Title: Chromebaby

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Independent / Zombie / Splatter

Language: English

Runtime: 96 min

Director: Eric James

Writer: Eric James


Jack has been hired to track down a fluid which can bring back the dead to life, but after an unfortunate meeting with a robber in a comic store, Jack is in the middle of a gun fight. Several of the fluid containers are shot to pieces and the now dead robber gets infected by the fluid. Sent to find Jack and the fluid is Jim, and when he finds out there is a re-animated corpse running around, they set off to the comic store together.

Our thoughts:
Ever since I watched the trailer for this film on one of the DVDs I got from Michael Todd Schneider a few years back I have tried to get a hold of it. I finally managed to hunt down a copy to review from Eric James and as it turns out, the film is exactly how I expected and hoped it would be. It's a complete riot filled with gun fights, good looking zombies, blood and silly comedy. Eight years in production, the film has finally found a distributor over at Digital 02 Productions (as download and DVD).

Re-animated hookers, clowns and robbers are just a couple of things that our lead man Jack stumbles upon when he's on a mission to find a fluid that can bring back the dead. But before Jack can bring this fluid to his boss, he walks in on a robbery in a comic store, and is shot at by the robber. Only three of the containers remain, and the rest.. well, they infect the robber. Not knowing what the fluid really does, Jack heads back to his hotel room to wait for further instructions. He soon gets a visit from a man that is there to kill him off and take the fluids to safety. Plans change for this intruder when he finds out that there is a zombie robber somewhere out there. When they question the comic store owner about the guy, he remembers him from the local brothel. They take this goofy store owner with them to find the horny zombie before he spreads the zombie..ness. Too late, as there's already a zombie pedophile clown on the run.

What really makes this film is all the characters that are brought in to the mix. We have our three leads (Jack, Jim and Johnny), a zombie pedophile clown, a robber zombie, two gay KKK members, angry rednecks, the Big Boss, our three lovely hookers, and I'm sure I forgot a few while writing this. Needless to say, the viewer is kept busy with the characters alone. I think the closest thing that springs to mind is the cult classic splatter-perfection "Redneck Zombies". Except for zombies and the amount of odd characters, both films carry a large amount of splatter and actually pretty neat effects.

The entire crew does a great job for such an independent effort. The effects made by Eric James, Michael Todd Schneider, Tom Colbert and a few others I feel bad for not remembering, are just as enjoyable as they should be. Far from perfect, but damn fun and plenty of them. The actors are all doing the best they can and pulling it off. They're serious when they try to be, and damn silly when they try to be too. Eric James, Tom Colbert and Rich Atha all shine as the three main characters, Michael Todd Schneider does a great job as a braindead crook and later on a rotten zombie.

"Chromebaby" is a highly recommended splatterfest that brings the action, blood and jokes to the max. I especially enjoyed how the film was kept serious in tone, but openly let in some extremely silly jokes that I just couldn't help but laugh out loud at. It's just one of those films that should be brought out along with the alcohol so you can just sit back and enjoy the mess.

Positive things:
- Bloody good time!
- Eric James, Tom Colbert, Rich Atha, Michael Todd Schneider and the rest of the cast are all a lot of fun.
- The jokes! So silly but oh so fitting.
Negative things:
- I honestly can't complain as my expectations were pretty much spot on. Low budget splatter with a dose of action.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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