Title: City of Rott

Also known as:

Year: 2006

Genre: Animation / Horror / Gore

Language: English

Runtime: 77 min

Director: Frank Sudol

Writer: Frank Sudol

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0839762/

In a city that is overrun with zombies; an old man by the name of Fred spends his time trying to find a new pair of slippers while also avoiding being consumed by the undead and having his brain taken over by the worms that seem to be the source of the outbreak.

Our thoughts:
I don't care what anyone says, I think it's great to see an animated horror movie for a change. Yeah I know, live-action practical gore-gags are more fun, but I still don't care. It's always nice to see someone taking a different approach to horror movies, in this case the zombie sub-genre.

The one advantage that "City of Rott" has over other zombie movies is that it's able to show the grand scale of a zombie outbreak, where as even the biggest budget movies can't. Along with being able to get away with certain things that a live-action zombie movie can't, Frank Sudol created some new zombie-mythos for us genre nerds. The dead coming back to life is already a bleak image, but then to have the infection spread by worms and through water, then it really turns the situation into the attitude of "Well, I'm fucked."

The bleak outlook is almost made worst by the fact that the movie revolves around one central character; and old man. Of course the old man doesn't really care about anything else other than getting some new slippers. I guess if you're going to die, might as well die in something comfortable. Even though depending on a senior citizen to keep the human race going is a depressing idea, it brings something new to the table because you don't see old people in horror movies very often as the protagonist. Instead they're usually the crazy ones warning us that, "sometimes dead is bettah." Though the character being old is just the surface as Frank and his writing helping make it more interesting by having Fred's age relate back to the worms and how there are different worms that effect human different. Rather than an instant transformation they almost rot the people from the inside out, slowly.

Unfortunately "City of Rott" isn't without its faults and these are the things that kind of make me understand why some don't enjoy the movie as much as I do. The first thing that comes to mind, and is a problem with all zombie films is repetitive kills. You can only show head-shots and blunt force trauma to the brain so many ways, and in the case of "City of Rott" where it's an old man with a walker then it becomes very limiting. The other thing is that even though "City of Rott" doesn't have a long runtime, it still feels as though it goes on for too long. Especially towards the end we lose our one and only protagonist and then jumps from one random character to another along with a splashing of more gore and zombie killing. While I wouldn't normally turn my nose to more gore and mayhem, it seemed unnecessary for this movie. Or maybe the scenes could have been interjected into other parts of the movie to maybe help break up the slow pace.

Regardless of the repetitive death scenes and the movie feeling like it should have been shorter, I still had great fun watching the movie. I know people also aren't big on the animation style for the movie, but in reality it didn't bother me at all, especially for being a one man project. "City of Rott" has a good story that is well written and plays out perfectly that puts some new spins to the zombie sub-genre that I think would be worth exploring in other movies. There is a humor element to "City of Rott" that isn't bad but it was a either a bit to silly or to dry for my taste. I would definitely recommend people to check out the movie, if anything, just to see an animated zombie movie.

Positive things:
- Provides a change of pace being animated.
- Good story.
- Good character designs.
- New zombie mythos.
- Some good looking animated gore.
- Nice homages to horror icons and other zombie movies.
Negative things:
- Moves to slow towards the end.
- I think the movie would have been tighter if had it been shortened up a bit.
- Redundant death scenes.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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