Title: Big Junior

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Independent / Crime / Exploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 81 min

Director: Scott Swan

Writer: Scott Swan


An out-of-towner named Big Junior meets up with local drug dealer Fawn and his trashy whore girlfriend Lainey at local motel room to sell them some heroine. When the booze and the drugs come out so do the plans for double-crossing but when Big J's buddy Angel shows up, a simple drug sale and night of debauchery becomes a sickening nightmare.

Our thoughts:
Scott Swan, co-director and writer for "Maskhead" and writer for the Master of Horror episodes "Pro-Life" and "Cigarette Burns", is back with his solo-directorial debut, "Big Junior". Even though we did a second interview with the man to try and pry some secrets from him about this hush-hush project, he didn't give much to go on. Only some tantalizing tidbits of things to expect. Though nothing prepared me for "Big Junior" and looking back at his previous writing efforts, particularly "Maskhead", Swan is unquestionably a twisted man.

"Big Junior" is an interesting movie in that it is not what you'd expect or a traditional movie in any sense. There isn't a typical linear plotline to follow of characters, conflict, and resolution. There is a story buried in the insanity and depravity, but the movie is more about the events that unfold in a hotel room over a single night. It becomes more of a viewing experience rather than a method of storytelling and sometimes it jumps from a surreal quasi-experimental freak-out to a very twisted crime flick. Swan and "Big Junior" definitely made it challenging to try and describe it or explain what it is.

Now because it doesn't have an atypical storyline to follow, "Big Junior" is a dialogue heavy movie that covers everything from Lee Marvin to the most disgusting prostitution stories one could imagine. Hell, there's even a moment where Big Junior himself breaks into a song where he sings about...ahem...niggers. I was talking to Ronny about it and he brought up an excellent point, that because it's such a dialogue heavy movie at times, it kind of feels Tarantino inspired. It certainly does feel that way, and that is not something you'll hear either one of us say very often.

Don't fret though, those of you who have your hands already up in the air over the idea of a trash-flick being nothing but dialogue. As I said, "Big Junior" is about a series of events unfolding over the course of one night in a hotel room between shady drug dealers and a whore. As the movie progresses, the movie gets darker and darker going from harmless offensive and tasteless dialogue to filthy sex scenes. Then the coup de grâce of unabashed violence and degradation at the end that had me saying, "Oh no" out loud. What "Big Junior" may lack in gore for most people, makes up for with dialogue that's in bad taste and some truly nasty depraved acts.

I wasn't sure what I was going to be getting with "Big Junior" especially since I wasn't a fan of "Maskhead" at all, but quite honestly, even in my wildest dreams I didn't think I would get what I actually did with "Big Junior". It's an interesting movie to say the least. It's not a great or perfect movie by any means; for me, personally, I would have liked to have seen the movie experimented with a bit more in terms of the look. The movie sets itself up to become a very bizarre descent into madness and sickness, and at times it gets to be quite strange and far separated from reality. Scott does experiment with a few of these moments, but not quite enough and seemed a little hesitant on taking "Big Junior" in that direction. Even though it seemed perfect for it. For a movie that's in the vein of trashy-exploitation flicks, it is kind of tame by some standards, but still "Big Junior" aims to offend and quite often it does. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it, I'm not even sure if I really liked it because it is a very different kind of movie. Can you, or rather, are you even suppose to like a movie like "Big Junior"? I don't know but it certainly did leave an impression, that's for sure.

Positive things:
- I shouldn't have laughed but I did.
- Fairly offensive and depraved.
- Simple yet effective.
- Entertaining in it's own weird and nasty way.

Negative things:
- Wasn't a fan of the camera work.
- The 'sock' bashing scene.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 1/5

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