Title: Captifs

Also known as:
Caged (English title)

Year: 2010

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Language: French

Runtime: 84 min

Director: Yann Gozlan

Writer: Yann Gozlan & Guillaume Lemans

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1600701/

Three doctors are on their way home from the Balkans after having worked there for a while. Carole, the female of the three, is taking a rest in the back seat of the car when they're suddenly stopped by masked men and taken hostage. Their thrown into dirty cells in the basement of an isolated house, waiting to be cut open so the kidnappers can sell their organs.

Our thoughts:
I'm tired as hell writing this, but I don't think it matters because there's not much to say about this movie. The story is about three doctors that are kidnapped on their way home from a mission in the Balkans. Their locked into cages in a cellar, and the kidnappers plan to sell their organs. Essentially it has everything that every kidnapping-horror has. Every little part of this film has been done to death before. And maybe that's fine for some people, but personally I'm just sick of it. I excepted this to be something along the lines of the (not so) recent France craze with "Inside", "Martyrs" and all that. And while it is remotely close to "Frontier(s)", "Captifs" somehow manages to be even worse than most of the French gore films of recent years. Coming from me that's saying a lot.

I'm probably the least politically engaged person you'll find so the fact that this movie supposedly is trying to be political is completely lost on me. And that's for the better, I just don't see why a stupid torture movie would throw in a political message. Okay, that's a lie, it wouldn't surprise me that a kidnapping movie would be political, just that this one doesn't exactly play that card. This is just another thing that makes me lose interest in the film, aside from it being boring and unoriginal.

Not to be a complete asshole, I will say that there are a few things I liked about the movie. The acting wasn't bad, I thought. The lead female's fear of dogs was an interesting touch (but surely just put there to try and make the ending seem worse) with how it was explained earlier on in the movie. And the corn field scene by the end of the film had a cool shot from above when two people are laying down and the bad guy with the rifle is walking past them just merely meters away. It worked for a pretty good scene.

It might seem that this review was a bit rushed, but there's just nothing more to say about the movie. I can't for the life of me recommend this movie over any other film of similar kind. If this is what you enjoy, sure, go ahead and maybe you'll have a blast. But if you think the torture films have been boring as hell for years, then skip, skip, skip. I much prefer something like "The Girl Next Door" over this and if you're gonna watch a kidnapping/torture movie that really hurt to watch, that's a good one to go with.

Positive things:
- Decent enough acting.
- Some scenes were alright.
Negative things:
- Predictable, unoriginal, boring and apparently trying to be political as well.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0/5

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