Title: Dark Reel

Also known as:

Year: 2008

Genre: Comedy / Horror / Slasher

Language: English

Runtime: 104 min

Director: Josh Eisenstadt

Writer: Josh Eisenstadt & Aaron Pope

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0883398/

53 years after the murder of actress Scarlett May, young movie fanatic, Adam Waltz, wins a tiny part in a new horror movie. The producing company was the same one as where the actress was murdered 53 years earlier. The same day as Adam films his part in the movie, one of the actresses is murdered, and Adam is prime suspect.

Our thoughts:
Everyone will expect this to be a regular slasher movie. I know I did. There's nothing that will tell you it isn't. In fact, most reviews will make it seem like a typical, poor slasher film as well! I will be more honest than that in my review. This isn't like any other slasher movie you've seen. This is something very, very unique. You will soon see why.

Okay, it's a typical story, I'll give it that. A young actress named Scarlett May is brutally murdered on set after hours back in the 50's. 53 years later the same company is having a contest for a tiny role in their new horror movie, and Adam Waltz (Edward Furlong) is the winner. He's excited as hell since he's a film geek, and is amazed at the chance of acting in a film with his favorite actresses. But first of all, he gets the role in a pirate movie, not a horror movie, but it doesn't seem like anyone in the movie reacts to that so neither will I. Anyway, someone dressed in a blonde wig and a disfigured mask starts killing some of the cast and crew. Owner of the company, Connor Pritchett (Lance Henriksen) comes up with some quick solutions and Adam soon has a more important role. Two cops, one played by Tony Todd, start to investigate the murders and Adam is a suspect.

Yeah, I told you that the story is typical. But I promise you that this film is something different. This movie throws comedy into it and makes it borderline retarded! It's quite brilliant, actually. The comedy is extremely uneven which sometimes make things that are supposed to be serious (like the ghost of Scarlett May) come out as over-the-top stupidity. That was fucking amazing to me - I don't think the poor effects in those scenes were suppose to be funny but it's just absurdly silly! But then we have much more traditional comedy like one of the characters being addicted to eating onions.

It was also the first time I saw Lance Henriksen in a comedic role - he was quite funny, actually. Probably the best actor in the movie! As for Tony Todd, I just can't respect him nowadays. I'm a fan of Edward Furlong so I can't get into his acting - it's typical him, so don't expect anything else. If you hate him, you will hate him here. If you like him, then you'll like him here. The rest of the cast is, well, they're just there. Who cares about them? The girls are actually quite good looking - most of them with some meat on their bones, instead of skinny anorectics (but still not fat) which is always a pleasure.

The effects aren't very good, especially not the ghost appearings of Scarlett May. Those are hands down the most silly effect I have seen in a slasher in a long, long time. But for the gore, it's not very good but okay for this film - especially in the opening scene. The entire opening scene is attempted to look like an old film which it didn't really manage to pull off, but instead I think it gave it a pretty stylistic look that I wouldn't have minded to see an entire film of - the murder during the credits was especially interesting because of the look.

It's hard to explain how fucking ridiculous this movie was, in an entertaining way. I expected a boring slasher movie that did everything the way "Scream" told you to, but instead I got some absurd slasher comedy that is so uneven that it makes it entertaining. I can't even accept the explanation in the end where someone is supposedly the son of Scarlett May, but the actor looks much younger than 53 years old! How fucking stupid is that? I don't know why, but both me and my girlfriend had a fun time with "Dark Reel" because it was just so confusingly stupid, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by mistake. It was hard not to laugh at it, and that was good enough for me this Saturday night!

Positive things:
- Just so fucking stupid.
- Lance Henriksen in a comedic role.
- The terrible effect of the ghost! Holy fucking shit!
- Confusing!
Negative things:
- Tony Todd, you don't have to appear in everything.
- People seem to act like it's a typical slasher when its just utterly ridiculous and funny because of it. Even distributors! People don't know how to handle something like this. I don't blame them, it's just a weird movie.
- Confusing and the end goes on and on!

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 3.5/5

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