Title: Cinema Different: Different Cinema Vol. 3

Also known as:

Year: 2008

Genre: Collection / Experimental / Abstract art

Language: Spanish / French

Runtime: 75 min

Director: Xavier Baert, Isabelle Blanche, Augustin Gimel, Richard Kerr, more

Writer: N/A


Short and abstract experimental films taken from the 10th anniversary of the Different Cinema festival.

Our thoughts:
For some reason I never saw the first "Cinema Different: Different Cinema", but I did review the second one so I thought it'd be good to have this one reviewed on here too. As I said in the other review, this is something that requires a very specific taste as it features some really abstract experimentation. But there are some films on here that are easier to grasp as well.

"Césarée" is an easier one to understand because it's more historic than it is experimental. It's a poetic look at the place Caesarea, comparing it to how it was back then and how it is now (1979) and that it's still the same place even if just slightly different. It consists of shots of statues that would've been quite dull hadn't it been for the great camera movements and the mist in the background, for some reason making it look simply fantastic.

"Empreinte" is one of the most abstract ones simply because it takes about 5 minutes before you even know what you are watching. This is a very old, scratched film that is literally impossible to make out for the most part. It's bright white, and the film is ruined so you'll get the scratches and all the other crap. It's accompanied with silence so there's nothing in terms of sound that will help you grasp it easier. Once we finally see anything, it's a naked man dancing around with a blanket. And that's basically what this is. It's just abstract film art using the footage of a naked man dancing around. The essence of these DVDs, really.

Probably my favorite of the bunch was "Untitled #1", which played out almost like a music video using documentary footage filmed on the street. Mostly of a dancing child on the street, but also of passers-by and the surrounding city. Even though it doesn't show anything that specifically makes it so, it still has a sort of regretful feeling over it. Anxious, almost. And it kinda comes off as sadness even though there isn't anything sad about it. I don't know why I liked this one more than the rest, but it simply got to me and had more meaning than the other shorts did.

The strangest one is "Le bombardement. Le port des perles". Why? Because it uses footage from the Michael Bay film "Pearl Harbour" to create something that actually is watchable. The most colorful film of the bunch, which alone made it fun to watch. But it was fun to watch someone use footage of a bad movie in this way, making it much stronger than the movie ever was and actually came off as intense. I'm not sure what was going through their heads when they decided to use footage from this film, but hadn't it been for a few shots I wouldn't have noticed, and it's very interesting to watch once you see it. Although a bit weird.

"Cabinet" starts with what might be the most interesting footage of someone washing a dog that I have ever seen. What an odd thing that is, really. It's hard to put a finger on this one, but it's almost as if it's a film about observing people, animals and nature. Many close-ups of things, but also a lot of scenes of people and birds just walking. A nice, quiet way of ending the DVD I think.

I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did vol. 2, but it does offer similar sort of films. If you're new to this "subgenre" then I think vol. 2 is a better one to seek out, it seemed a bit more varied, but vol. 3 is one you should get once you know that you like these collections featuring abstract experimental films. Whenever I watch one of these I always think of how great it would've been to actually see the films on the big screen. A living room will never allow you to sink into films like these in the same way, and that's probably the one issue about these DVDs - they're on DVD.

P.S. I left the ratings out of it.

Positive things:
- If you like film art then this is a solid DVD.
Negative things:
- Vol. 2 had more to offer me.
- These films should be experienced on the big screen.

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