Title: Cemetery Of Terror

Also known as:
Cementerio del terror
Zombie Apocalypse (USA)

Year: 1985

Genre: Horror / Slasher / Zombie

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 88 min

Director: Rubén Galindo Jr.

Writer: Rubén Galindo Jr.

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0218088/

It's Halloween and a couple of guys trick their girls to an empty old house, by saying there's a big party there. Later that Halloween night, they decide to pull a prank. They steal a corpse from a morgue, and tries to revive him using a book they found in the old house. But this wasn't just any corpse, it was the corpse of a serial killer. Meanwhile, the dead serial killer's doctor and a cop are on their way to the morgue to prevent that exact body from being buried at a common resting place, with an order from the judge for it to be cremated.

Our thoughts:
I didn't have high expectations for this little flick. I had never heard of it, it had a cheesy title, and it was on a very cheap double feature DVD along with "Grave Robbers". It turned out to be an okay effort from the whole team behind it. It's not a very original movie (other than the fact that the teenagers stole a body, to try to resurrect it, like it was an everyday-thing. What the hell was that about?), but it's not one of those films where you complain about it. I guess you could say that this is what would be created if you mixed the DNA of "Evil Dead", "Halloween" and "Burial Ground". Is it as good? Not even close, so mix in some incest in there, to make the baby a little more disfigured than those three awesome movies mentioned.

To explain why I mentioned those three movies: It starts out with a very dangerous mental patient that escapes (Halloween). A little later in the film, a group of teenagers go to an old house, and find a book of rituals ("Evil Dead"). After waking up the bearded mental patient from his deadness, it becomes a stalk 'n slash film ("Halloween"). Alot later, almost at the end, very rotten zombies start to rise ("Burial Ground"). The reason I chose "Burial Ground" instead of any other zombie film is the fact that it sort of felt like "urial Ground", and some of the zombies looked like they did in that one.

The acting works for a cheap film like this. The dialogue is silly at times, and sometimes out of sync. Hugo Stiglitz, who was that extremely stale actor in "Night Of A 1000 Cats", played the doctor in this film, and did a better job at it than in 1000 Cats. It seems like this guy has been very active in Mexico, having acted in over 200 movies and directed 7, but I had no idea who he was before I saw these films. The worst acting in this film is probably when that couple are making out with eachother. Terrible.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. How gory was it?!"
Not very, but it had a few cool moments of splatter and intestines. There was a throat wound that reminded me of the effects done on Jack's face in "An American Werewolf In London", so it wasn't that bad. However, there was no gore at all towards the end when it turned to a zombie film, which is where one would expect most of the gore to be.

It's a pretty fun movie with alot of things going on. Sometimes just stupid things, like a flying axe, but who cares? If you enjoy cheesy spanish, italian or mexican low budget gore films, this could be your cup of tea.

Positive things:
- The killer uses his hands/nails. Yes, this slasher uses his hands.
- It manages to be entertaining through the whole thing.
- How can mixing elements of "Evil Dead", "Halloween" and "Burial Ground" be a bad thing?
- Hugo Stiglitz. Hated him in "Night Of A 1000 Cats", but man, he has a cool beard in this one.
- I smiled when zombies came out from their graves.
- That one cool zombie we see a short second or two.
- Michael Jackson jacket!
- The little gore we have is purdy.
- It's grainyness is what R. Rodriquez tried to get in Planet Terror but failed.
Negative things:
- They make it seem like stealing a corpse is nothing special at all.
- Apparently, the killer is so fast that he can scratch a guy's face several times and not be seen?
- I was about to kick that annoying girl who was sitting in the window laughing, but the killer got to her first.
- I hate those fucking small kids that we see from time to time.
- When it turns to a zombie film, we follow those annoying kids.
- I love zombies, but this part of the film was pretty boring.
- The whole ending felt a little stupid. But hey, they threw the book in the fire! Where have I seen that before?
- Okay, last one. Not a very cool looking killer.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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