Title: Choking Hazard

Also known as:

Year: 2004

Genre: Comedy / Horror / Zombie

Language: Czech

Runtime: 81 min

Director: Marek Dobes

Writer: Stepan Kopriva & Martin Pomothy

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0401320/

A course about finding the true meaning of life is held at a motel during a weekend, with the blind Professor Reinis leading them to find the path. The course is interupted by an army of zombie woodsmen, and the group will find the real meaning of life. Atleast the few that survives will.

Our thoughts:
"Choking Hazard" starts out with giving us a good and thought-out plot about a gang of people going to a course to find the meaning of life. The course takes place in the middle of the woods, in the small Halali motel. Among the group taking the course is the group's leader, who's a philosopher, a TV star, and most importantly a porn star, who actually thought he was going to the set of a new porno flick. Boy was he wrong. After the first group meeting (where the porn star shows a scene from his latest porno involving anal sex and fisting instead of a "course video" like all the others did, still thinking he was gonna do a porno there) the entire motel is invading by flesh eating woodsmen, or "Woombies" (for the stupid; woodsmen + zombies) as they so cleverly calls them in the film. The movie quickly takes a turn into a story of survival and goremunching.

It continues to throw classic one-liners and comedic situations at us, while we watch the woombies terrorize the entire place. There are many lovable characters in the film, just like it should be in a zombie comedy, and the characters are probably the thing that I liked the most about the film. Their lines are just instant classics, and I would have to admit that I wish they would've been in English instead, so that I could use them myself. The film is very original but still staying true to the genre that we all love so much, and this was certainly refreshing to see, I only wish I watched it sooner. There are three specific films that this film have things in common with, and not just lovable characters, and those films are "Shaun Of The Dead", "Undead" and "Dead & Breakfast". Three solid zombie films that came out '03 and '04. What's interesting is that all those three films are from different countries, and I've always considered them to be almost a threesome, and with "Choking Hazard", we have yet another '04 movie from yet another country, so make that threesome a foursome. Just some stupid facts that I find interesting. I think a DVD box set of these four films would be more than appropriate. Okay, back to the movie.

The movie is filled with low budget gore, and I don't mean that it looks bad, but it reminds me of gore that I've used in my own films (a raspberry mix with some meat and stuff in it). The film has plenty of splattering and some nice zombie make-up, so at this department, everything certainly is exactly how it should be.

I haven't seen many films from Czech Republic, but if there are any more films like this from there, I need to see them. The film felt alot more professional than I had expected, and the comedy was great. Some of the lines in the film almost meets the standard of Ash "Evil Dead" J. Williams. This is the kind of film that one second is all about killing zombies, and the next second you have them throw together a bar disco while zombies are being electrocuted in the very same room. Highly recommended to those who wants to stray away from serious films for a while and just let your brain be eaten.

Positive things:
- Hilarious.
- Bloody enough!
- Very original but still staying true to the genre.
Negative things:
- The film might be original and entertaining, but it's far from perfect. It's all about the entertainment. Negative to some degree, I guess.
- They literally just has one extremely short shot of boobies. Might as well not have any!

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 4/5

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