Title: Dämonenbrut

Also known as:
Insel der Dämonen 2: Dämonenbrut

Year: 2000

Genre: Horror / Splatter / Adult

Language: German

Runtime: 89 min / 70 min / 146 min

Director: Andreas Bethmann

Writer: Andreas Bethmann

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0274478/

A man discovers an island that isn't on any of his maps and decide to check it out. Meanwhile a gang of criminals come to the island to hide from the cops after a robbery. What no one knows is that there is an evil force on this island that is about to be unleashed.

Our thoughts:
This is one of those Bethmann films I've claimed are one of my favorites of his, and that's actually true, even after this closer examination. My previous viewings have been very unconcentrated. But this time, for the sake of reviewing, I decided to actually keep my focus on it, try and remember the really bad stuff and those few good. To be able to do this I decided to go with the "Director's Cut" version, because it's only 89 minutes long. The "Rohschnittversion"/rough cut is 146 min, and that's just too much, and the fact that it is just a rough cut. The third cut that is on this release of "Dämonenbrut" is 70 min, and that one is called "FSK-Version". I had to look up what "FSK" is, and that's basicly the German motion picture rating system, "Voluntary Self Regulation of the Movie Industry". And that's just all kinds of wrong with a Bethmann film.

It offers a story that is part Lovecraft and part "Evil Dead". There's a hidden island, one that's not on the maps. A couple manages to stumble upon this island, but their luck has run out as a couple of bank robbers just arrived too. Oh and there's a demonic force there, too. This demonic force shows itself as tentacles that are raping women (impregnating them and spreading the evil around), as demons (possessed people) or as the leader/whatever. A weird looking fella', that's all I can really say about him.

What interests people in this Bethmann movie is pretty obvious: tentacle porn. Because of the Hentai genre people are in awe over tentacle porn. But most people turn their back once they start watching this. They realize that live-action German gore smut isn't the same as young cartoon Asians, which is what they usually watch. There are actually some decent scenes in this film, though. There's a serious lack of atmosphere in everything Bethmann has created, but a few scenes in "Dämonenbrut" manage to deliver something similar to what we saw in our minds when we first heard about the film.

Bethmann isn't shy, he definitely goes all out by making his films adult films, but "Dämonenbrut" is surprisingly lacking in this department. It starts off with a graphic female masturbation and a tentacle attacking her. Outside of that we do get some graphic nudity (more on one scene later one) but nothing in the likes of lesbian sex or even straight sex. But don't worry, there are still graphic tentacle rape scenes, even though it's obvious that the tentacles never really go that deep. They end with tentacle ejaculation, though, so that's always hot, right? Not at all.

About the scene I mentioned... Oddly enough my favorite part of this film was a shark attack scene. It starts off with a tasteless close-up of a female's vagina while she's swimming - such an odd angle, perverts would love it. Then she's basicly attacked by a shark, but clearly the shark we see isn't even there, it's just an insert. But it did get me thinking - how awesome wouldn't it be if Bethmann did his own spin on "Jaws"? Have a group of women (yeah, I prefer that kind of people) going out on a boat trip, they do some lesbian stuff (as they do), and then just turn it into a regular cheesy shark horror film. Brilliant? Very likely! Okay, that's enough about that shark scene...

Towards the end the movie turns into a more typical demon movie, and more in tune with what "Insel der Dämonen" was. People are possessed and they attack other people, that's all there is too it. Military arrives on the island and take care of those bastards, though. Around now is when the movie gets boring simply because it doesn't offer anything unique. Essentially it just turns into amateur hour again, instead of amateur adult weirdo hour.

As you would expect from an Andreas Bethmann movie, this is really cheap and poor in most ways. When a movie bores you, you start to notice the tiniest of things, and my biggest annoyance with "Dämonenbrut" was probably that they re-used the same female screams and demon grunts through the entire fucking movie. Even several times in one shot. It's impossible to ignore it after a while, and you start wondering if it was done to annoy you. How hard can it be to record a few different sounds? Yeah, not very. Fucking hell! Not to mention the back story scene with the criminals where they are supposed to be shooting a child, but it's extremely obviously a baby doll. I don't know if that was for shits and giggles, as I wouldn't be surprised either way.

Even with its many, MANY flaws, "Dämonenbrut" is an okay title in Bethmann's filmography. It has some entertaining tentacle rape scenes, plenty of nudity and some typical German splatter effects, and it's all you can ask for, really. It's pure crap in terms of actual story, execution and performances, but it's not something you look for in a movie by this man anyway. If you want to get into Bethmann then I think this is a decent movie to start with, just make sure that you watch the "Director's Cut" and not the rough cut. All that one really has that is worth anything is a longer masturbation scene towards the beginning.

Positive things:
- People watch this for tentacle rape, and it has tentacle rape.
- One of my favorites of his films.
- The shark scene!

Negative things:
- It's still a Bethmann movie, how good can it be?
- Turns into a pretty standard German amateur horror towards the end.
- The criminals bored me through-out.
- I guess when you think about it, all I really enjoyed were the tentacle scenes and the shark scene.
- Using the same sounds over and over and over and over and over again!

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 1.5/5
Comedy: 1.5/5

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