Title: Attraction

Also known as:
Nerosubianco (Original title)
Barbara the Yes Girl (USA, reissue title)
Black on White (USA, alternative title)
Nero su bianco (Italy, alternative spelling)
The Artful Penetration of Barbara (USA, promotional title)

Year: 1969

Genre: Drama / Eroticism / Art

Language: Italian

Runtime: 80 min

Director: Tinto Brass

Writer: Tinto Brass & Gian Carlo Fusco

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063340/

Barbara experiences the British world as she walks around spectating interracial issues, politics, hippies, love/eroticism, violence and more.

Our thoughts:
About 10 years prior to making the controversial success that was "Caligula", director Tinto Brass made "Attraction", a highly improvised pop drama of eroticism and artistic/surreal influences. However, for being a drama, it stands out as it has close to no plot and merely shows situations. Controversial at times, erotic at other times. Sometimes even comedic. It never stops changing and arranging throughout the movie.

Like I said, it doesn't have a specific story, except for having our lead, Barbara (Anita Sanders) walking around on the streets witnessing the world. Suicide, violence, love, eroticism, everyday drama, protests, interracial love and issues, you name it. Being a very dated movie, some of the political and interracial issues have been lost since, but if you know the movie is from the 60's, you kinda don't expect to see issues we have in 2010 anyway, so who really cares? Like I mentioned, it's somewhat of a pop drama, or as Cult Epics DVD cover says; "a psychedelic pop art experience", so there is alot of music to go with the movie, performed by a band called "Freedom". This lowers the amount of dialogue put in the film, and raises the art value a bit. However this didn't really impress me as much, and it kinda made my eyes wander away at times. I seemed to be alot more focused when words are spoken.

Tinto Brass makes erotic and softcore movies, no surprise that this film packs plenty of nudity, sex and love. And on this end it did actually manage to stay interesting as it melts the eroticism perfectly with art and music, and has some truly beautiful shots. It's much more than just softcore for softcore's sake.

I'm not gonna judge a movie that is basicly a plotless and pretty much just an 80 minute music video for a pop band, but if you want standard softcore, go look elsewhere. If you want to watch a woman experience taboos, issues and drama from the late 60's, filled with artistic nude scenes and some interesting surreal moments, and not to mention while carrying close to no plot, this is the film for you. Personally I thought it was good for what it is, even if not exactly up my alley. It doesn't require you to think, even though it might help, but you can just casually come along the ride and see this girl's view of the world.

Positive things:
- Nice ladies.
- I really thought the best parts of the movie was scenes that used experimental filming.
Negative things:
- Plotless.
- I'm not one to care about politics and whatnot.
- Stock footage. It might be effective to use, but stock footage I think lowers the value of every film. It actually used the eye scene from "Un Chien Andalou" even.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 1/5

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