Title: A Capital dos Mortos

Also known as:
The Capital of the Dead

Year: 2008

Genre: Independent / Horror / Zombie

Language: Portuguese

Runtime: 87 min

Director: Tiago Belotti

Writer: Tiago Belotti, Mikael Bissoni

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1315938/

Father Dom Bosco predicted that with the rise of the great city Brasilia would be both the land of promise and mark the end of the world if mankind did not absolve itself within three generations after his death. Present day, in the third generation, the dead have started coming back to life and a group of friends ban together to fight off the living dead while trying to do what they can to stay alive.

Our Thoughts:
Ever since I watched and reviewed the movie "3 Cortes" I've been wanting to explore more of Brazil horror and underground scene, but unfortunately it hasn't been so easy. Thankfully, Tiago Belotti, director of "A Capital dos Mortos", contacted us about his movie and I couldn't wait to get into it. Made for approximately 5,000 dollars; "A Capital dos Mortos" or "The Capital of the Dead", is about the living dead taking over Brasilia and a group of friend banning together to stay alive.

A majority of the movie is about the friends doing what they can to survive. Almost like taking a page out of Romero's book on zombies, the movie never gets into or explains why the dead are coming back to life. Only hints at the possibility of religious ramifications. It's good that they left this story open for a number of reasons, but mostly because the characters are every day people so there isn't any reason why they would know or find out why there are zombies everywhere. Instead, the movie focuses on what is important and that is the progression of the characters.

Even though its focus is on characters trying to escape the city and find some place safe to hold up, Tiago and his crew managed to keep the movie entertaining and interesting in the way it plays out. While I don't feel it necessary to call the movie a horror comedy, it does add some humor in the mix to light some things up. Also adds some bit of drama into the mix with family having to kill other family members, others sacrificing themselves for the group, or rather the somber ending where a single character is left to wander the streets alone. Regardless of the movie's budget, whether or not some things work or don't, or how cheesy it can be at times - for what feels almost like a backyard production it is more competently made than what we usually get here(and what I've reviewed in the past). I know I'll gladly take "The Capital of the Dead" over "Swamp Zombies" any day of the week.

While the scope of the story may not be very big, they really went all out and tried to convey the idea of a zombie apocalypse with "The Capital of the Dead" and for a movie of this nature they pulled it off. There are quite a few scenes that involve watching hordes of zombies roam the land. I'm sure any filmmaker will tell you it is not easy getting lots of extras together for massive scenes, so to see a movie that has such a small budget pull off scenes with such a large number of zombies is truly great. Not only does it help on selling the idea of a capital city being overrun with the undead, but it also leaves the door open for plenty of zombie action.

Once again though, you have to remember the budget of the movie when watching "The Capital of the Dead" as I know many people are going to be disappointed but there is a fair amount of digital effects in the movie. Before you start your moaning, there is still a good amount of zombie gut munching in here but given the fact that this practically no-budget filmmaking. All of the shoot outs and head-shots are done by computers, which given the circumstances of the movie, made me not really care or be bothered by that face. I certainly would have preferred practical over computer, but like I said, there is still enough guts and blood in the movie that all is not lost.

When it was all over, I had fun watching "The Capital of the Dead". Yes, due to budgetary constraints the movie does have its flaws and there were some things I didn't like about it, such as the death metal bands played during the zombie attacks. Overall though, the movie kept me entertained, and these days I think that's all you can really ask for. With the movie you've got to take the good with the bad and enjoy it for what it is. While it may have the look of your typical basement production and no-budget qualities, the movie does try to be bigger than it is, and sometimes it works. The hordes of zombies were great to see, and overall the movie is made well enough that it has a good pace and is able to keep things interesting during its brief runtime. There are some sequels being planned for the future and honestly, I'm looking forward to them since I believe Tiago Belotti and everybody involved in this movie will only get better with time and each project.

Positive things:
- Some good zombie makeup.
- Nice zombie hordes for a movie of this caliber.
- The movie feels bigger than it is.
- Good ending.
- Kept me entertained and my interest going.
Negative things:
- Some not so good zombie makeup.
- Digital gore.
- Metal bands played during some of the zombie attacks.
- A few scenes felt random in that they didn't have anything to do with what was currently going on in the movie.

Gore: 2,5/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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