Title: Christina Lindberg

Also known as:
K Special: Christina Lindberg
Christina Lindberg - The Original Eyepatch Wearing Butt Kicking Movie Babe

Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary

Language: Swedish / French / Japanese / English

Runtime: 58 min

Director: Ika Johannesson and Jane Magnusson

Writer: Ika Johannesson and Jane Magnusson


Model and actress Christina Lindberg takes us through er life, from the struggling childhood, all the way until today when she is finally getting recognized for what she made 40 years ago when the Swedish Sin was one of the most popular exports.

Our thoughts:
Christina Lindberg has been a very important person to Film Bizarro's history, as we've tried to cover a number of her movies through the years - but she was also the first person we did a real, physical interview with (rather than e-mail). The interview got spread around quite heavily back then in 2009 and it remains our biggest interview so far, where I also included a little story of going to Stockholm to meet her. Last year or so we did a review of another documentary called "Censuren - en thriller", which we mostly reviewed because it focused a lot on Christina. Now, K Special has made an episode (of their culture documentary series) that is strictly focused on her.

In our interview we covered a huge portion of what this documentary has to tell, but the most important aspect of it is that Christina Lindberg also serves as the narrator. The narration puts us closer to her as a person. Her personality is as important for the documentary as her past work is. She's an incredibly sweet, shy and calm woman, and she manages to make the documentary really hit home in every way. It's all in how she tells her stories and the little jokes she throws in (followed by a little laugh or giggle) that makes us realize that she as a person remains unharmed and unchanged by all of these years of having been seen as an "object". And an object she was, as she also explains in the documentary, but that's something to expect when you put yourself in movies such as "Exponerad" ("Exposed") or "Wide Open".

The life of Christina Lindberg is a bittersweet journey from an abusive father, to international fame, to a restricted marriage (30 years with someone who was trying to protect her from the career she created in the 20's) and finally today - when she is doing festivals and conventions, gets new roles, and getting recognized by big names such as Quentin Tarantino and Marc Caro. There's an undeniable question surrounding the life of Christina, and that is if she would have became a bigger actress if she didn't meet Bo Sehlberg and married him. At the end of her film career she made "Thriller: A Cruel Picture", which undoubtedly showed a different character than the ones she played prior to it. Could it have led to bigger things if she continued? It's perfectly fine to argue that Christina Lindberg might not have been at her best when she delivered lines and that "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" worked as well as it did because she played a mute. But that doesn't mean she couldn't have found roles that would work as well as "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" and something like "Journey to Japan" did (which was another strong title in the filmography).

While she could have gone on to create more solid movies had she continued, us sexploitation/exploitation fans worldwide are very happy that she was such a big part of the Swedish Sin as she was - and forever grateful that she is finally able to take in the appreciation that fans feel for her. In just the past couple of years she has grown into a bigger cult icon than ever, and it's not just due to Quentin Tarantino being inspired by her - it is equally important that she has taken the opportunity to do interviews, conventions, meet & greets, documentaries and even taking on new roles (such as revisiting the role of "Thriller" icon Frigga in "Cry of Revenge", a new movie that is covered quite a lot in this documentary).

The most entertaining part of this documentary as someone who has heard most of her life story in person already, was to see footage of her at festivals and conventions at different places in the world. From a screening of "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" in France, to meeting fans in Japan. It's amazing to see how much the Japanese fans appreciate her and it's no surprise that she fit so well into the two Japanese movies she made ("Journey to Japan" and "Sex & Fury"). I also loved hearing Stellan Skarsgård (who co-starred with Christina in "Anita", before he got famous), as it seems that he hasn't talked too much about this movie before.

"Christina Lindberg" is a wonderful documentary that accurately depicts her entire life history, as it lets Christina herself tell us all about it in both narration and interviews. It covers a lot of ground that many people might not know and it's not shying away from the sad parts of her life either. It's very possible that Klubb Super 8 releases this documentary on DVD in the future, and I just hope that they will include English subtitles so that everyone get to watch it.

Note: As per usual, we don't include ratings for this kind of documentaries.

Positive things:
- Christina Lindberg narrates her own life story.
- Covers much of her life, even the darker times.
- Shows the nudity.
- It was made for SVT, the Swedish public TV broadcaster, which means a lot of people get to see it both on TV and VOD.

Negative things:
- Not on DVD - YET. It most likely will be.

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