Title: A Christmas Treat

Also known as:

Year: 1984

Genre: Comedy / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 4 min

Director: Tim Sullivan

Writer: Tim Sullivan


A boy is eagerly waiting for Santa to arrive with presents. When he wakes up from a noise down stairs, he slowly walks down the stairs. Is it Santa? Why yes, it is! But he's not what people think. He has bigger claws and teeth.

Our thoughts:
I'm a fan of Tim Sullivan. He's keeping enjoyable horror alive in the mainstream-ISH world. He made the amusing "2001 Maniacs" which was one of the better horror comedies as of late, and also helped working on two films I enjoy alot; "Detroit Rock City" and "The Deadly Spawn". I first heard about A Christmas Treat a couple of years back when I looked through his Myspace or whatever it was, and I just knew from the picture I saw that I had to see it. This Christmas, Tim Sullivan and "IconsOfFright.com" shares with us this short beautiful student film!

It has the typical mood of a Christmas movie, with all the typical music and all, but you just know that it won't end like say Christmas Vacation when it has Tim Sullivan behind it. The little boy who was impatiently waiting for father Christmas is in for a surprise when he sneaks up behind Santa, who is a big brown monster with huge claws, just waiting to claw kids to death. He puts the little kid in his Santa bag, and the parents stand there with a big smile on their faces, and pointing at Santa in an unusually happy way. Nothing more to it, but it's a student film after all, and just stupid enough to work.

The effects aren't the best but AGAIN, it's a student film. We don't see the monster for many seconds but it looks very rubber. Cool, but rubber. The little blood it has it enjoyable after all the Christmas cheer that the film has in the first minutes. Effect-wise you could tell he would make something cool in the future though, it's certainly not bad.

Keeping this review very small, I just wanted to tell everyone about this film. Nothing special really, but it actually is very fun and well made. The cinematography is probably the best thing in this film so don't expect it to look like shit because it's made by a student. After all, it's Tim freaking Sullivan.

Positive things:
- Cinematography, of course.
- Brown monster!
- Parents who are happy after Santa kills their kid.
Negative things:
- More blood pleeeease!

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3.5/5

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