Title: Bloodlust

Also known as:


Genre: Action / Horror / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 85 min

Director: Jon Hewitt, Richard Wolstencroft

Writer: Jon Hewitt, Richard Wolstencroft

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103841/

Three vampires turn the city into their personal playground, killing whoever the want, for food or for fun, and in general, do as they please. When a group of religious fanatics rise up, driving stakes into anyone they believe are vampires or are evil in general. The trio of bloodthirsty killers decides to knock over a casino and retire, but between the trigger-happy cops and religious members who want the vampires dead, this isn't won't be an easy retirement.

Our thoughts:
Awhile back I reviewed Richard Wolstencroft's fascist masterpiece "Pearls Before Swine" - The NjutaFilms DVD release of "Pearls Before Swine" also comes with Wolstencroft's first movie "Bloodlust". This was my first time watching this underground Australian SOV movie but now having seen it, I can see why this movie achieved cult status on VHS. "Bloodlust" is ridiculous, completely nuts, and damn entertaining.

Supposedly funded by gangsters, this is a first time feature for both Hewitt and Wolstencroft, and it shows. The movie is about three vampires, Tad, Frank and Lear, who spend their time killing and fucking. A fanatical religious group hell bent on killing all demon spawn put a damper on things and force the trio to go on the run after robbing a casino. I'm sure an explanation for the plotline existed somewhere in the movie, but honestly; after it was over I had to research the movie to find out what the supposed story was. I'll tell you what this movie is actually about: two chicks and a dude acting debaucherous, (sex, drugs, drinking, killing, drinking blood - the things that make life worth living) religious nutters stabbing 'sinners' with stakes, lots and lots of squib action, and ridiculous sense of humor that borderlines on being retarded.

Certainly if you're looking for a "good" movie that's technically sound, and coherent, then "Bloodlust" isn't going to be the movie for you. The acting is absolutely awful, its budgetary short comings are more than obvious, and it makes almost no sense. What makes the movie work are two things: the first being that the movie deliriously hilarious, and it's so balls out insane that it's unbelievably entertaining. The hilarity also comes from the movie's insanity (and cheese factor). You certainly have no idea how the three main characters are actual vampires since they spend more time shooting people rather than drinking their blood, not to mention they don't fall into any of the typical vampire clichés. Since the three main characters walk around in broad daylight with out a problem, or an explanation. However, Hewitt and Wolstencroft make up for any short-comings with some surprising talent behind the camera, and keeping the action and bat-shit crazy antics coming. Once this movie starts, it never stops to even take a breath; if people aren't doing coke of a broad's tits, then someone's getting shot to hell. If someone isn't getting shot to hell, then you've got a cult leader chewing the scenes with psychotic religious rants. If the religious crazies aren't being nutty, then you've got two cops who are being crude and taking advantage of women. It becomes one psychotic or ridiculous thing after another with this movie.

I don't care what anyone says or how bad it sounds; "Bloodlust" is a terrible movie. It's entertaining is hell though, and a lot of the things that make it 'bad' help make it entertaining. It's obvious that the duo-directors weren't trying to make a fine piece of filmmaking; they wanted to make something that was crazy, entertaining, and had balls. That, they accomplished. At no point did they take this movie seriously - this sucker is over-the-top and it's isn't sorry for it neither. But it's not a serious movie; in fact there is a lot of silliness and stupidity in here that will probably turn off quite a few people out of annoyance. Surprised I didn't have that reaction, but lordy-loo, this movie kept me laughing and entertained the whole time. If you're looking for some no-budget low-grade trash, then please, see "Bloodlust". You can get this movie along with "Pearls Before Swine" for a price that's less than what you would pay for a single movie and "Bloodlust" easily makes the cost totally worth it.

"It's hunting season. ON SATAN!"

Positive things:
- Absolutely nuts.
- Funny and entertaining.
- So bad it's good.

Negative things:
- A lot of things that are bad in this movie will either entertain you, or annoy the hell out of you.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 3/5

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