Title: Cryptic Plasm

Also known as:

Year: 2013

Genre: Independent / Horror / Gore

Language: English

Runtime: 74 min

Director: Brian Paulin

Writer: Brian Paulin


After some fantastic footage of what is believed to be sasquatch, a producer put his trust in David to develop a TV series investigating the supernatural and cryptozoic near New Jersey. With his camera man Brian he manages to unveil some spectacular things proving the existence, but whatever they found is now after them.

Our thoughts:
I remember before the releases of several of Brian Paulin's flicks, and each and everyone of them have had a steady hype among the underground gore fans. There is no difference with "Cryptic Plasm", a title I've personally been interested in back when it seemed he was curious in going into it with a slightly more subtle approach. "Cryptic Plasm" is now here, and what is revealed is something that feels like a Brian Paulin haunted house, where he digs into several types of horror. He's offering cryptozoology with both sasquatch and a sea creature, supernatural mind tricks (or what would seem more like traditional ghosts), a gory exorcism and finally - the Morbid Vision standard - zombie-like ghouls and giant slimey... things.

"Cryptic Plasm" is about a curious documentary filmmaker, David, who investigates the many myths like the sasquatch. He gets some great footage from a trip and brings it to a TV producer. In ecstasy he gives David the permission and resources to make a TV show where he finally gets to the bottom of many known and new myths. He offers David a large crew, but David wants to be stealthy with his approach and only brings a camera man he knows very well, Brian. David goes through a number of places he has heard of, and the journey they are about to set out on will reveal more than they ever expected.

What follows is David and Brian's visits to the number of places, where they get footage of everything they'd ever need - living proof of everything from sea monsters, to black holes, demons and exorcisms and much, much worse. And this is why I think I enjoyed "Cryptic Plasm" more than his previous, "BloodPigs". This one is slightly slower and it goes through a number of iconic horror mysteries, which is fun. It does rush through the end of each visit, which feels sort of weird when the characters just move on to the next thing - having just seen the tail of a sea monster, or a duplicate of David, you'd expect them to want to stop. But being a Morbid Vision title, we're not gonna stop the movie for some small flaws in the plot, we want to see where Brian Paulin is taking us.

As you might expect, it ends in special effects and a ton of gore. It's pretty well done and the climax is just as big as you'd expect. Things go INSANE. As they did in "Bone Sickness", "Fetus", "BloodPigs" and everything else that Brian Paulin makes. The gorehounds will be pleased, there is no doubt. And if you enjoy Morbid Vision's previous movies, you WILL enjoy this one. Few filmmakers give as much space and room to their gore as Brian does, and we're all happy for that.

"Cryptic Plasm" looks and feels just like Brian Paulin's previous titles, though I think maybe the acting has gotten a bit better and it's a lot more steady than "BloodPigs" (one of the problems of that movie). That's why it is important that you really like his style, because what you've seen before is what you get again. It's not for everyone, and I could definitely imagine seeing him going even further from his usual style, but "Cryptic Plasm" fits right into his filmography. It has cheesy parts, it has some production flaws and so on, but we're in it for the mayhem that only Brian Paulin can bring and it doesn't disappoint in the least. And I definitely enjoyed the exploration of many horror subgenres.

Positive things:
- Acting isn't too shabby at all.
- A ton of gore and effects.
- Another spectacular finale.
- Goes through a number of horror subgenres, which is a fun idea.
Negative things:
- If you don't like the other Morbid Vision titles, you won't like this one either. It doesn't stray far from the rest of the family.
- Certain cheesy parts that don't hurt it completely, but are noticable.
- The lighting work sways - the outdoor scenes are over-exposed, while some scenes that are on built sets have great colored lighting.

Gore: 4.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 3.5/5
Comedy: 2/5

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