Title: Breaking Point

Also known as:
Breaking Point: Pornografisk Thriller (Alternative title)

Year: 1975

Genre: Erotic / Exploitation / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 95 min

Director: Bo Arne Vibenius

Writer: Bo Arne Vibenius

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072736/

The News start telling women to stop resisting when they get raped, because that's what rapists wants them to do. It turns them on. Now a guy adjusts to the system and goes around following girls home, only to have sex with them. The question is if someone eventually will resist or not.

Our thoughts:
Made by the director of "Thriller: A Cruel Picture", I obviously had to check this film out. I have been hearing about it for about as I've known about "Thriller", but for some reason I always kept away from watching the film. Now I finally took the time to watch it and I'm glad I did, as weird as the film is.

I'm a huge fan of the strange but amusing plotline about a guy who takes the opportunity to have sex with random girls when women are being told on the News that they should let rapists do whatever they want. The guy starts by following a cute girl who does nothing to prevent him for fuck her. With a smile on his face he eventually leaves and feels that this could be something. The next victim is a blonde girl. Like before, he follows her home, tells her to undress, gets a blowjob from her, and finally has sex with her. What's different this time around is that while doing doggystyle, this girl grabs a pair of scissors and stabs the man in the crotch. He chases her but fails to capture her, so when he comes he plans a revenge. This silly revenge is to cum in a cup and put coffee in there, just to give it to some random woman he works with. Is that really enough after you've been stabbed in the crotch? I'm not sure. By this time the man has started to hang around a school. Don't worry, no child rape.

It's a really simple plot but it gives some really strange vibes. But above all, I think that the things they say on the News are the key to this entire movie. First they tell women to let themselves get raped, and then they say that everyone will get guns. Makes no sense, but I have a slight feeling that there is some political reason for Bo Arne Vibenius to make a film about this. I just wish I cared about politics enough to truely give a fudge. When all is said and done, this is an exploitation comedy with graphic sex scenes. Whether the comedy is intentional or not, I have no idea, but some of them must have been.

"When I screw them, they stay screwed."

Indeed. Now to the sex scenes. The film has close to only beautiful girls and there's absolutely nothing wrong with their bodies. The man might not be very good looking, but you shouldn't be watching the men in porn anyway, right? You'll need to be okay with 70's hair porn to enjoy it I suppose, which I am. But I'm not sure if you should be masturbating or not while watching it. Sure the scenes are pretty much like regular porn, but there is some psychedelic soundtrack to these scenes that makes them fit the mood of the rest of the film extremely good, so that might put you off a bit because it actually makes you interested in watching the scenes rather than to jerk off to them.

I enjoy this film alot, and like many others have said, it actually proves that porn can totally fit a film with a plot. But since it's been almost 35 years since this film was made, it's safe to say that it didn't catch on. Bo Arne Vibenius might be known (atleast to me) to be somewhat of a prick who seeks attention, but he has made very entertaining films. This was a fun take on the bored-modern-man-scenario. It's pretty weak in terms of exploitation since all the victims agree to have sex with him, but it's still a pretty twisted film that I recommend to those who liked the director's other "success".

Positive things:
- Sex. Obviously a positive thing.
- It's pretty funny.
- Kept be hooked and it felt way shorter than it actually was.
- Gotta love the dreams he has.
- Here we have a film that I'd love to see a remake of. However, not a Hollywood remake, but take some good underground director (we have plenty nowadays) and he'd do a damn fine job.
Negative things:
- There is really no need to look for something negative in this film. Sure there are some bad dialogue, bad explosions, and such.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2.5/5

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