Title: Car Cemetery

Also known as:
Le cimetière des voitures (Original title)

Year: 1983

Genre: Art House / Drama / Christianity / Punk

Language: French

Runtime: 87 min

Director: Fernando Arrabal

Writer: Fernando Arrabal

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085339/

Emanou is a punk rock musician hailed by a community in a junkyard. Emanou is the front man of a punk band and is acting as some sort of prophet for the community of outcasts who are harassed by the government as he promises to help them out of their bad times.

Our thoughts:
When I think "Fernando Arrabal", I think "Viva La Muerte". His directorial debut. A very bizarre movie that Preston mentioned in one of our first conversations. It features some extremely bizarre things, probably some of the most screwed scenes I've seen even. It also has one of my favorite opening credits. However, this is all I have seen from Arrabal prior to this. I haven't seen "I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse", "The Tree of Guernica" or "Treasure Train". But now I have seen "Car Cemetery", a TV movie that can only be described as a trashy punk version of the story of Christ.

What you need to do to understand what kind of movie this is, is to take your image of Christ, and put him in a post apocalyptic world of crime. "Car Cemetery" is about a society living in an old junkyard. Emanou is the Jesus of the movie, a punk rock singer spreading joy (like giving away hamburgers) to a group of outcasts. You kinda know the story already though, so you can kinda guess what will happen. You know, that thing where Jesus was crucified and whatnot. I'm not really spoiling the story here, even if that's something that happens in the end. But what is it that makes "Car Cemetery" more than just a retelling of the Christ tale? Of course, it's filled with drugs, sex, bizarre music, BDSM and other filthy things. And I actually have to agree with some people that the revisiting of the Christ story isn't done good or excellent enough to make it worth it, so I ended up more being focused on the surroundings, the set designs, the music. The crucifiction is a vital part of the movie, because it's something everyone relates to Christ. Even if you're not a Christian and know his story, you will know about the crucifiction. And this is why that part of the movie felt important to me; it cleared out that the film in fact is a story of Christ.

It's also clear from the get go that you shouldn't go into the film thinking it will be serious. I can definitely understand if people back when this was new reacted to some of the content. But this is 2010 and we don't really care about Christ and blasphemy isn't an issue.

The film was originally written to be a play and you can kinda tell by the way that it's filmed. It pretty much feels like you are watching one, and for theatre entusiasts this should be a treat. For someone who barely has managed to watch an entire play without falling asleep, it was not really an positive thing.

I like Fernando Arrabal. I don't love his films, but I like what he does and attempts, and I like what he, in this film, tried to do. Even though I don't feel it was done interesting enough, it's not something I regret watching. But I do think that people who like Fernando Arrabal's work more than me will find alot of joy in this movie. As far as I know, the only way to get ahold of it is Cult Epics' release, and I must say, for a fairly forgotten TV movie, this release looks very nice. But I wouldn't expect anything less from Cult Epics.

Positive things:
- It's a fantastic idea, to redo the Christ story for the 20th century.
- Some of the set designs were a treat to watch.
- Great release as always by da Culter!
Negative things:
- Not as good as "Viva La Muerte".
- I'm not too keen on plays, so I was a bit let down by the fact that it was filmed like one.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 2/5

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