Title: Bedways

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Drama / Erotic / Independent

Language: German

Runtime: 76 min

Director: Rolf Peter Kahl

Writer: Rolf Peter Kahl

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1545022/

Inside of an old, run-down, apartment building Nina and her two actors Hans and Marie are rehearsing for a currently untitled movie about love. Nina wants to express the love in the movie by using unsimulated sex. But the wall seperating reality from fiction gets thinner and thinner by every rehearsal, and Nina begins to question her own motives and movie.

Our thoughts:
In many ways, what originally peaked my interest in "Bedways" was that it was gonna be an erotic drama, and I was hoping for something like "The Exterminating Angels". "The Exterminating Angels" is a film that definitely is arousing, but the film also carries a good plot and a certain intensity - something that is miles away from the standard sleazy softcore stuff. "Bedways" shares a lot more with "The Exterminating Angels" than I thought it would (I hadn't read up on it), since both of them tell a story about a director wanting to make an erotic film using real sex. But where "The Exterminating Angels" takes a more standard drama route, "Bedways" has a much more independent and art-housey feel. It's definitely not as well told as a story, but it has a few different punches to it that makes it just as interesting.

There isn't much of actually making a film in "Bedways", but rather just about the rehearsals and the relationship within the tiny crew. Our director Nina wants to express love in film by using real sex, Marie and Hans are her actors. Where the story goes from there is hard to say, as I felt it had a bit of a problem getting the point across, but basicly the film and what it contains gnaws at them, and ultimately leaving Nina exposing herself in front of a camera (in a very nice scene, I should add).

I think it's a good film, it's just hard to really find a reason for things in it. I liked that the music in it reflects a lot with what is going on, and most scenes involving Nina were great. Miriam Mayet playing Nina was definitely the best aspect of this movie, not just her looks but the role and the way she portrays it. She seems really confused but at the same time locked on target. I could sense that there was an uncertainty towards her sexual orientation and that as well made the dynamic of the group feel a bit off-beat.

The thing that makes it go from great to just a good movie was really that the story isn't told with a punch, it kinda just flows from nowhere to next-to-nowhere. The story might not be thin, but it lacks a goal and tension, even if the erotic scenes are all satisfying both in intensity and eroticism. Overall, I dig it. It's a pretty good independent effort and belongs next to films like "The Exterminating Angels", "The Center of the World" and even "Anatomy of Hell", and that to me is a very good comparision for a film like this to get. No matter what you think of those three films, I think they are of a certain kind that really differs themselves from the norm, but are all very easy to sink into. Oh and note that the film also has unsimulated sex, so don't be showing this to your granny. Unless she's a perv.

Positive things:
- Good use of music.
- Miriam Mayet was very good as Nina.
- The erotic scenes, especially the ending with Nina.
- Artistic but never "artsy-fartsy" or pretentious.
Negative things:
- The story feels pretty undeveloped.
- The scene with the band playing.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 1/5

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