gore we get, certainly looks alright. The film is definitely more down-to-earth than the second, but still a lot weaker than the first. And not as creepy. What I liked the most about this one is that it takes its time to build a story, and that it's actually rather emotional at times. Of course, towards the end shit hits the fan and we have another demon in the house (for a brief couple of seconds), but it's easy enough to accept.

It's not your most amazing occult/supernatural/ghost story, but considering it's a third in a series, following a really cheesy addition, it's hard to be harsh. I enjoyed it and odds are that some of you will as well! If you want your ghost stories to be more subtle then at least this has that.

Positive things:
- Not as moronic as part 2.
- Slowly building a story.
- Decent enough acting.
- Actually has one slightly creepy scene!
- The little gore and demon FX is good.
Negative things:
- Poor 3D (Or is it just my eyes?)
- Far from the masterful part 1.
- Perhaps a bit TOO slow at times.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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