Angel of Death

Title: Angel of Death

Also Known As:
Der Todesengel
Angel of Death: Fuck or Die

Year: 1998

Genre: Horror / Gore / Rape-Revenge / Sexploitation

Language: German

Runtime: 160 min (Director’s cut)

Director: Andreas Bethmann

Writer: Andreas Bethmann


After a woman is brutally attacked and raped by two men, she attempts to return to a normal life. The events have left her mentally scared and she finally snaps and starts taking the lives of all the men she sees as they all deserve to be punished. Once she finds the men who were responsible for putting her in the position that she's in, a plan is set into place for some much needed revenge.

Our thoughts:
A classic underground gore and sex masterpiece from Andreas Bethmann also starring Timo Rose and Marc Fehse.

Gore and sex? Yes. A masterpiece? Not quite. If you will, imagine "I Spit On Your Grave" was made by Troma with German gore tendancies and you'll be pretty close to imagining what "Angel of Death" is like. Wait. No. If it was made by Troma, that would be pretty entertaining, so lets say...Brain Damage Films.

Just like Franco and D’Amato, Bethmann’s main forte is sex, nudity, sleaze and all of the above. So naturally you’ll find plenty of that in here. Unfortunately the sleaze is absent from the rape sequences -- when making rape/revenge movies they need to be down and dirty, nasty and vile. If not then at least try to make it believable. Here the scenes come off almost comical since they are so poorly done. One thing that might have helped in making the rape scene more believable would have been properly positioning the camera and framing the shot not so poorly. It's hard for those vile moments to work effectivly when the scenes end up looking like the actors are dry humping one another while being full clothed. Dry humping each other very poorly, might I add. Of course some decent acting would go along way as well -- again, hard to buy into the scene when Manila looks completely unphased. There should be a difference between a rape-revenge exploitation movie and raw footage of a bad porn shoot. "Angel of Death" manages to blur those lines, amazingly.

Anyway, moving past the major flaw that essentially creates a snow ball effect of the movie getting progressivly worse. Nature takes its course like it always does in these movies and after Manila is raped, she tries to regain herself and forget the horrible events that had happened. Then she sees men, snaps, and does what any woman in her position would do and goes on a murderous rampage where she spares no one. Of course she kills some innocent people along the way, finds out who and where the men are that raped her, her plan for revenge unfolds, yadda, yadda, yadda....You know how the rest goes.

The one thing I find especially odd with this movie is how it manages to produce both extremely well done special effects and hilariously bad ones at the same time. I don't understand how a movie can have a great decapitation sequence with a severed head prop (which Manila proceeds to use as a sex toy), and then have a man getting beaten with a Wiffle bat. Which was both sad and hilarious at the same time -- especially with the randomly placed blood on his head.

"Angel of Death" is not an unwatchable movie -- it's about on par for a Bethmann movie and a German low-budget horror/shock movie. Certainly it could have been better and should have been handled differently because camp and cheese does not work for a rape-revenge movie. As it stands though, it's an okay movie if you hold it up against the early genre movies of Schnaas, Ittenbach and Rose but on its own, it's a terrible movie.

Positive things:
- A few shining moments in terms of gore and shock.
Negative things:
- Not quite as gory or nasty as one would expect from a German underground movie.
- At times, cheesy effects.
- Hilariously bad acting.
- Poorly executed.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 3/5

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