Title: La Creacion

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Drama / Surrealism / Post-apocalyptic

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 68 min

Director: Patricio Valladares

Writer: Andrea Cavaletto & Patricio Valladares


After a nuclear attack, a magician takes shelter in a forest with his assistant to complete his biggest magic trick to date, The Creation, a trick that requires that you do some of the most inhumane things known to man.

Our thoughts:
I'm not gonna pretend I understood the entire movie, or that I even understood half of the movie, so I want to say right away that the plot outline I wrote might not be exact to what Patricio Valladares had in mind. But keep reminding yourself that this is a surrealistic film in all it's glory, and understanding doesn't always have anything to do with surrealism. Having seen Patricio's earlier work in his anthology "Dirty Love" I can without a doubt say that this man is a good filmmaker. He wants his stuff dirty, cruel and experimental, and I love that. I have yet to see his other film "Curriculum" due to the fact that it's quite expensive on eBay (where I like to do alot of my shopping). "La Creacion" is, unlike "Dirty Love" which was an exploitation tribute, Patricio's venture into the surreal and unexplained, and he does it good even if I wouldn't praise the movie.

The movie has a post-apocalyptic theme to it, being that it's taking place after a nuclear attack. It's about an artist, a magician, who escapes to the woods. With the help of a young woman, who might or might not be in on the trick herself, he wants to perform a new trick known as "The Creation". Without going into detail on the trick as I'm still trying to figure pieces out, the film is very biblical, with pieces of the Bible being written on screen from time to time, it's easy to see that what the magician is trying to do is Godlike.

What I really like about this film and his other films is that he doesn't seem to be trying too hard to be cruel, it just happens to be what comes out. This film has plenty of proof of that as it never goes over the top, even though the film even features brief shots of penetration. What the movie did however lack was the post-apocalyptic/post-nuclear feel, as most was set in the woods and in a house (or cabin?). Had it worked harder on showing the degraded world it was set in it could've reached out to me even more than it did.

At the end of the day, "La Creacion" is an interesting film from Chile that could've been alot better had he only played more on the post-nuclear theme. Another thing he keeps insisting on in his works is CGI effects (I'm never a fan of this). Some of them work just fine, but some just feel very misplaced, especially when the rest of the film has a Grindhouse/older feel to it. You should check this out if you liked his other stuff, if you're a big fan of surrealistic film, and also if you want to venture into the Chilean underground scene.

Positive things:
- Has a great feel to it.
- Nudity, woo!
- The biblical plot.
Negative things:
- Should've worked harder on the post-nuclear theme.
- CGI effects.
- The reversed talking.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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