Title: Cinétrange DVD III

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Shorts / Horror / Experimental

Language: French / English

Runtime: 60 min

Director: Carlos Atanes, Par Paul Campion, Cédric Jouvin, and more

Writer: N/A


A collection of short films such as "Eel Girl", "Welcome To Spain" and "Dark". Oddities, gore and babes are all part of this french collection.

Our thoughts:
I'm a huge fan of short film collections, especially if it's experimental stuff. Preston sent me a link to these DVDs called "Cinétrange", and asked me to check them out. I guess I couldn't resist, since I just a few days after ordered this one. Didn't know what to expect, but the trailer for it was interesting enough and I especially got interested in it because of the gore I could see in there.

The DVD starts off with a bang with "Eel Girl". It takes place in some kind of research lab where they keep an eel girl (a woman with fish traits). A professor is left alone, and he opens her door out to a slimey bathtub that they use to check her hormone level (I think) in. Eventually she goes out of the tub and walks towards the glass and makes contact with the professor. He thinks with his dick and enters her room. What happens next, well, you should just watch it I guess. This was actually a very well-made short even though some CGI was used. I wasn't a big fan of it's ending (or rather, I would've wanted it slightly different), but I thought it was great fun. A recommended short, even though it is just that - short. A bit too short.

Next up was "Boy's Flesh". This was 10 minutes of shit, 1 minute of gory fun. Honestly, this was not a good one. It got pretty damn gory in the last minute, but the first 10 are just filled with random crap. It starts out with urine tests of a bunch of guys. And while after there's a fight starting between the guys, and for some reason they are injected (or atleast one was) with some stuff, no idea what, but it seemed to make him more agressive. Well, when all was said and done and only one was left, we see a woman go into a tranny's room and inject his ass with the stuff, and then another guy, and those two start playing chaotic and random music. This is followed by a wedding ceremony between a female in a wedding gown and the winner of the fight. Ultimately, it ends in a massacre where all the women in the room eat the guy. I wish it would've been less stupid and ridiculous, and just focused on taking us to the massacre earlier. The gore was good though, could be worth watching it for that if you are really in the mood for any gore you can find.

"Gouzi Gouzi", what can be said about this? This was short and fun. A baby in a crib and relatives are standing around with their backs to the camera. They eventually turn around and it's revealed that they are all freaks. The short ends right before we see the baby (who is making pig squeals, by the way). It is what it is, no need to comment more on this since it did what it set out to do.

"The Eel", not to be confused with "Eel Girl", is mostly a music video to an instrumental industrial/rock song. It's really just about an eel in a tank/aquarium. A very fucked up eel, of course. In fact, it's huge and has human faces. Not gonna reveal much more. I have seen this a few times before so it's something I would assume a few of you already have seen too. Pretty intense for a music video.

The next film, "Dark", starts with two women kissing in a black and white room, seen through a mirror. Outside of the mirror, it is in fact one girl eating and killing another. Simple but I love it! It also has boobers, so that gives it extra credit.

To my surprise, the next film is "Welcome To Spain". I was sure I recognized the title, and as I started playing it I noticed it was a film I also have in the Carlos Atanes collection DVD "Codex Atanicus". You can read my review of that film here, since I don't feel like repeating myself.

The final short on this DVD is called "Le Domaine des Non-Revenus", which is a black and white film about a pregnant girl. A man is rubbing her big belly while she's laying down in a bed. We then see her laying on the ground all dirty and naked in the jungle, near a bunch of apes. What the fuck they wanted to say with this film I don't know, but it's music and imagery was terrific. I am slowly leaning towards ape rape though. Was it a gorilla in her belly? Well, I honestly don't know.. I hope not. This would've been alot better had it not been around a bunch of gorillas and what not, I just didn't get that part, nor did I care to think what it was about.

Is this a DVD worth buying? Yes and no. It has some interesting stuff in it, that's for sure, but I actually don't know if the people behind it just took a bunch of shorts they found and threw a DVD together. I like to think they had the rights to do it, but I'm not sure. First of all I recognized a few of the shorts, and secondly, the trailers in the bonus material is for a bunch of things I doubt they have released, such as Richard Kern DVDs, Rampage (turkish Rambo). Either way, it's pretty cool if you like compilations, like I do. I'm just not sure what to think of the product as a whole if they did in fact just throw random stuff together without permission. Then again, who's to say they did that?

Positive things:
- "Dark" and "Eel Girl" were my favorites.
- The ending of "Boy's Flesh" was good.
Negative things:
- ONLY the ending of "Boy's Flesh" was good.
- Not sure if this was just a bunch of random shorts they found, at times it felt like it. If they did have permission to use them all, I'm sorry.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 2/5

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