Title: Bloodlust Zombies

Also known as:

Year: 2011

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 80 min

Director: David Lantz

Writer: David Lantz

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1904850/

It's another typical day at Zlantoff Industries: meetings, research studies, paper work, inappropriate touching between co-workers. Nothing terribly exciting at this office building. Except for the fact that they're running biological testing and when a test subject escapes the lab, the office becomes overrun with zombies. Locked in and no place to hide, a small group of co-workers and bosses have to try and work together if they want to make it out alive.

Our thoughts:
I know Breaking Glass Pictures and the folks behind "Bloodlust Zombies" are pushing pretty hard that the movie features pornstar Alexis Texas. In general I don't really care and I'm not saying that because of the abysmal movie "Half Moon", which also heavily advertised itself as having a famous pornstar in the cast. It's because pornstars and horror movies go together like Chipotle and bloody underwear. Desolation and Wyoming, circa 1883. Midgets and salad dressing.


Oh, sorry. I lost my train of thought. I was in my happy place for a moment. It was warm. Anyway, pornstars have been featured in non-porn related horror titles for quite awhile. Ginger Lynn Allen in "Satan's Storybook". Sharon Mitchell in "Feast" (1992). Hypatia Lee in "Hellroller". Amber Lynn in "Things". A whole slew of stars for "They Bite". I've lost track of how many times Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy have shown up. There's plenty more and I'm sure there are ones that are more than obvious that I'm overlooking but I've hit a mental block and can't think straight since I'm still focused on the midgets and salad dressing...

It would have to be Blue Cheese dressing because chunks make everything more fun.

Point being; pornstars have been involved in horror for several decades, so much so that any significance of having them on a movie is nullified. Not to mention that we know that they're in the movie for two reasons: One, if the director wants nudity they'll be able to get nudity out of a pornstar (read Lloyd Kaufman's book "Make Your Own Damn Movie" if you want to understand the significance of this.) And two, it's a way of having a name involved without paying for a name. Some people may expect that movie is going to be chalked full of nudity as a result but the only thing you can actually expect is a campy movie.

That being said, "Bloodlust Zombies" is a total shlocky camp-fest. Sorry to disappoint those of you who were expecting a riveting tale filled with gripping horror and social commentary. Looking through the emails from BGP, checking the trailer, and then reading the press release upon receiving the screener for "Bloodlust Zombies". About the only thing I could utter was, "Ugh!" I figured this was just going to be an awful movie that tries way to hard to be a campy Troma-esque b-movie -- basically a shitty movie that was going to be stupid for the sake of being stupid. Lo and behold, "Bloodlust Zombies" was a lot more fun and entertaining then what I was expecting.

Not much goes on: A zombie virus outbreak occurs in an office building and with a security lock down in place; various people do what they can to stay alive. Now while I did find it to be a fun movie it does push its luck from time to time by taking things to far. It does get to a point of being too stupid and obnoxious with some of the humor and jokes: sometimes needlessly taking things way over the top and other times just beating you over the head with a joke's punch-line. Oh, that was funny? Then here's the same joke/punch-line again, and again, and again, and again...The movie does try to stay in a decent middle ground but I'd say almost half the time it tries to hard and started to cross that line of irritating. Well, let's put it this way: I didn't hate the movie or get pissed at it so that should tell you something.

Now I'm sure what people are most concerned about is the gore and nudity. Naturally Alexis Texas bares her skin a few times and shows off that tookus that made her famous, and there are a few other gals that shed the constraints of clothing for the movie. There is enough that should make people happy but the one thing the movie is lacking, not just lacking but severely lacking, is gore. Now there's some crayon colored blood spraying going on but you never see any good flesh tearing or gut munching. Something that I think really could have clenched the deal for this to become a popular low-budget title for folks. I'd say that the lack of gore is a result of whatever group that let David Lantz and his crew shoot in their office building. Wouldn't have been too happy had the scenes involved more blood and guts, but such is life.

If you hate: shlocky zombie horror comedies, bad acting, juvenile humor, bright colored blood, lack of gore, nekkid wimmin, a paper thin plot, complete and total nonsense -- then you're probably not going to like "Bloodlust Zombies". Its low budget and very amateurish but it has moments that are good enough that it makes the movie enjoyable on a completely brain-dead level.

Positive things:
- Bad but fun and entertaining.
- Some good nudity.
- The Japanese samurai style showdown between Alexis Texas and a zombie.

Negative things:
- Takes some of the jokes too far and borders on being obnoxious.
- Movie could lead to some necrophiliac fantasies.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1.5/5
Comedy: 1.5/5

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Breaking Glass Pictures

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