Title: Bleed With Me

Also known as:
Rovdrift (Original Danish title)
Predatory Instinct

Year: 2009

Genre: Horror / Suspense / Thriller

Language: Danish

Runtime: 72 min

Director: Emil Ishii

Writer: Emil Ishii

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0811047/

Laura is having a bad, and it gets worse after a crazed man attacks her while she is trying to close up the bar she works at, for the night. Still shaken up from the event, Laura decides to hail a cab so she can get home quickly as possible. Her night is about to get much worse as the cab driver plans to take her on a nightmarish ride, whether she wants to or not.

Our thoughts:
When it comes to first time filmmakers who are producing independent and low-budget horror movies, often they go straight into make a gore film or just rehash a typical plot/scenario for obvious reasons. One, gore is always marketable no matter who's making it. Two, as much as people like to complain about lack of originality, it's hard to sell a movie that's different, since most people don't like to stray away from their comfort zone. Which is why I initially became interested in "Rovdrift", or "Bleed With Me" if you will. Not only because it's an indy feature coming out of a country not really known for producing horror movies, but because it's a brave entry into the horror genre by being a psychological-suspense movie, rather than another by-the-numbers genre title.

There are really only two characters in the movie; Laura, a barmaid who's day goes from bad to worse from almost being raped at her work place, to finding herself being held captive in one of the worst cab rides of all time. The other character being "The Chauffeur", a nameless cab driver who drags Laura along for the hellish ride. The interesting thing about the story and these characters is the fact that there is no reason why Laura was picked by the demented driver, she just happens to get in the wrong cab at the wrong time. No stupid gimmicks or twists to the story, the cab driver is a person who is becoming lost to his own madness and decides to drag a random woman down with him. That's what helps to sell the story and makes it much more believable.

How the story plays out is another interesting aspect to "Rovdrift". Since the chauffeur character remains silent through out the entire movie, there is never any typical character exposition explained through dialogue. Rather as the movie progresses, and the chauffeur makes each of his stops, the back-story becomes pieced together little by little which helps explain what is happening in the present in the movie and why.

Given that, after "Rovdrift" was finally over, I found myself not really caring for it. As disappointing as that is. I'm still not sure why it was that I didn't like the movie. It may have had something to do with the fact that I didn't feel anything for either character. Which is not the fault of the actors; Camilla Metelmann did good job for her part, as well as Kim Sønderholm, but he's the one who stole the show. He did a fantastic job of selling his character's silent madness; before we even understand his story, he manages to sell the idea of what appears to be a tormented person who has finally reached a breaking point. Also, it wasn't the story that bothered me either; in fact I liked how it played out. Not to mention that I liked that each person the chauffeur visited and killed, was like putting another piece of the puzzle together and that the movie plays more with the unknown rather than showing or explaining. Which will no doubt disappoint fans that are looking for gore, as there isn't any to be found in here. There is blood, but the movie doesn't focus on the violence and death, it only hints at it or only shows what needs to be seen. Like I said, it will inevitable disappoint some of the viewers, but really, it works in the movie's favor.

In the end I guess I didn't care for it because that it never really got to be as suspenseful as it needed to be, and that I really didn't care for the characters. Which in a movie like "Rovdrift" is really important because it's the characters that carry the movie and help make it work. Given the fact that I didn't like it, "Rovdrift" is not a bad movie by any means, I think it had the potential to be something greater than it was. I do, however, give the cast and crew plenty of credit for tackling an extremely difficult sub-genre and story. But looking at the general response of the movie, I'd say I'm in the minority about not finding it suspenseful, as it seems to have played very well for others. So just take my opinion on the movie for what it is and check out "Rovdrift" for yourself if you're interested.

Positive things:
- Kim Sønderholm and Camilla Metelmann did an excellent job.
- Very nice cinematography and musical score.
Negative things:
- The constant up and down camera movements early on in the movie. I understand it was done to help simulate car movement, but it became too much after awhile.
- Never really got quite as suspenseful as it needed to be or built up on the atmosphere.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0/5

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