Title: Bastard

Also known as:
8 Films to Die For: Bastard (Alternate title)

Year: 2015

Genre: Horror / Slasher

Language: English

Runtime: 82 min

Director: Powell Robinson & Patrick Robert Young

Writer: Patrick Robert Young

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3946300/

Newly married couple West and Hannah - also serial killers - are on the road for their honeymoon. Against Hannah's will, West decides to pick up the hitchhiking couple, Jake and Betty. Together they find a bed and breakfast in a small town, but someone is killing people in town and it is not our newlyweds...

Our thoughts:
"Bastard" is a cross-breed that finds itself in the middle of "Bonnie & Clyde"/"Natural Born Killers" and the "Masters of Horror" episode "Pick Me Up" that has two killers going after the same girl. Instantly I fall in love with the idea of the movie, but in the second half it seems to be falling over on so many points that I go from truly enjoying the movie, to feeling the good ol' "meh". How did the movie fall so quickly?

The idea of "Bastard" is a lot of fun. It's about a newlywed serial killer couple who kill a man for his car, and head out for their honeymoon, and on the way they pick up a hitchhiking couple. The hitchhikers have left home because their love is not approved of, and they want to start a new life elsewhere. When the two couples arrive at the destination of the newlywed's honeymoon, they realise that there has been a misunderstanding. There is nothing else to do than to find a local bed and breakfast to stay the night. The couples arrive at Rachael's cosy bed and breakfast where they are treated to everything they need. During their stay, people go missing in town, and the newlywed serial killers are not the perpetrators. So who the hell is killing people!?

The first half of the movie is just as fun as you'd expect. It's different odd people finding themselves in equally odd situations. There are several small reveals that makes the movie more intriguing, but it's also just a fun, albeit dumb, slasher movie with some good gore. That is, until the movie takes a dump on its own wacky idea and tries to one-up itself. The plot of the movie is pretty wild from the beginning, but halfway through the movie goes more and more over-the-top and stupid. The idea of serial killers being victims of serial killers is still there, but all the more is revealed behind the "new" serial killers, and it's simply lackluster and dumb. For once, we don't feel like we need much backstory. The situation alone is entertaining. But of course, we simply get too much backstory on the new serial killer, and the focus is less on serial killers vs. serial killers vs. "normal" couple, and turning more into your standard B-movie slasher. It's bloated and loses the most entertaining aspect of it. You actually even forget that the newlyweds are serial killers themselves because they become so useless. Unfortunately, the backstory is also where the title of the movie, "Bastard", comes from, which gives it more weight than I wish to give it.

My opinion of "Bastard" is very split because of the sudden change for the worse. It's actually not terrible in the second half, but it is very typical slasher film fluff. The first half feels like its own thing, even if the idea has been explored before, but its dumps all that just to become another slasher with a "fucked up family". The second part is indeed watchable, but stale and kinda shitty in comparison to the first half. I don't want to ignore the first half of the movie to enjoy the second half, therefor I can't help but complain.

In the end, "Bastard" is watchable. It has some very odd ideas in it that I think make for an entertaining movie. The main issue is that the movie doesn't know when it should stop evolving and just enjoy the situation. It goes from giving you a fun idea, into feeding you way too much backstory of something we don't care about, which ends up going completely against the core of the movie and becomes a very standard slasher movie.

Positive things:
- The first half is entertaining.
- A few very odd ideas are explored and revealed.
- Quite gory, with solid effects!

Negative things:
- Doesn't know when to stop adding stuff. It adds so much that it somehow goes from unique to typical.
- Halfway you almost forget that one couple are serial killers.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 2/5

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