Title: Basket Case 3

Also known as:
Basket Case 3: The Progeny (Alternative title)

Year: 1992

Genre: Comedy / Horror / Splatter

Language: English

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Frank Henenlotter

Writer: Frank Henenlotter & Robert Martin

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103773/

Duane and his deformed freak-of-a-twin Belial are in a family twist when Duane is locked away in a mental asylum, and Belial is about to become a father. But when the cops find out about the whereabouts of Belial, they decide to go and capture him. After all, he is a murderer! But when they stumble upon Belial's spawn, and decide to take them in, Belial has had enough. Meanwhile Duane is desperate to get back together with his brother!

Our thoughts:
I think few people have missed out on the horror abnormality that is "Basket Case", but perhaps fewer have seen the second and third movie. I bought a set with the two movies many years back, and only actually watched them once. I think once is enough anyway, right? I didn't expect to get the third movie thrown into my lap for reviewing then, of course. And since I have quite a lot going on I didn't feel I had the time to rewatch part 2 as reference for this review. This means that I won't compare the two that much (I remember them being about the same in style and content, though), but at least I remember enough to know that Duane and his basket-bound brother Belial arrived to a home for extreme freaks such as himself/themselves. This home, run by an old lady, is where they are at in the third movie as well. The three movies go into each other quite well in that sense.

In this house of freaks, Belial has found himself a lovely little blob of a woman, and after a highly artful, erotic and romantic sex scene they're also expecting a child. Or rather, several children (12, actually!). While Belial is becoming quite the family freak, Duane is in panic because he was thrown into a mental institution after accidently killing a woman and desperately sewing Belial back onto his side. He has now lost the mysterious twin connection with Belial, and has to get his brother back somehow. When Belial's herd of children are born, cops find out that Belial, the murderer, is in town. They decide to check it out, and end up finding the babies. And killing the mother thinking it was Belial. They end up taking the babies to the station. Belial and the other freaks go nuts and plan an attack.

Is "Basket Case 3" a good movie? I wouldn't call it that. It's absolutely crazy and hysterical, sometimes you'll laugh from actually thinking something is funny - most of the time you'll laugh at stupidity and absurdity. Either is fine because Frank Hennenlotter knows exactly what he has created. He wants this to be an orgy of bad taste, stupid jokes and remarks, and a completely wild ride. It is that, and therefor it is a success. But before the 90 minutes are over you're definitely ready to move on. Especially considering you've gone through three of these movies (the first one being the one you NEED to see, the other two are just extra weirdness for the weirdos).

You have to applaud the movie for the creativity of the freaks. These are some of the weirdest people (creatures) you've ever witnessed on screen, and who the hell cares if the masks are so stale that they barely blink or talk? You can't be picky here! The effects are good enough to work since you get to the these masks in perfect daylight, never shying away. Hennenlotter is just waiting for you to throw your hands in the air and yell "I give up". There's no point in talking down to this movie, because no matter how much hate and irritation you spew over it, it's always gonna agree with you!

If you have seen a Frank Hennelotter movie before, you know how crazy this man can get. "Basket Case 3" is not one of his top works (I'd say my favorite is "Frankenhooker"), but I think this and part 2 are for the real fans. Those who want him to get so crazy and goofy that you can't even stand it. This is entertainment and I can't dislike it (how could you?), but I can almost guarantee that I won't watch it again this decade. And in the next decade I will yet again wonder "What was that movie like, again?" and for some reason revisit it. Until then...

Positive things:
- It's Hennenlotter-craziness!
- You haven't seen such freaks before (except in part 2)!
- You gotta love the weird brothers Duane and Belial - one a physical freak, the other a mental freak.
- Soooo intentionally stupid that you can't help bit laugh.
Negative things:
- It wears out before the movie ends.
- I won't watch this again in many, many years.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3.5/5

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