Title: Camp Slaughter

Also known as:

Year: 2004

Genre: Horror / Slasher

Language: English

Runtime: 95 min

Director: Martin Munthe

Writer: Alina Warne

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0337910/

A group of friends decide to have a small party at an isolated cabin unbeknownst to them; a mindless killing machine has escaped his confines from the local family of freaks that everyone is terrified of.

Our thoughts:
NOTE: I want to mention now, that this movie should not be confused with the US movie "Camp Slaughter" (aka "Camp Daze") that was released in 2005 by director Alex Pucci.

Well since I reviewed Sweden's most successful movie, "The Ninja Mission," it only seemed proper that I review what is considered to be Sweden's worst movie ever, "Camp Slaughter". This movie is the equivalent of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" but for Sweden; it's panned by just about everyone and even those who haven't seen it are aware of it because how infamous it awfulness has become. Reading some of the opinions about the movie, it makes me think that if Sweden had a witch hunt, "Camp Slaughter" would have been the first one burned at the stakes. They hate it that much.

"Camp Slaughter" exists for the reason most basement-productions exist. An amateur director wanted to make a horror movie that was more-or-less a love letter to the genre. It's the same reason that shitty movie "Hatchet" exists. With that, "Camp Slaughter" is a redundant slasher: teenagers get together, head out into the woods, people say don't, they do anyway, sex-drugs-drinking, killer shows up, one by one they die, and it ends. Even the characters are typical: you've got the troubled one, the fat obnoxious one who desperately wants to get laid, the horny couple, etc. Immediately, this movie isn't going to win any brownie-points for originality or bringing anything new but that's not what makes it bad. It just doesn't help it, either.

The biggest problem this movie has is the dialogue and that Martin Munthe decided to have the actors speak English instead of Swedish. I'm assuming this was done so the movie could appeal to a foreign market. To the actors' credit, they all spoke fine English, albeit with an accent, but not being their native language it was a bit rough around the edges. It's for that reason, I can only assume, is why all of the dialogue exchanges were absolutely awful. Anytime any character spoke it was choppy and unemotional, almost as if they were reading straight from the script or doing a bad William Shatner impersonation. From what Ronny has said, this might be a key factor in why Swedish folks hate the movie because, apparently, Swedes don't like listening to other Swedes speak English. After watching "Camp Slaughter" I can actually respect that; I'd want to slap somebody if I had to listen to anyone speak the way these actors did for more than 95 minutes.

Another thing; the killer is not intimidating at all. Why? Because he's in a dress. You read that right, the killer in the movie runs around in a godforsaken muumuu. I don't care if the killer wearing his mother's muumuu is the most logical item of clothing that he would be wearing, it looks ridiculous and ruins any sort of threat he may impose. Let's not even go into the fact that the killer is called 'Bunnyman' and that he's almost more of a parody of past slasher-killer's than a homage. Not to mention the killer fails at his job by delivering uninspired and uneventful death scenes for a slasher and the horrendous use of CG during dismemberment ontop of it all.

To me, the dialogue and the killer were the big reasons why this movie didn't work. Some will say that it has a bad story or that it's clichéd, but "Camp Slaughter" came out in 2004. Slashers were already redundant by the late 80's, so I'm not going to blame any of that on it. Yes, "Camp Slaughter" is a bad movie, saying other wise would simply make you a lying liar who tells lies. Truth be told though, I didn't find it that bad, or rather; I didn't find it to be as bad as the population of Sweden does. It certainly wasn't bad enough to the point that it made me so mad that I wanted to jump up and go kick my grandmother in the face, in order to vent my frustrations. At the same time though I'll never watch the movie again, that's for sure, but as an amateurish backyard movie, it's really not so bad. Off hand, I could easily name a dozen or more movies that are far worse than "Camp Slaughter" and I think I've seen another Swedish horror movie that is much worse. There could be a cultural thing going on here that could be preventing me from seeing the movie for its awfulness the way Sweden does.

Positive things:
- If I had to give this movie any comment it would be that it did have good camera work, even if the image quality was shit.
Negative things:
- Bad acting.
- Terrible dialogue.
- Dull kills.
- Ridiculous killer.
- You leave those goddamn bunnies alone!
- I'm supposed to believe that large killer came out of that small hole?
- No camp was involved so I have no idea why in the hell this movie is called "Camp Slaughter".

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 1/5

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