Title: Boggy Creek

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Independent / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 87 min

Director: Brian T. Jaynes

Writer: Brian T. Jaynes & Jennifer Minar

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1493798/

A while after the death of her father, Jennifer decides to take a trip to his old house in Boggy Creek, Texas. She only wants to bring her best friend, but they end up being 5 people in the house out in the swamps. Completely ignoring the warnings of something lurking the woods, they soon have to meet it face to face.

Our thoughts:
Recently I have been going through some monster movies that in one way or another seemed like a good time. Whether they were shitty fun, or just good fun doesn't matter - I want to be entertained. I have found a whole bunch of great films that I'll be remembering for quite some time. But there are also those that just end up in the shadow of the rest, and "Boggy Creek" is one of those films. It wanted to work, it could've worked, but it just didn't.

Our lead lady is Jennifer. She has a so-so relationship to her mother, and most of all she loved her now deceased father. She and her best friend decide to take a trip to her dead father's house in Texas, but for some stupid reason her best friend doesn't understand how important this was to Jennifer, and ends up bringing a friend of her own. But that guy ended up bringing his girlfriend as well. Not to mention that Jennifer's best friend also invites her boyfriend over once they are there. Yes, this must be the biggest cunt of a best friend ever. Oh well, I thought, no need to get too annoyed by that as I just want a bit of monster fun!

Well, what follows is a sloppy written hour of Jennifer being the worst lead character in any story ever. She doesn't seem to have as many lines as the other character and all she really does is talk about her father and her childhood. She talks about her father so damn much that I expected the movie to end with her father being the big foot monster, but nothing really ever tied back to her backstory except for them going to that house. So essentially pointless, I thought. The other characters are actually alright, we have some typical traits but that's not something that bothers me. I ended up caring more about some of these than Jennifer.

Anyway, after the hour of soap opera I had to get through it eventually turns into the monster movie I had waited for but it's never as much fun as I had hoped. The big foot monster looks like a weird caveman but surprisingly good looking for the most part. The gore is at least alright too, and some scenes have plenty of it. But considering that this part had to be good enough for me to ignore the other flaws, I can't say I am all too pleased. Not to mention the last 10-15 minutes felt as if it was an unfinished product. The sound were often odd during the film but the sound through the end is just so out of place and ended up making the ending silly when it could've been climactic and intense. Yes, I actually laughed at it.

"Boggy Creek" is unoriginal, has a lead character we don't like (and I must admit the acting by Melissa Carnell wasn't top stuff either), is filled up with a soap opera-backstory, has some monster and gore-scenes but never enough, and the ending is a huge turn off because of how unfinished it feels. Almost as if they had 15 minutes left to edit but had a deadline to meet so they threw something together. "Boggy Creek" isn't a complete waste, and fans of big foot movies should check it out. Other than that, watch it if you still think it might be great after reading this review.

Positive things:
- I liked some of the characters.
- Pretty good effects.
- The location was very good.
Negative things:
- Didn't like Jennifer.
- The ending was annoying.
- Stupid backstory we don't care about that takes up too much of the runtime.
- Oh, because it's a small secluded town the people in it are weird? I haven't seen that in a movie before!

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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