Title: Brainjacked

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi

Language: English

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Andrew Allan

Writer: Andrew Allan, Andy Lalino

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1226745/

Tristan is a young man who suffers head-grinding migraines and has just run away from home to escape the abuse of his step-father and drugged out mother. On his trip through the city he runs into a beautiful young woman named Laney who says she knows somebody who can help him. Dr. Karas; a man who is helping society’s unwanted and trying to change the world with a radical new procedure designed to help them become better individuals. There is a dark side to the doctor’s procedure but will Tristan be able to uncover the truth and stop him before he takes control of the minds of everyone?

Our Thoughts:
When I had first heard about "Brainjacked" the only thing I knew was that it had to do with trepanation, the act of drilling holes in the head for relief. After I read that little tidbit I automatically assumed that "Brainjacked" was going to be like Andrey Iskanov's "Nails"; a surreal cerebral nightmare. I couldn't have been any more off base unless I was trying.

Rather "Brainjacked" feels like many of the classic and cult-classic Science Fiction movies from the 70's and 80's, and certain aspects of the movie makes me think that was the plan for this movie. It isn't merely trying to be a throwback or homage to those movies it just manages to have those influences because it fits with the plotline for "Brainjacked" so well. Out of all the movies the one that "Brainjacked" reminded me of the most was Cronenberg's "Scanners".

"Brainjacked" is about a neurosurgeon, Dr. Karas, who takes in runaways and outcasts often which who are kids, and helps them by giving them an unusual procedure, trepanation. He convinces these kids and the political heads around him that his operation will help those kids become more well rounded and adjusted to fit in our society. In comes the story's protagonist, Tristan, a kid who runs away from his drugged out mother and abusive step-father. He falls into the hands of Laney; a beautiful young woman who is a patient of the doctor's and proof that his procedure works. Laney takes the young man to Dr. Karas, where Tristan believes the trepanation will help relieve him of his migraines. They do, but something occurs with Tristan and he finds out that the doctor hides a sinister plan behind his drill. It involves a computer chip being planted into the patient’s brain allowing the good doctor to control everyone’s moves. The surgery also has the ability to unlock a power deep within everyone and it's this power that our doctor wishes to control so he can control the world.

It's not so much that "Brainjacked" borrows from "Scanners" or any of the retro sci-fi movies; it just happens to have a story and a style that is very similar to those and director Andrew Allan pulled it off without a hitch. The story is a lot of fun; it's just one of those tried-and-true plotlines about an evil corporation that plans to take over the world through manipulation that works so well in the Sci-Fi realm. I'm sure the horror fans are groaning already about the Sci-Fi aspect but "Brainjacked" has a lot of horror elements embedded in it as well. It never leans to far in any direction in terms of genres so there is plenty of entertainment value with the underlying body-horror theme and bloody battles between the doctor's slaves and the freaks who are trying to take him down.

What makes "Brainjacked" really standout though is its sleek production value. Andrew and his crew obviously approached this project with great care and pride and wanted to make a genuine product. Everything was given attention, from the scenes being lit with primary colors to help bring out that other worldly look. To the electronic-industrial musical score that adds to the mood. No stone is left unturned here; all aspects were given the attention they needed to make this indie feature seem bigger than it is.

"Brainjacked" is probably one of the best and most impressive movies Unearthed Films has released in sometime along with the help of Breaking Glass Pictures. I had great fun watching "Brainjacked" partially because of the nostalgia factor that it brings with it. That will most likely remind you of some of your favorite evil corporate themed Sci-Fi movies, especially with Rod Grant giving a fantastic performance as Dr. Karas. Along with a blood drenched horror element that not only goes for the mind but the body as well. "Brainjacked" delivers on all accounts and is a movie I strongly recommend for people to check out; it's some good old fashioned mind-altering fun.

Positive things:
- Quality production.
- Great lighting and sound.
- Great SPFX by Marcus Koch and his crew.
- The "meltdown" sequence.
- Rod Grant as the villainous doctor. Definitely one of the best 'bad guys' I've seen in a movie lately.
Negative things:
- The gravely voices from the freaks.
- Some of the acting is a little cheesy.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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