Title: Carnosaur 2

Also known as:

Year: 1995

Genre: Sci-Fi / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 83 min

Director: Louis Morneau

Writer: Michael Palmer

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112634/

For a second time mankind has to fight off extincted creatures. This time it's a group of technicians that have been sent to an underground facility and they are completely unaware of the terrors below.

Our thoughts:
The first "Carnosaur" was without a doubt a blend of "Jurassic Park" and the "Alien" movies, and it actually managed to be a fun movie even though this was apparent. With "Carnosaur 2" they really stopped caring, and just replaced the aliens with dinosaurs. It's shameless in its theft, with even some lines almost coming off as identical and even a macho character with the nickname "Monk" (Bishop, anyone?). But history as shown that rip-offs can still be good movies, or at least good entertainment, so where does "Carnosaur 2" land? Is it just a poor rip-off with no other values, or does it stand a chance next to the first "Carnosaur"?

We're thrown into a plot in such a way that it seems like the writer didn't know or care about the why's. A group of technicians are sent into an old high-tech mine to investigate and that's all there is to it as far as the characters go. We know that there will be dinosaurs down there because, well, we're watching a movie called "Carnosaur 2". I'm not judging the movie on this aspect and you know why, but the problem here is that they spend so much time with the characters doing their job instead of being chased by dinosaurs, that it would've helped the movie greatly if we cared at all about the characters and what they do. But since we don't, we're just watching people walk around an high-tech, futuristic looking underground mine doing... things. It takes quite some time before it starts throwing dino action at us.

The movie wants to be an "Alien" movie so bad that my girlfriend at times forgot we were waiting for dinosaurs and was expecting an alien to pop up at any moment, and she actually had to remind herself that's not the case. The underground mine looks way too much like a spaceship, the dinosaurs run around in vents, and our characters act just like... space marines. It's not a coincident, nor does it try to hide it, so is it really a flaw? Frankly, it doesn't make the movie better or worse, so I won't hold it against it. The biggest problem remains that it seems to think we will get attached to the characters the more it focuses on them. It doesn't work with such shallow depictions! Also, why did they decide to throw in a kid into the film, that seemed very much like Edward Furlong in "Terminator 2"? I guess they figured "T2" was another successful film so why not, right?

The dinosaurs definitely keep the standard of the previous installment, and they actually even used the same T-rex for the end sequence. Most of the movie features velociraptors, up until the very end. The reason for this might quite possibly be because they had the old T-rex to use again. But for some reason they decided to make an almost identical end fight - with a large machine - as the first film. But we also understand that it had to be done to make it the ultimate "Alien" rip-off. The dinosaurs are fun and stupid, just the way I want them. Even when they seem to slap rather than bite/claw in some of the scenes. It's Roger Corman!

The movie isn't quite as gory as the first film but the gore is has looks gnarly enough. Intestines, flesh and all that dark-red goodness, so it gets a stamp of approval here as well.

"Carnosaur 2" doesn't match up with the first film at all. It's shallow and lazy, and spends too much time focusing on the wrong things. These things are all working against the movie as it leaves us yawning, just waiting for the next dinosaur attack. The scenes that do feature the good stuff are fun to watch but never enough. There is some feelings of pleasure in finding things they've ripped-off so I can imagine this being a blast with friends who are all familiar with the "Alien" films, "Jurassic Park" and even stuff like "Terminator 2". If that doesn't include you, then only watch this film if you like cheesy Roger Corman monster films, and especially the first "Carnosaur".

Positive things:
- The dinosaurs are fun enough.
- I dig the gore.
- Some entertainment can be found in finding things it ripped-off.
- Velociraptor Pimp Slap!
Negative things:
- John Connor?
- Too much time spent with characters we don't have a good backstory to.
- Is this simply a show reel of actors pulling their worst reaction faces ever?

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 1/5

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