Title: Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls

Also known as:

Year: 1988

Genre: Exploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 74 min

Director: Meredith Lucas

Writer: Sarah Dicken, Meredith Lucas

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0131978/

In a nameless city, a group of four school girls terrorize the male population after one of their friends is raped at a club.

Our thoughts:
Touted as feminist-horror; "Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls" has managed to achieve cult status for the supposed insane filmmaking style with sadistic gory violence while spreading a message of empowering women or being a reflection of women and society. What the movie really is is a dumpster dwelling z-grade trash flick that has manage to find a fan base because of how terrible it is. The movie also owes a lot of its cult popularity to the soundtrack that was released which seems to have been received better than the movie itself. Go figure. An album that is a collection of punk bands does better than a worthless movie.

Yes, the movie features bad acting, directing, lighting, editing, story, etc. People excuse the lacking quality by acknowledging the movie as being an amateur effort since it was Meredith's one and only movie. The real reason that everything is so poor is because it is a true blue backyard production that's composed of friends and family. As a matter of fact; I honestly believe that this movie was made while everyone was still in high school and not just because of how poor the movie is. It's because no one in the movie takes it seriously, not even the director.

With scenes of actors standing around with their hands in their pockets looking bored out of their minds, while others stumble and mumble their way through their lines. You've got utterly stupid moments such as a character trying to find help at a 'ninja academy'. A ninja academy. People consider this a serious piece of feminist horror and you have a ninja academy involved in the story? Are you kidding me? Let's not even talk about how the movie needlessly spends a good chunk of its time showing scenes of a movie that the characters are watching at the goddamn drive-in.. Even if you ignore these paticular scenes, it doesn't change the fact that the awful nature of the movie isn't because of inexperience. Rather, it's because someone was intentionally throwing in random scenes to be both weird and amusing. Too bad it didn't work either way.

The only thing that I truly found surprising about the movie (other than how terrible it was) is that folks seem to take it seriously as a female empowering pro-feminist film. Which leads me to only two conclusions: either they didn't watch the movie, or they did watch it and didn't understand what it was trying to do. "Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls" is not a feminist film but a satirical parody of extreme feminists. For the sake of argument, let's say that the movie was suppose to have this heartfelt message towards oppressed women -- it doesn't work. The plot says the women get revenge from being wronged by men but that's not the case at all. As soon as the movie starts this gang of girls we follow attack and kill men at random simply because they are men. There is no justification of their actions so this gang of gals are hardly sympathetic or worthwhile characters. Later on in the movie one of the gang members is raped in order to give the characters and story some sort of direction and isn't as random. Because nobody knew what the fuck they were doing when they made this movie, it doesn't "empower" this girls and it doesn't have you rooting for them. These girls are scum bags so how can this be a message for women when they are no better than the villainous men that are portrayed in the movie? And no, "Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls" doesn't work on an ironic level either. Don't be stupid. All that they did was take the sterotypical "radical-feminist" and turned it into a biker gang type exploitation movies sans the motorcycles.

You can divide the fanbase of "Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls" into two camps: the ones that get that it's a joke and those that don't. For some reason though, neither group seems to be willing to acknowledge that the movie is nothing other than a ridiculously shitty amateur backyard production. If someone likes it, fine, whatever, but the movie needs to be acknowledged for what it really is, and that it is just awful. The movie is so poorly made that if you were to just watch it without reading the plot synopsis, you would not have any idea as to what goes on and that's the honest truth. In the actual movie they don't tell you anything about the characters or the story, things just happen with a narrator to keep things loosely tied together. To be able to appreciate or enjoy this movie you need to be able to appreciate its nature, much like Nathan Schiff's work.

Positive things:
- The odd shrill some old woman makes when she is killed.
Negative things:
- The only reason the movie receives any attention is because of the soundtrack's popularity.
- Everything about the movie; I couldn't even find the absurd moments amusing because of how terrible the whole damn thing is.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 0.5/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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