Title: The Booby Hatch

Also known as:
The Liberation of Cherry Jankowski (Alternative cut)

Year: 1976

Genre: Comedy / Sexploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 86 min

Director: Rudy Ricci & John A. Russo

Writer: Rudy Ricci & John A. Russo

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072724/

Much drama occurs at the sex toy factory Joyful Novelties when Marcello, their best employee, can't seem to get an erection anymore. He fears that he no longer feels an attraction towards women, and wants to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Cherry, a cute blone, is having problems in her sex life at home instead. She can't seem to get her boyfriend to have sex with her, but instead everyone she meets takes advantage of her, or even rapes her.

Our thoughts:
This little sex film is co-directed, co-produced and co-written by John A. Russo who also worked on "Night of the Living Dead", but this film certainly couldn't be any different from that horror classic. This time he delivers silly jokes, puns, plenty of sexual devices and boobies. The story is there, of course. It's about two workers at a sex toy factory called Joyful Novelties. They all test out the latest products. One of them is a blonde woman who is having problems at home. Her man doesn't want to satisfy her sexual needs (and he is secretly a transvestite) and she is being abused sexually by most people she meets. Like her therapist and her neighbor. The other worker is a man who has been the best of the best at the factory for many years, but can't get it up anymore. Of course, everything points to these two eventually finding eachother.

As I mentioned, it's filled with stupid jokes. And that's the beauty of this film. The story isn't interesting enough to keep us entertained, but the endless jokes are. We're talking really dry humor, stuff like play on words, puns, saying the wrong things in inappropriate situations, etc. All the old classics that probably were old and cheesy even back when this film was made are used. And that's exactly what makes it work I think. You can't help but laugh at the stupidity and it gives it certain charm even if for the most part it's just "another sex comedy".

It offers plenty of bush and boobies, but nothing more than that. It's pretty careful with what it shows, but it still manages to have a few bold scenes. Like the sex with the gorilla (even though it's clearly a man in a costume). The girls are good looking for the most part, but nothing extraordinary in this area will make it stand out.

To keep it short, it is a funny movie with some nudity. It uses the old, cry jokes and puns to its advantage and actually works well because of it. It still manages to be very story-driven but never enough to call it a good movie outside of the comedy. It will require a certain mood to get into the film and I would recommend you have some sort of alcoholic beverage next to you. Maybe a friend or two as well. But I liked it for what it was!

Positive things:
- Oh god, all the jokes! The stupidity!
- Nudity!
- David Emge from "Dawn of the Dead".
- Death by triple orgasm.
Negative things:
- Not all too good of a movie outside of the jokes.
- You'll need to be in the mood of something stupid.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 3/5

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