Title: Closet Space

Also known as:

Year: 2008

Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi

Language: English

Runtime: 101 min

Director: Mel House

Writer: Jason Stewart

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0860835/

Out in the middle of nowhere is a house with a closet that leads to an unknown world and six grad students plan on being the first ones to find out what is behind the door. Their passion for knowledge and quest for adventure won't be enough to save them from what's hiding in the dark, craving their flesh.

Our Thoughts:
Why do they do it? Why? Both you and I have seen enough horror movies in our lifetime to know you don't investigate the "creepy thing" that another team was investigated but then disappeared never to be heard from again. You just don't do it, but yet these damn people in these damn movies keep doing it.

"Closet Space" is about a group of college students who head to an abandoned farm house out in the middle of nowhere, where their professor and a team of scientists were conducting research on an unknown project. The team has been missing for a few days so the professor's former students show up to finish up where he left off. To their surprise, the research was about a closet. Not just any closet though, a closet that is a doorway to another dimension. Even though these students may have experience, they are no match for the creatures and monsters that are contained in this closet.

The general setup of the movie and some of the plot points are familiar to any seasoned horror fan; it's hard not to shake that distinct aftertaste of "The Thing" while watching "Closet Space". Though how original the story of "Closet Space" is neither here nor there because it's more about the execution. The overall concept is fairly big to be taken on by an obviously micro budget project and the cast and crew did a good job of being able to pull the movie off.

A majority of the movie takes place within the closet where the characters are suppose to be exploring an alternate dimension. Not something easy to pull off regardless of budget and something especially difficult when you aren't able to afford CG or set designs to create that other worldly setting. So they did what they could do; hide the short comings of the set in darkness. It turns out to actually work quite well in the movie's favor by adding to the atmosphere. We don't get to see much and neither do the characters and that makes this unknown 'threat' hiding the dark quite creepy. Because you can't see, the movie uses sounds to make up for the lack of visuals; going the route of less-is-more that gives an effective result. All of these different aspects adds and adds to the atmosphere and mood of the movie in a great way. Amongst all the darkness though, they do show you one important thing. The attacks.

Now computer effects are used when it comes to the settings but they go back to the tried and true of practical effects for the monsters and the blood. Thankfully, Marcus Koch and his company Oddtopsy FX were the ones in charge of the in camera mayhem and it all looks great. "Closet Space" is a Lovecraft-esque creature feature so that means lots of tentacles, slime, body mutations, splitting heads, and a...man...eating...vagina. Yeah. The computer effects will no doubt leave a bad taste in the mouths of horror purists but the practical effects should make up for any discomfort in spades.

On the surface "Closet Space" isn't that memorable of a movie; there's nothing that is overtly wrong with it that would make me call it a bad movie but there isn't anything great about it either. Regardless, "Closet Space" has something to it that made watching it a lot fun. It had this familiarity to it, and I don't mean the story, what it was is that it reminded me of cheesy-campy titles from the 80's and early 90's. Movies like "Boogens", "Cthulhu Mansion", and "Lurking Fear"; those kinds of movies. Now it isn't trying to emulate those movies or be a throwback to them. What will remind you of those movies is the story, how it plays out, the characters, and the general mood "Closet Space" has. It manages to capture that atmosphere and that style those movies had, for better or for worse. What also makes it an enjoyable watch is that it is a pure horror movie. It isn't a horror-comedy; it doesn't draw attention to its camp factor. It's just one of those fun and enjoyable creature flicks because it is a genuine horror movie, even if it maybe campy or cheesy. Only those who watch low-budget indy flicks will probably be able to enjoy and appreciate this movie, so for them, I would recommend checking it out when it's finally released.

Positive things:
- Cheesy fun.
- Good atmosphere.
- Cool Lovecraft style creatures.
- Great practical effects.
- The unexpected monster vagina.

Negative things:
- The character's taking on 'action movie' personas towards the end and a tooling up sequence ala "Evil Dead 2".
- Would have liked to have seen some more blood.
- Bad jokes and references.
- Some technical issues.
- Lack of explination as to why that house and that closet had the doorway.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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