Title: Damned on Earth

Also known as:

Year: 2014

Genre: Independent / Comedy / Horror / Fantasy

Language: German

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Ralf Kemper

Writer: Ralf Kemper & Gerrit Reinecke

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2317032/

Down in Hell, Amon and Samsaveel are assigned to stop Belial who is trying to gain the control over Hell from Luzifer. Things don't go as planned, and the death of an angel causes a war to erupt on Earth.

Our thoughts:
Ralf Kemper's "Damned on Earth" is a movie with many styles and many ideas. From the beginning we're treated to what plays out like a typical slasher scene, but quickly we're thrown into the depths of Hell (literally) to see the drama that is brewing down there. It quickly turns into a comedy with juvenile comedy being thrown around like there's no tomorrow. This is mostly due to a character, Samsaveel, who is a sex-crazed weirdo.

After Belial leaves Hell to start his plan to take the throne from Luzifer, two henchmen are sent to prevent this from happening. Amon and Samsaveel leave for Earth, but they're not ready for Belial's wits and find themselves in a struggle.

The entire story of "Damned on Earth" is too much to share in a review. While the setup is fairly simple, there is a lot going on in the movie. It doesn't seem to know if it wants to be a cheap, typical indie comedy with perverted jokes - or a thriller between the angels of Hell. Unfortunately, the biggest component of "Damned on Earth" is its comedy and I simply didn't find it funny. Yes, it is often lowbrow but that's not a problem. Although it does require a much more clever script, because lowbrow/juvenile jokes done wrong is one of my biggest issues with films I review.

There are moments where you believe that the movie will take a turn towards horror, and that's when the movie shines. The opening is one of the best scenes in the movie because it led me to believe that this would be a fairly serious movie. There are several scenes like that, where you almost forgot about the immature style of the rest of the movie. It quickly jumps back to its normal state, though, and continues to be a movie that isn't for me.

Surprisingly, the movie looks good. It's shot way better than other movies of this caliber. Maybe that's just me still remembering all of the bad splatters from Germany? But I reckon that "Damned on Earth" is better shot than many of today's independent movies. The movie does a worse job with some of the sets. The typical rooms with plastic covering the furnite that they didn't want fake blood on, which might be intentional for the movie but it never comes out as such. Or some of its very obvious CGI effects. There are some bad examples towards the end. That said, it's physical effects are okay.

"Damned on Earth" was not really a movie I enjoyed, but its an admirable effort. It jumps between blasphemous ideas to juvenile jokes in a way that makes it obvious where Ralf Kemper stands on religion. The movie would have been much more enjoyable to me had it not been a comedy. It has pretty decent production values and the actors do well enough that this would have worked as a horror / fantasy. Even the story works for that! But unfortunately it becomes another silly movie that I simply can't find enjoyable. Someone else might!

Positive things:
- Better shot and acted than many movies like this.
- The more serious scenes were good.
- Decent practical effects.

Negative things:
- The comedy ruined it for me. It wasn't funny.
- Some sets and filters made me remember the low budget.
- The CGI.

Gore: 3/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 1.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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