Title: Ass Studios presents: 4 Short Films

Also known as:

Year: 2011

Genre: Collection / Shorts / Comedy / Independent

Language: English

Runtime: 51 min

Director: Courtney Fathom Sell & Reverend Jen

Writer: Courtney Fathom Sell & Reverend Jen


Four short films about degenerates that keep busy through fighting, raping, doing drugs, bullying, killing and working out. Packed with attitude and humor, the Ass Studios crew is showing their best and worst.

Our thoughts:
"What the hell is Ass Studios?"

That's a question that probably ran through your head just now. It ran through my head when I took out this DVD from the package as well. Frankly, I still don't know. I'm arrogant, letting this DVD speak for itself instead of looking them up. But it's also because I think the DVD is ABLE to speak for itself. It takes you about a second to understand what they are doing (or attempting). In case you didn't get it from the studios name, that is. This DVD comes with 4 short films, all fairly similar to each other.

"The Sinful Bitches" starts with a couple who have moved to New York so that the man can pursue his dream of a writing career. But New York is filthy and his woman is quick to complain about how it's not like she thought it would be. But as any good man, he still forces here to live in New York. And better yet, they find a crappy little place where there's a room for rent. This room belongs to a mother and her son, both two complete nutjobs. The mother is a red-wig-wearing drunk and her son goes under the name "Mangie" because he has a mangina. It's a rubber mangina he wears, and he loves fiddling about with it. Insert a little "incest scene" of the mother also fiddling about with it. Anyway, the couple decides to stay with them, and they're not being shy - soon their having sex in their room. But of course, why would this sex scene be romantic and erotic in a film like this? The man is having some issues getting his soldier to stand up, so he asks her to do fart noises with her mouth. And it helps! So much so that he cums way too fast. The woman isn't satisfied, of course, but they eventually go to sleep. When the man leaves in the morning to pursue that dream, his woman is drugged by the mother. While drugged, she's used for prostitution, which the man notices when he comes back home (point at a used condom and saying "That's not even my ejaculate!"). He fights the mother, puts a traveling bag over her head and leaves. And the woman stays, happily and "horny", with the mother. Why? Who cares.

Then we follow those bitches with other bitches - "The Bitches of Bowery". This is a gang film of sorts, where a leather-dressed gang of women walk down the streets being generally hardcore. Yeah, REAL hardcore - they even ruin a construction worker's ice cream (and he looks a bit like Scott Swan). Then they go to a bar, where an innocent woman soon arrives waiting for her boyfriend. The gang wants her so they walk up to her and starts undressing her a bit, and that leads to some fun, and finally to her joining the gang. She leaves the silly boyfriend of his, and together with the gang she beats him up. Yeah!

"Killer Unicorn" is about... a bullied gay man who seeks out revenge after finding a mysterious unicorn mask that transforms him into a fat/muscular man. He kills them in a ridiculous fight, and then rapes one of their women - and she likes it. I refuse to dissect this further!

If you enjoy the 80's workout tapes, then maybe "Elf Workout!" is a short for you. It features the people of Ass Studios in a workout tape. As expected from the other three shorts, you'll get plenty of ridiculous jokes and stupidity.

The last two shorts featured a lot less to include in the review, which might explain the short paragraphs. But yeah, this DVD from Ass Studios is mostly just stupidity. Troma-ish stupidity, but missing that little bit of charm and just becomes a collection of silliness, bad taste and poor execution. That said, it's something you could put on to see how friends will react - it's just 50 minutes in total anyway. Some people will get big laughs out of this, but I just see wasted time on the filmmakers parts. They could probably do a lot better, but this just comes off as trying to do something quick and simple. This wasn't for me!

Positive things:
- Some jokes that worked.
- Not all terrible acting.

Negative things:
- It's just so silly, intentionally and probably unintentionally as well.
- Felt like they didn't really try to make something decent - which seperates them from Lloyd Kaufman completely.
- Tedious with the attempts at bad taste.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0.2/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 0.5/5
Comedy: 1.5/5

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