Title: Cyxork 7

Also known as:

Year: 2006

Genre: Independent / Comedy / Sci-Fi

Language: English

Runtime: 92 min

Director: John Huff

Writer: John Huff & Andreas Kossak

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0441748/

No one is looking forward to the new film in the evergrowing sci-fi film series "Cyxork", a series that has gone down hill since the first film. But the film crew, a group of people who should not have been put together in the first place, have to do their best to make this film happen. It becomes slightly harder when the producer regrets his decision, and a large earthquake is around the corner.

Our thoughts:
A sci-fi comedy about filmmaking starring Ray Wise, released by Troma. That right there is the exact reason why I wanted to see this film - when I saw a trailer some time ago I instantly put it on a list of films to get. It helped immensely that is actually looked good, and seemed fairly professionally made, of course but it's hard to trust a trailer too much. But I am always excited when I see a new Troma release that actually looks good - films like "Killer Yacht Party" just aren't worth going through, but sometimes they pick up titles like "Cyxork 7", "The Demons Among Us", "Klown Kamp Massacre" and you remember why you were a supporter of the company in the first place. Because when they release something good, it's very often something VERY good, or very memorable.

"Cyxork 7" is perhaps not the excellent comedy I had hoped it would be, but it is a 100% about filmmaking and that's what I wanted the most out of it. This is about the making of the 7th film in the series-within-the-film "Cyxork". This was a sci-fi series that starred Rex Anderson (Ray Wise) as Kommander 88 from the start, and this new movie has him back in action. But the thing going through everyone's mind is - will he get the girl, finally? Will he kill the cyxorks, the alien robots? If he does, will there be another film after this? The film crew is a mashed together gang of people who either are there for the wrong reasons, or who doesn't want to be there in the first place. The director is a female artist, and worse is her co-directing husband with even more pretentiousness in his blood - he wants this to be something groundbreaking. The star Rex Anderson is controlled by his wife, but Rex is more interested in the women around him on set. The crazy German camera man knows he can make the movie better himself. And the producer realizes he hired the wrong director. On top of all of this, a massive earthquake is getting closer.

The story in "Cyxork 7" gives a lot of room for typical filmmaking jokes - jokes that only filmmakers or people in the business will understand. But the movie isn't driving solely on comedy, it packs quite a lot of satire and messages overall. And more importantly, it remembers to focus on the filmmaking story - most of the time is spent on set, and in the end there is a film made. Some films forget to focus on these things and that's a shame. "Cyxork 7" is for the most part an alright, fun movie. However, towards the end of the movie there are some things happening that I at first didn't like very much. But after a while I realized how brilliant it actually was, and what a middlefinger it is to the entire industry (or at least the mainstream industry). The cynical side of people absolutely loved how "Cyxork 7" ended, and it did it without warning and with such accuracy that it worked perfectly. I applaud John Huff and Andreas Kossak for writing this ending, it's pretty damn brilliant and made me enjoy the film more as a whole than I thought I would.

Ray Wise is of course great in his role - he's a damn charming guy with some serious acting chops, but always with a sense of irony. I couldn't see how this film would've been as entertaining hadn't it been for him. Of course, I can't deny Sonya Smith her part in the whole thing, afterall her role was despised by me at first, and then turned around and became the main character. Although some characters confused me, overall I feel that it summed up filmmaking pretty well, and didn't even forget getting the critics, fans and similar involved as well, even though not too extensive.

Overall, I had a good time with "Cyxork 7". It's a film you should support because it's a solid production and released by Troma. They need to understand which films to release, since sometimes they manage to find gold, but most of the time pure trash (which sometimes is awesome, too). This is a pretty fun film about making sci-fi crap, and it manages to let you feel like they are actually making a film (of SyFy proportions) even though we might not see THAT much of what is shot. The story drags a bit at times, but towards the end we see everything work out well, and packs quite an awesome fist to the industry that had me smiling when the end credits started rolling. Give it a shot!

Positive things:
- Ray Wise!
- Made you feel like they were making a film - a lot of films about filmmakers miss this. Weird, innit?
- The ending was excellent!
Negative things:
- Some CGI, but I suppose it fits too. And it's never the focus, since there's not really a monster in the story or anything, rather other small things.
- A few of the characters seemed pointless.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 1.5/5
Comedy: 3/5

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